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How to Fix “Ok Google” Not Working?

Are you facing issues with Ok google? Is it not working? Sometimes even the finest of Google apps stops working and the reason behind it would be a simple explanation. In this article, we will write about what to do when ok google not working.

Ok google is Siri and Alexa’s biggest competitor in the market. Also, it has one of the best voice recognition technologies that could understand any accent and any command. Ok Google is part of Google Assistance and when it stops working, we need to start from the beginning. In this article, we will go through all the issues that can cause ok google to stop working.

“Ok Google” not working? How to fix it?

There are many ways users can fix the ok google problems. Most likely it’s one of the internal settings that needs to be reset or accidentally turned off. Here are some of the solutions to ok google, not working issues.

1. Update Google App

One of the simplest solutions of ok google not working is to update the Google app. Sometimes when apps stop working, users need to update them because the old version stops supporting the device. It’s one of the simplest explanations that can be fixed in minutes.

  • Go to google play store
  • Search for google app
  • You will find update option instead of open
  • Click on update and once the update is installed, try ok google again.

If your google app is updated and ok google is still not working, then we can try to reset it.

2. Force Stop Google App

One of the age-old remedies to solve any issue is to switch it off and on and try again. In our ok google not working issue, we can try to reset the app by forcing it to stop.

  • Open settings
  • Find google open and click on it
  • There are two options in that window, disable and force stop, click on the force stop
  • Once you do that, open google app and it will restart the process. 

Sometimes when users update their google app, they might stop working. This will restart the process and solve Ok google not working problem. These are some of the easy solutions, if the problem still persists, we can go a little deeper to find the cause.

3. Google Assistance 

Ok Google is part of google assistance and to know why ok google is not working, we have to make sure that google assistant is working properly. It’s simple to turn on google assistance just press the home button and if it asks you to turn on google assistance, then follow the instruction to turn it on. Ok, google works with google assistance and when it starts to work, it will solve the ok google not working issue.

4. Turn on Ok Google command 

Even if your google assistant is working properly, you need to manually turn on the ok google settings. Here is how to turn on ok google.

  • Press home button

  • Click on your image on the right-hand side
  • Google account setting will open, now find your device at the bottom

  • Once you click on it, it will open another window, where you can find hey google
  • Turn hey google on

Once it’s one, it will start taking your command easily. Sometimes, it will need some further settings to solve the Ok google not working scenario.

5. Retrain ok Google

To continue working with ok google, you need to retrain it with your voice commands. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Press home button to open google assistance
  • Go to the google account and you will find voice match

  • Once you click on it, you need to follow the instructions and retrain your google assistance to understand your voice again. Most of the time it’s the commission issue with ok google. 

If your ok google is still not working, then the problem is not with the voice match but to choose the right language. 

6. Set language in ok Google

Google can now recognize more than 44 languages in their google assistance including region language as well. If the language setting is default then it might be difficult for ok google to understand your commands. Here is how to change language in google assistance.

  • Go to settings and find google or press home button and then click on your image
  • Find languages option in it.

  • Now set the language, the common english is different from your country english, make sure to choose the google assistant language that is specific to your country as it will recognise the accent of the user and work on the command accordingly.

Once you select the correct english language or your regional language, the ok google not working problem will be resolved. We have reset the google app, turn on google assistance, turn on ok google google feature, retrain ok google and even change the default google assistant language, if the issue is not solved yet, then we need to find other source of problems.

One of the common issues is battery saver which causes apps to stop working. This is a common problem in every new device because with battery saver mode on, it will stop some background activity and limit the usage to prolong battery life. In order to solve the Ok google not working issue, this might be the final resolve.

7. Turn off battery saver mode

  • Click on battery icon
  • Now find the power saver mode, or battery saver and in some new devices it will be adaptive battery saver
  • Turn it off
  • Restart the device

Once the battery saver is off, it will allow ok google to receive your command and follow the instruction. Ok google not working is one of the common issues that users face around the globe. If it’s still not working, then find support.

  • Find support

Check for any updates in google or news related to google assistance. Search on social networks and find out that if it’s only for you or everyone is facing the issue. Sometimes it could be a bug in a new update or sometimes the system could be down.  You can also check for any issue on google support for assistance.

Ok Google Not Working FAQ

1. Why is my OK Google Not Working?

Most of the time it’s google updates that could cause the issue. When google rolls out new updates, the older version that becomes erratic and results in ok google stops working. Just update google and restart the phone and it will resolve the issue.

2. How do I get my OK Google to work again?

There are many ways users can start their ok google. It starts with updating google app to retrain your voice commands in google assistance. You can simply follow steps in our article and your ok google not working issue will be solved.

3. How do I activate ok Google?

Press the home button and your google assistance will open. Go to settings and you will find ok google command is turned off. Turn it on and now you can command google assistance with ok google.

4. How many languages Ok Google support?

Google assistance supports 22 languages including some regional languages as well. You can set up to four languages and it will accept your command in either of those languages.


We hope this article will help you solve ok google not working issues. We have mentioned several ways you can turn on ok google or fixed the issue. If you still have any question regarding ok google or google assistance, then ask us in the comment section. 

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How to Fix “Ok Google” Not Working?


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