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How to Fix Gboard Not Working on Android? 8 Methods for Gboard Keeps Stopping Issue

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Gboard not working? Gboard keeps stopping? Does your phone keep showing errors like “unfortunately Gboard has stopped”? This is one of the common issues users face while operating with Gboard. While we can change the keyboard anytime and wait for the issue to resolve automatically, when users need to enter a password and their Gboard is not working, that could cause issues. Read this article to fix the Gboard not working issue.

What is Gboard on Android?

Gboard is a virtual keyboard from google. It has all the basic functions of an android keyboard along with some extras like glide typing, handwriting, GIF search, translation, predictive text, and more. This is one of the best android keyboards in the market and supports many languages. Sometimes users find a few glitches with Gboard not working or keeps stopping. We have found a few solutions to this issue, read this article below to learn more about it.

How to fix Gboard not working

Every time Gboard stops working, it will show a message like “unfortunately Gboard has stopped”. There is more than one solution to this issue and we will explain it in detail in this article. 

 1 Restart The Device

This is one of the most common solutions with an android phone, always reboot the device first before trying any other methods to fix any issue. The simplest explanation for this method is that it will restart all the apps along with the phone and it will help with fixing issues. Many processes of apps run in the background, while Gboard is just a keyboard app, the process still runs in the background even without working with Gboard. Because of that, some apps like Gbaord stop working. Once the android device is rebooted, the phone will clear all the background processes and start everything from the scratch. That’s why we always advise our reader to just reboot their android phone first, it might solve the issue right away. This method will surely be helpful to fix Gboard not working or Gboard keeps stopping issues right away.

2 Force Stop Gboard

Android has a contingency for every problem they face. Just like Gboard not working properly is just another app issue that can be fixed by just closing the app. Not from the menu, but from the setting, by using force stop. Force stop works like the end process in windows, all of the processes, even the background process will be stopped immediately. In order to force stop Gboard, follow this method.

  • Go to settings and find apps
  • Now find Gboard
  • Click on the force stop button and wait for the Gboard to stop working

Once the Gboard is stopped from the setting, open anything to type and select Gboard and it will restart the process again from the beginning. This will eliminate anything that causes Gboard not working issues which might be the reason behind Gboard keep stopping.

3 Clear Cache

App cache is useful to load information rapidly without downloading it from the internet. Caches save the small data from the app which requires frequent use and it will help the app to quickly provide information without loading. But caches often get corrupted and affect the app’s performance such as whether Gboard keeps stopping or not working. In order to fix that issue, users need to clear Gboard Cache and then load the app again. Here is how,    

  • Go to settings and then apps
  • Find Gboard, now click on the storage

  • Now there are two options, clear data or clear cache, press the clear cache 
  • It will clear the cache files from the Gboard

Clearing caches also helps with clearing internal storage as some of the caches are not that important. Once the caches are clear and the user loads the Gboard, it will download the new caches for the app. Sometimes when a new update rolls out and a user updates their app with old cache files, it will interrupt the app process as well. This might be the simplest solution with Gboard not working problem. If that doesn’t work and Gboard keeps stopping while using, try other methods. 

4 Wipe cache partition

Another method is to Wipe cache partition from the system recovery. This will clear the cache files from the device. This will remove the cache files along with old cache files, old updates, and uninstalled apps data. Once the user does the Wipe cache partition it will wipe clean the android device with all the unnecessary data and allows other apps to work properly. Here is how to Wipe cache partition from recovery mode.

  • Restart android device
  • Now make it to the recovery mode
  • There are few methods to take android to recovery mode
  • After that, select Wipe cache partition
  • Once the device is rebooted, try the Gboard

Only use this method if all the others fail as the last resort. This will not only fix Gboard not working, but other issues as well and clear the unwanted files from android. 

5 Update Gboard

It’s advisable to check for a new update if the Gboard is not working or keeps stopping. Often when a new update releases, old apps start to work erratically and stop working. Make sure to check for the new update. Go to google play store and search for Gboard, now if there is a new update, it will show next to uninstall. Click on the update button and then try the Gboard. 

Once the update is installed, it will solve the Gboard not working issue. Most of the time it could be a bug and a new update will fix this issue after installing.

6 Uninstall Gboard

If the above method doesn’t work, that means there is something wrong with the app users have installed. Maybe it’s not compatible with the User’s phone or that version of the app might be corrupted. Now users need to uninstall that app and reinstall it in order to fix the problem such as Gboard not working properly and it keeps stopping. Here is how, 

  • Go to Google Playstore and find Gboard or go to settings and find Gboard and click on app detail and it will take it directly to the Gboard play store page
  • After that, click on the uninstall button
  • Now wait till it uninstalled properly and now reboot the phone
  • After that, go to google play store and install it again 

Once the install is complete, check if Gboard is working or not. Make sure to type something with it so we can find out that Gboard is functioning and not stopping again.

7 Enable Gboard in Keyboard Setting

Once the user downloads the Gboard, it might not appear while typing because it needs to be enabled from the setting. This will make the Gboard keyboard enabled in the android and the user can operate on Gboard. Make sure to make it the default keyboard. Here is how.

  • Go to settings and then in System

  • Find Language and input

  • Now click on the virtual keyboard

  • Now go to manage keyboards

  • After that, make sure Gboard is enabled 

Once that process is complete, go to language and input and now disable all the other keyboards in the virtual keyboard. It will make the Gboard the default keyboard on the phone. Once it has done, check that Gboard is not working or keep stopping issues are resolved or not. If this method doesn’t work, then the only way it can be fixed is with a factory reset.

8 Factory Reset

This is the final solution to not only Gboard not working issues but any other problems or glitches with other apps as well. Wipe the slate clean and start again by factory reset the phone. It will remove all the data from the app and the phone becomes new just like when it arrived. A factory reset is the final solution and makes sure to secure and back up all the important information from the phone before resetting it. Here is how.

  • Go to settings and then in the system
  • Find the reset option at the bottom

  • In the reset option, select the factory reset which will erase all data

Once the user clicks on that, it will provide the information about which data will be deleted along with which account needs to be logged in again. Click on the reset button which will activate once the user scrolls down the whole list of account information.

Once the user clicks on the reset phone and confirms it with the password, it will erase all data on the phone and now the user needs to start from the beginning. Only use this method when everything fails. They can also try the safe mode methods where users need to start their phone in safe mode and then check if Gboard not working or Gboard keeps stopping in the safe mode as well. This will ensure that only Reset will fix the problem and nothing else.

FAQ for Gboard Not Working

1 Why is my Gboard not working?

Sometimes when Apps stops working on android is because of a malfunction in the app itself and phone. The root of the issue might be corrupted cache files or updated apps or sometimes the app itself. There are many solutions to this Gboard not working issue and we have provided all of the relevant methods to fix this issue in the article.

2 How do I fix my Gboard?

If you are having an issue like Gboard not working or Gboard keeps stopping, then we users can try some solution like clear cache, force stop Gboard, make Gboard default keyboard, update or reinstall Gboard, and more. 

How do I unlock my phone when Gboard is not working?

If you are using Gboard and it stops working and you cannot unlock the phone then try this method. Open play store from a laptop or PC with the same google account as your android phone. Now click on the install button and it will show options like uninstall. Once you uninstall the Gboard, restart the phone and now other keyboards will appear. 

3 How do I clear the cache on Gboard?

Go to settings, then the app, and find Gboard. Now go to storage and you will find clear data and clear cache. Click on the clear cache and it will remove all the cache from the Gboard.


When users face an issue like Gboard not working or Gboard keeps stopping then it could lead to failing to unlock their phone. Most people keep a password for their screen lock and when Gboard faces issues, they will be locked out of their phone. We have mentioned 8 ways to solve this issue along with some useful tips and frequently asked questions regarding Gboard not working. If you have more questions, ask us in the comment section.  

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How to Fix Gboard Not Working on Android? 8 Methods for Gboard Keeps Stopping Issue


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