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Top 10 Best Phone Pouch in 2018 – Review

Lately, most people have smartphones. Unfortunately, maintaining the original state of these phones is not easy. This is so, especially, when the weather is rainy or too dusty. In this case, Waterproof Phone pouches come in to play. They tend to play a vital role in protecting smartphones. Waterproof pouches are the best since one can engage in water sports without worrying about their phones. In our review, we have some of the leading companies and their products. This will help one choose one of the best from the market.

Factors to consider when buying a waterproof Phone Pouch:

  • Material

Nearly every phone pouch is made of waterproof and dustproof material. When buying, one needs to know the material used so as to get the best quality in the market. A strong material will be durable.In the same way, if the material used is of good quality the pouch will be able to withstand any harsh weather conditions. Luminous ornaments will help in making the case float and also visible at night.

  • Size

Enterprises produce phone pouches in many sizes that can accommodate the different phone types. Before buying one, confirm the option you have if it is capable to fit your cell phone. A bigger pouch provides sufficient space for other products like credit cards. Still, it provides one with the comfort of carrying their phones freely without difficulty. However, some are too specific for some phone types. In this case, one needs to find a pouch that will be convenient to their phone type.

  • Design

Companies manufacture the waterproof pouches in different designs. This is to enable them to fit in the variety of phone types and sizes available today. Ensure the design you pick suits your phone. It would be better if one uses their phone to try the different designs just to know how they fit. Choose a simple design to avoid the complexity that comes with some pouches. A simple but a good quality pouch is better. The product should also be easily portable and all this depends on the design.

Why you need a waterproof Phone Pouch:

  • To protect the phone

The main reason one needs a phone pouch is to keep their smartphone very safe. Waterproof pouches are in a good position to perform this task. They are made of very durable and high-quality material thus very useful.

  • It’s cheap

All the waterproof pouches are very affordable. Owning one will be the best alternative to buying a new phone once it gets into the water.

Best Phone Pouch in 2018 – Review

10. Mpow Waterproof Case, New Type PVC Waterproof Phone Pouch

Mpow Waterproof Case

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Mpow produces one of the best waterproof cases. It is in this line that we have recommended this bag to be one of the best. Some of the key features that make it suitable are the ability to fit all the phones. This phone case comes in two colors. It is mainly designed to work underwater.

In this case, suitable for divers, swimmers, and surfers. Unlike other non-transparent bags, Mpows’ product is all-around transparent. This enables it to leave the phone cameras unblocked. Similarly allows on to enjoy underwater shooting with the phone. The bag also protects other personal valuables besides the phone.


  • This item is compatible with smartphones up to 6 inches.
  • It is a multifunctional waterproof bag.
  • Product dimensions are 6.7×4.3×0.5 inches.

9. 4 Pack F- color Universal Clear Waterproof Pouch

F- color Universal Clear Waterproof Pouch

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Most companies make one case for one phone. However, this product is suitable for family use. One needs to consider this value pack for their family vacation or friends’ trip. This bag comes in a four-pack. Apart from that, it is also very affordable. The material used to prepare this cases is premium hard PC. The transparent PVC windows attached to it allows taking pictures suitably. The four bags come in different colors. This case is compatible with most of the devices.

The pouch comes with an operator manual to enable one understand how it works. Correspondingly, the case has some luminous decorations around it. This helps it to be seen conveniently at night. In addition, it is cost-effective.


  • Compatible with up to 5.7″ phones.
  • This is a four-pack case.
  • Has an excellent waterproof protection.

8. Voxkin PREMIUM QUALITY Universal Waterproof Case

Voxkin Universal Waterproof Case

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Did you have to skip your water sports or swimming worrying about your phone, money or valuable belongings? This is now over.Voxkin has a solution for you.With this bag, one able to engage in all water sports with their phone intact.

This pouch fits all types of phones. In addition to that, it also durable. The bag comes in a bigger size and one can use it to carry other valuable kinds of stuff other than the phone. Just like other few bags, it comes with an armband and a lanyard for easy carrying. This pouch is very special because it comes with a compass direction. Apart from adding to elegance, the gadget is important when one is lost.


  • 100% waterproof.
  • Its dimensions are 11.5×1.1×5.8 inches.
  • Universal size and multiple uses.
  • Captures sharp videos and pictures underwater.

7. [ 2 Pack] MoKo Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

MoKo Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch
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Long outdoor activities or walks can be tiresome at times. This is so especially when one is carrying their phone in the hand. This is whereby this pouch comes in handy. The bag is designed with an armband and a lanyard for easy carrying. While using this bag, one can take long walks or biking. Besides it being waterproof, this pouch is clear at the front and back thus easy to access the phone. Similarly, it is very compatible with all the smartphones up to 6 inches.

This carrier has an exquisite design. The casing is made up of lightweight Polyvinyl chloride to safeguard against water. Furthermore, this bag comes in 9 different colors including Magenta, Black, and White.


  • Dual function.
  • Has transparent and ultra-thin windows on both sides.
  • Universal size.

6. [PREMIUM QUALITY] Voxkin Universal Waterproof Phone Holder

Voxkin Waterproof Phone Holder
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A unique waterproof bag is all one needs. This product keeps the phone safe in the water, while swimming or when taking rides. When using the bag, one is able to speak and hear via the phone in the bag. It has tremendous sound quality.

There are several ways one can use this bag. One is carrying it by its lanyard. Also, using the armband while running or jogging. Again this case can be held in the hand while one takes pictures.
Finding a pouch with all these features in one is not an easy task.


  • Floats on water.
  • Has an armband and a lanyard.

5. [2018 Upgraded Design] Vansky Floatable Waterproof Phone Case 

Vansky Floatable Waterproof Phone Case 
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Vansky bags are very highly functional. Anyone who is worried about getting their phone damaged by water needs no worry. This is the best bag for all sporting activities. This case is waterproof and of good quality. Having this, one is able to venture into hiking or travel without fearing for their expensive smartphones. The pouch is made from a premium grade TPU to enable it to work under extreme conditions. The product protects one’s phone and other things. Besides, the bag is environmentally friendly.

Similarly, this bag has a home button, password unlocks and allows fingerprinting. All these are very useful especially when one is underwater and can’t use the screen. This product comes with a lot of advantage. Apart from the bag, one gets an armband and an audio jack for iPhone. There is no other case that comes with such a deal other than Vansky. Has two colors; Transparent and Black.


  • Product dimensions 7.7×4.1×0.4 inches.
  • Secure design.
  • It’s a floatable waterproof phone case.

4. [ 2 Pack] Universal Waterproof Case, Trianium

Universal Waterproof Case, Trianium
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Trianium is also one of the prominent manufacturers around. Their pouches are made of highly- durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material. This makes it able to protect the phone against water, snow, grease, and dust.

The bags’ design makes it accommodative to most varieties of phones. It is very user-friendly. Besides this, it has a secure snap lock system and a crystal clear window. This is enough evidence that ones’ phone is safe while in this pouch.


  • Fits all smartphones up to 6.0″ diagonal size.
  • Waterproof protection up to 100 feet deep.
  • Product dimensions 8.2×4.6×0.5 inches.

3. Kona Submariner Waterproof Phone Case

Kona Submariner Waterproof Phone Case
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This carrying bag is also highly recommended. The bag enables anyone to carry their phone anywhere and everywhere they are going. It is waterproof and therefore convenient in case of weather change. Also, anyone, who is frequently using their phones this is the case to protect it. When one uses this, their phone looks stylish as well as protected by it. The product itself is excellent in performing its tasks.

Moreover, this bag comes with a lanyard so as one can hang it wherever they want to. This also eases its movability. This case is durable too. One can go as deep as 100 FT underwater with it without their phone getting wet. In addition to that, it fits all phones. The case contains innovative open and close levers that are easy to use.


  • 100% Crystal clear front and back.
  • Acts as the credit card, wallet, money, keys dry bag.
  • 30% Stronger welded seam.

2. Mpow Universal Waterproof Case

Mpow Universal Waterproof Case
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If you are looking for a pouch that is designed for extreme conditions this is it. MPOW have been able to come up with this product. Being one of the best, the bag is fully permeable and submersible. It comes with a user manual and a slim cover that enable it to work perfectly. There is also a transplant cover around it to allow one use their phone camera. In this case, one is able to go swimming with their phone.

In addition, the product has enough space to carry other personal pieces of stuff like passport or money. While one’s phone is in this bag, they are able to operate it normally without difficulty. The product comes as it appears and is easy to use. This one also comes in several colors like Green, Blue, Clear and Black.


  • The pouch dimensions are 8.19×4.80×0.55.
  • A slim waterproof cover for easy use.
  • It is fully submersible.

1. Universal Waterproof Case, JOTO Cellphone Dry Bag Pouch

JOTO Cellphone Dry Bag Pouch
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This is the leading brand in our list. The product has enough evidence that they have a greater quality. Other than being affordable, its quality is standard thus being the top in our list. The product has been manufactured to be able to meet all their customers’ needs. This pouch comes in 8 different colors to meet the altered taste of colors by different people. Its design is also one of the best since it fits all kinds of phones.

JOTO has been able to outperform its counterparts in the industry. Reason being their waterproof products are of good quality. The product comes with a neck strap for easy carrying. Also, the company has an online platform to receive views about the products sold. This has enhanced the good relationship between them and their customers. Other than that, this product provides universal compatibility and full protection to all the phones. The 100 feet IPX8 waterproof/snowproof/dustproof protect ones’ phone retaining the full touchscreen functionality.


  • The pouch fits all phones up to 6.0″.
  • Compatible with devices up to 100mm × 170mm.
  • Has a simple snap and lock access.

In conclusion

Waterproof phone cases are very numerous. Despite this, one must make sure they buy the best and also one that is compatible with their cellphone. This is why we came up with this list. It contains the top rated products that you can choose from.

All the above products have been tested and certified to be among the best. When you get one of these cases, be rest assured your phone will be protected from extreme conditions like dust, water, and others.

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Top 10 Best Phone Pouch in 2018 – Review


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