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Top Prototyping Tools For UX Design Based On Mobile Development

We have asked the experienced and curious head app developers in Dubai to share the nuggets of wisdom for creating and curating impeccable UI design that has stuck with them throughout their career.

Without any ado, the one that works well for experienced designers at Xicom is “If an Image Is Worth Thousands of Words, a Prototype Is Worth 1000 Meetings”. So, whether it is a run through or bringing your vision into something tangible, Prototypes; irrespective of being low, medium, and high fidelity help in testing and developing while preserving the total design consistency.


As designers have to abide by the client’s requirements to design things, that somehow turn out to be a daunting task to understand. So, all that is needed is a series of meetings, emails, or conversations over the calls to reach the final design, which is usually a tedious job. All these problems can be shoulder-off by switching to prototype tools.

But, before we choose the one that’s ideal to your requirements. Let’s have a quick run-down of the benefits Prototyping holds for Android/iPhone app developers in Dubai.

First and foremost is the “Risk”, the early one fail, the sooner one learn. By the time you fail with mockup and still you land softly – there is always the chance to validate things that work well, iterate and improve. Else, when you start mapping down with wrong co-ordinates, it’s next to impossible to reach the destination.

So, the first chapter is

How To Choose The Right Prototyping Tool?

Selecting an ideal yet right tool is the key to unfurl your thoughts and even collaborate better with your client. Along with abundant prototyping tools present, choosing the one that fits accurately and precisely is an uphill task. Every single tool is different from the other and stands uniquely in the crowd.

To choose the right prototyping tool, we have enlisted a few factors that are mandatory to be evaluated for determining, whether the tool that will fit your needs or not.

1. The Trajectory Of Learning

Firstly, you have to analyze how easy it is to adapt hands on the tool. Let us define this as “Learning Trajectory”, how long will it take for a developer to get a hold on it.

Since, all tools are different from each other and offer various other factors, along it needs a lot of time for the designer to learn the specific tool.

2. Collaboration – The Key For Design

Sharing is the key for excellent design, but don’t forget to check how suitable it is for your team too. The tool should be able to provide collaboration ability for numerous people to be in sync with each other.

As every designer and app development company has its own sets of perspectives/ideas for a project, it’s mandatory that everyone stays at the same note of the process.

3. The Regular Usage

There is more to consider while you choose a prototype tool that fits comfortably with all your design requirements and even all the other parameters. For instance, if you are designing with Photoshop, Illustrator or sketch, so it would work wonders if your prototyping software could quickly transfer the file without any extra effort separately and then create everything from scratch to build the interactions.

4. Level Of Ease & Comfort

The ease of using the prototyping tool is the foremost thing for developing a design. It intentionally saves designer time, efforts, and helps in increased outputs.

It minimizes the number of steps required for a designer to complete a task rather than amplifying it.

5. Fidelity

What is the essential requirement of prototyping?

Whether you need a mockup of an app or in the lookout for something that supports more complexities and detailed interactions?

Undoubtedly, there are different requirements of a project which are further classified into low, medium, and high fidelity.

  • Low fidelity means where the idea is put to the test.
  • Medium Fidelity says when the app development company in Dubai is focusing on layout, interaction design, and information.
  • Finally, the High Fidelity when the most important things are visual design, and animations, and micro-interactions.

6. Worth The Cost

As by now, you know there are numerous prototyping tools available in the market, many among them come with niche features. But, there is a glitch with these tools; they are not easy to accommodate in the pocket.

Therefore, make sure to be careful while making a selection and not be blinded by the features.

So, let’s go through the best of 5 prototyping tools for UX Design For 2020.

1. InVision

An Ideal Prototypes For:

Runs On:


  • Single Project: Free
  • Starter Pack: $15/month
  • Unlimited Projects (Professional Pack): $ 25/month

Among the flooded option it is by far the most popular prototyping designing tool. The team of the best iOS App Development company always adds exclusive features to help designer prototypes more effectively and efficiently. Also, with InVision project’s management page, you can streamline design components into the right status workflow.

Even you can add columns for the to-do list, needs reviews, In-Progress, and approved, and drag-and-drop your design components into the appropriate columns. It had also added interactions and animations with JPG, PNG, GIF, AI and PSD. Even it has pushed and pull integration along with apps like Slack, Dropbox, JIRA, and Trello and many more in the list.

In simple words, it has made things a lot easier in every aspect of workflow and sharing between design and development. Now, the app developers can easily, quickly, and more collaboratively with real-time, and it’s in-browser design and collaboration tools.

2. Sketch

An Ideal Prototypes For:

Runs On:

Free Version
$ 99 for complete version

WebSketch is similar to Photoshop in a lot of ways. It allows you to edit and manipulate photos. Sketches vectors shape quickly adapt to transforming styles, layouts, sizes, and allowing you to wear a cold shoulder to the painful hand-tweaking. 

The Sketch’s fully vector-based makes it quite easy to craft attractive and high-end quality artwork from conception to completion. 

In the UI design, repeating the elements is something considered as a common practice, like button, bubbles, and bars – all sort of things and moreover these reusable things can be automatically copied and pasted utilizing the Sketch app.

3. WebFlow

An Ideal Prototypes For:

Runs On:

2 unhosted Project – Free
Personal – $ 16/month
Professional – $35/month

WebFlow’s main selling point is that it provides an excellent robust functionality without requiring a single line of code. WebFlow is solely focused on web animations, responsive, and interactive web design.

Although on aligning with the reliable and trusted mobile app development companies in Dubai, you can only develop, design and publish the entire site using the visual-based UI. And, after you revise your mockup, you can easily turn it into a production-ready site with just a click.

These features seem appealing to the independent designers, who now hold the capabilities to export the prototype without needing much technical expertise.

You can either host your prototype with Webflow or transfer the code in clean HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Lastly, you can consider it as a blank canvas and select one among the hundreds of ready-to-use webflow templates.

4. Origami Studio

An Ideal Prototypes For:

Runs On:




Origami was basically developed by Facebook to help teams build and develop an alluring yet intuitive design. Along with this prototyping design, the developers can easily preview the mockup on their mobile in real-time using Origami live.

Also, we can display the designs in presentations in full screen and on the number of other devices. The sketches and Photoshop designs can be easily imported to Origami, and your project layer can be preserved, ready to link, animated and transformed as required.

Along with all the benefits, there is one of the harshest drawbacks, that is lack of collaboration features. There is a subtle difference in the way of commenting and viewing version histories. So, this makes the Origami more inclined for freelancers or the newbie just starting their business.

5. Axure

An Ideal Prototypes For:
All OS’s

Runs On:

30-Day Free Trial Session
Professional -$ 29/Month ($495 if Purcahse Made)
Team – $49/Month ($895 to Purchase, Per User)
Enterprise – $ 99/Month

Axure is known to offer dynamic prototyping without multiple lines of coding. Some of the features to enlist are as follows:

  • Dynamic content for proffering hover functions if present.
  • Conditional flow statements for verifying conditions.
  • Also, Math functions like addition or removal from the cart which mirror the amount
  • Sorting done based on data.
  • Adaptive views for sizing the screen depending on the screen size
  • Catering the service for animations related to the prototype.

Precisely said, it also makes sharing a prototype to be viewed by your team or client very easily with just a touch of a button. Beside, Axure RP will publish your diagrams and prototypes on the Axure Share that is cloud-based or on-premises. Simply, send a link (and Password), and others can also view your project in the browser.

The final phase is “How Xicom Works With Prototyping Tools”?

As by now, you have an in-depth knowledge of the top 5 prototyping tools in the market. They all have their own unique benefits, specialities and marks different needs. At Xicom, the Android app development in Dubai and their profession are experienced and innovative with every nook of the digital era to deliver the final product that is second to none in the industry. 
Even, benchmarked as the leading iOS app development company, the experts have knowledge with lots of other tools out there, most of which have the same features as mentioned in the above prototyping tools. Some more to list are Moqups, UXPin, Prototype on Paper,, and Flinto which cover some unique features and simultaneously provide the comfort of using.
Ultimately, it all funnels down to selecting the one that fits well with your demands and unique business needs. So, if you are looking for a seasoned designer or hire proficient app developer in Dubai, Xicom works best. 
Our wizards are all set to uncover the opportunities of business for you and to go beyond the boundaries of technology, to gratify what it needs to “Inspire The Next”.
Expect to see more innovations and enhancements have a look at our portfolio. Or even feel free to talk with experts at +971.529144795 else get your awaiting Free Estimation.

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Top Prototyping Tools For UX Design Based On Mobile Development


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