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Top 10 Best Motorized Projector Screens in 2018 – Complete Review

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Motorized Projector Screens

If you don’t have enough money to buy large modern HD TV Screen, all is not lost. You have a chance of experiencing cinematic movies at home with less hassle. The real solution to this is getting a motorized projector screen. Just like TV screens, projection ones also come in different sizes. Of course, the size of where you are installing matters most.

The retractable projection screens are a great choice when you have space constraints. Also, they are great for halls like conference centers, movie theaters, and other places. Generally, they are excellent problem solvers. Choosing the right retractable screen can be tricky. You need to check a couple of qualities like the mounting style, room size budget and among others.

To eliminate any hassle when buying projector screen, you don’t need to look elsewhere. Here is a comprehensive review of top 10 motorized projector screens.

Best Motorized Projector Screens in 2018

10. Pyle 72-Inch Portable Motorized Matte White Projector Screen

Pyle 72-Inch Portable Motorized Projector Screen

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PyleUSA is a trusted brand that makes outstanding electronics and motorized projection screens. It’s one of the best options when it comes to great and hassles free videos projection. With high versatility, the screen can be used in classrooms, halls, and homes.

Features and benefits:

There are no doubts this screen comes with tons of benefits. This aims at making your operations simple and hassles free.

  •  Waterproof design

Well, over a time, some of the screens tend to fade due to the varying room conditions. But, with this projection screen, it gives you peace of mind. It boasts a professional waterproof design that enables it to remain intact. Even when there is high moisture in the room, the materials used don’t let it absorb moisture.

  • 72-Inch wide projection screen

Whether you are in need of a large screen in your home or hall, this one is versatile. It’s large and ensures you can enjoy large images. In fact, measuring 72 inches, you get extra large and visible pictures. Even for people sitting on the back, they will appreciate hassle-free viewing without eye straining.

Apart from being large, the screen offers HD picture output. In fact, with 4:3 viewing format and 6:9 aspect ratio, it offers the same quality as an HD TV screen. Thereby, you enjoy large and crystal clear images without digging much into your pocket.

  • Easy assembling and installation

When you think about easy to install projection screen, this one by Pyle is an absolute choice. First of all, its extra lightweight which allows you enjoy easy handling. Made of the aluminum casing and hanging hook, it gives you easy time when installing.

With simple design and lightweight, it means you can opt to mount it in various places. It’s straightforward to install it on ceiling and walls. Moreover, the casing is perfect since it means added safety when traveling.

  • Remote control operation

Forget about the manual projector screens, with this one, it provides you with automated performance. In fact, with this one, you can effectively control it while seated using a remote control. Boasting fast action, it means you have fast movie projection.


  • Washable PVC fabrics
  • Waterproof design
  • Smooth and fast retraction
  • Lightweight


  • None


The Pyle motorized projection screen is the ultimate choice for everyone who loves HD movies. Its design is amazing in delivering balanced and clear pictures. The screen is worth is worth investing in a perfect home theater.

9. Elite Screens Starling Tab-Tension Ambient Light Rejecting Electric Motorized Projector Screen

Elite Screens Electric Motorized Projector Screen

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Elite Screens is a known producer of variety HD projection screens. It has a presence in many countries. Known for its high-quality screens, the company let you enjoy realistic pictures. One of the products from the company is this ambient light rejecting projector screen that is fit for everywhere.

Features and benefits:

  • HD pictures output

The projector screen for a long time has been associated with low-quality pictures. But, with ever-improving technology, it’s now simple to have a high-quality motorized screen. This one from the elite screen is exceptional; it boasts premium construction which lets you enjoy crispy movies. This means you can get high definition quality content that will leave you thrilled.

  • Ambient light rejecting technology

Many times, people opt to watch videos through TV screens due to the strains common with projection screens. But, now you can bet your money and quality on this screen. It features ambient light resisting materials to keep your images sharp and undistorted.

The CineGrey 5D light resisting materials is a superb innovation by Elite Screens. It gives viewers ability to watch movies in angled dimensions without losing the clarity. Furthermore, the screen boasts 1.5 gain which is ideal for enhancing the picture clarity even when there is a lot of light in the room.

  • Large pictures

When you are watching your favorite movie on a compact screen, you tend to strain your eyes. Now you can enjoy a cinematic experience with this extra large screen. It features 92-inches diagonal length with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

  • Extra fast motor

Forget about the conventional first-generation motors; this screen utilizes new and effective retraction technologies. The screen has twice speed than other since it is fitted with tubular motors. Due to this, you don’t have to wait for minutes to drop or raise the screen. Consequently, it significantly reduces your time for instant projection.

  • Infrared & radio frequency remote control

You don’t have to install this projector screen in a reachable area. Instead, you can hang it on the ceiling or high rise wall. Boasting inbuilt remote control, you can use wireless remote or wired control panel for smooth operations.


  • Come with installation kit
  • Great warranty
  • Ideal under all light conditions
  • Durable materials


  • A bit costly
  • Heavier than Pyle


This motorized screen is worth investing. The pictures qualities it delivers are outstanding and crispy. With fast rise and drop, there is no doubt it’s highly improved. Above all, is the extended warranty for quality assurance?

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8.​​ Grand Screens Tab-Tension, 4K Tensioned Electric Motorized Projection Projector screen

Grand Screens 4K Electric Motorized Projector screen

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The struggle to get your home a perfect upgrade should now come to an end. The Grand screen from Cabaret Americana ElectriScreen gives you a reason to celebrate. It’s one of the modern projection screens that can be relied on to offer UHD resolution. In fact, with 4K capability, no other screen can match it.

Features and benefits

  • Sleek design

Without doubts, the companies invest much on the ability of this motorized screen to create an attractive interior. This enables you to install it in any house décor without compromising the appearance. Due to this, this projection screen can limitations at homes, halls, and other places where the projection is required.

Well, the designing of this screen boasts premium materials. The materials enable the screen to withstand any house condition without getting damaged. Regardless of the condition; whether high humidity or dry air, the material remain intact.

  • Versatile application

Well, you are looking for projector screen to install in your home, office or hall; you can’t go wrong by choosing this screen. It is large enough which enables you to have a proper view even when far away from it. The screen features 92 inches with 16:9 aspect ratio.

Apart from versatile installation, the screen has smooth installation process. The mounting can be done on the wall, or ceiling without complications. Featuring grand screen special wire tension technology, tightening the screen is a breeze. This gives it the ability to remain straight without rolling in the edges.

  • High Definition/4K support

Whether you love HD, 4K or 3D movies, now you have a reason to own this projecting screen. It is designed for high professionalism to deliver super clear pictures. In fact, the screen supports 3D, 1080p and 4K which allows a theater effect. With this projection screen, you don’t need to buy expensive screens.

  • Heavy-duty motor

Tired of slow motors that delay you when restricting or folding the screen? Now you can enjoy up to 2 times fasting rise and drop. The grand screen features tubular motor. It’s this innovative motor that allows smooth and fast retracting unlike with conventional ones.

Furthermore, the system provides you with freedom of either using wired or wireless remotes. With this, you can enjoy efficient operation while just relaxing on the couch.


  • Fast dropping
  • Compatible with any décor
  • Solid tension
  • Versatile hanging


  • Plastic parts feel cheap


The screen is one of the best options when you need HD content. With a high-resolution ability and premium design, it’s a good choice to have. Overall, this motorized projection screen is a product worth to invest your money.

7. Giantex 120-Inch 16:9 Motorized Electric Auto Projection Screen Remote Control

Giantex 120-Inch 16:9 Motorized Projection Screen

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Days are gone when people used to paint their house wall white for projection purposes. These days there are screens for projectors specifically designed to deliver high-definition images. One of these motorized screens is this 120-Inch electric auto-projection monitor by Giantex. Bigger than rivals, the screen brings realistic large images.

Features and benefits

  • Extra large constriction

The construction of this screen is ultimately designed to allow it fit different tasks. Boasting large 120-inches it brings large images of theater experience. Moreover, the screen provides 105 X 59 inches viewing area while delivering 16:9 aspect ratios. Due to this, it offers well-balanced pictures without distortion.

Due to the large size and great clarity, you can use this projection screen in various places anytime. Whether you want to use it in classrooms, college halls, and home, it’s a versatile screen.

  • Super clear resolution

Unlike the low-quality screens that affect the quality of pictures during the daytime, this projecting screen maintains quality all time. The surface provides excellent resolution regardless of the light condition. This means the screen has a great ambient light reflection to prevent compromising the content delivery.

Unlike the other screens that reflect light, this has special design and treatment that absorbs light. As a result, it ensures uniform projected light diffusion for optimum picture quality.

  • Sturdy frame

The materials used in the construction of the frame are exceptional. They provide excellent support and protection. The structure enables secure mounting without risking damaging the screen. Moreover, when traveling, the casing provides a secure and safe way to handle it.

  • Automatic electric projection

When you choose this screen, it gives you enhanced performance. Designed with automatic operation, you don’t need to manually adjust it. In fact, it has motorized design which enables it to roll with just a press of a button.

Amazingly, operating this screen is smooth and efficient. It enjoys two remote controls; wired and wireless that ensures you enjoy uncomplicated operations.


  • Larger than most rivals
  • Even light diffusion
  • Effortless rolling
  • Wall and ceiling mounting


  • Plastic made case


The Giantex is a great choice for various activities. Unlike many other motorized screens, it offers large projecting equipment with high-quality pictures. It’s a highly recommendable product that gives you all fun you want.

6. Pyle 84-Inch Portable Motorized Matte White Projector Screen, Auto Projection Display

Pyle 84-Inch Portable Motorized Auto Projection Display

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Pyle always ensures your projection is outstanding. Whether at home, office, and other places, this 84-inch screen is the ultimate solution to improving your projection experience. Instead of buying an expensive screen, this one for projectors ensures you can get perfect pictures everywhere.

Features and benefits

  • Motorized screen

When you get some projector screens, they come with manual operation, but now you can enjoy great convenience with this one. It comes with a motorized rolling mechanism. This gives you simple time as you don’t need to manually raise or drop it.

Furthermore, to enhance this, it delivers fast speed due to improved modern motors. With integrated remote control, it gives you simple time. The wireless remote control system is enjoyable to use since you can do it without touching the screen.

  • Large projection surface

Looking for a large screen that can enable you has realistic large images? This one lets you enjoy the cinematic and home theater experience. It boasts large 84 -inches display which is enough to enjoy a non-strained view.

The 1.3 gain is superb in enabling a wide view without causing image distortion. This gives the monitor the ability to be used in many places, be it classrooms, halls, and homes, it will perfectly fit.

  • Excellent pictures

You might be wondering whether this screen will enable you to achieve ideal high-quality pictures. It gives you thrilling and realistic content. With 4:3 viewing format, its compatible with 16:9 aspect ratio, to offers HD TV quality pictures. This means whether it’s during daytime or nighttime, you can smoothly enjoy crispy images without quality being affected by ambient light.

  • Smooth matte screen surface

For the screen to provide better quality pictures, it comes with a matte white finish on the surface. This is contrary to the original projection screens that were pure white. This finish reduces light reflection which in turn reduces reflection for great image delivery. Enhanced with black border frames, they allow the screen to offer realistic pictures with balanced colors.

  • Simple assembling and mounting

Whether you are traveling or mounting this screen, there are no difficulties encountered. The casing is designed from tough aluminum materials which protect it from damage. This ensures you can use the screen anywhere without risking breaking it. Moreover, the installation is a breeze. It features an integrated hook which allows wall or ceiling mounting.


  • Lightweight aluminum casing
  • Easy to hang hook
  • HD content compatible


  • Smaller than Giantex


The Pyle 84-inches motorized screen is an ideal pick for people with space limitations. Although it’s large enough for big pictures, this screen gives you ideal ways to turn your house into a theater like. The screen is a good choice for homes, halls and other places.

5. Elite Screens Starling Tab-Tension 2, Tensioned Electric Motorized Projector Screen

Elite Screens Electric Motorized Projector Screen

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Are you planning to upgrade your movie watching experience in your home? You can do it in style and make everyone enjoy the scene. All you need to do is get this Elite Screens tab tension series 2 and feel get real entertainment. It’s one of the best options for HD pictures and smooth operations.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight construction

The construction of this screen is amazing and increases your carrying convenience. Unlike the plastic cases, this one features lightweight, but strong steel construction. This means whether transporting or storing, there are no worries of getting damaged.

Apart from a strong case, the screen is made of tough fabrics with fiberglass backing. With this, the screen lasts for years without getting damaged as you roll it. Moreover, the fiberglass is strong and eliminates curling, hence keeping the screen as flat as possible. Consequently, there is no more edge curling as with conventional screens.

  • Large HD display

The display areas boast 100 inches diagonal height. This is an ample area comparing it to other smaller screens. This gives the screen a view size of 49.0 x 87.2-Inches which lets you enjoy large and clear pictures.

Apart from large displaying area, the screen boasts 16:9 aspect ratio. Amazingly, it boasts the ability to enjoy HD, 4K, and 3D content support. This gives you the same experience as you get from UHD TV screens.

  • Energy saving motors

The conventional motors are slow and energy guzzling. This means you have to wait for minutes before the screen is fully rolled out. But, once you have this screen, things are now faster. It features innovative tubular motors that increase the rolling speed. This gives you instant projection. Moreover, the motors are energy efficient which perfectly saves you electricity bills.

  •  Improved fire safety

Unlike other screens, this one comes with improved safety. The materials used are tested and delivers excellent flame resistance. In fact, the fabrics used are compliant with NFPA 701 Standards. Moreover, the screen is mildew resistant and effortless to clean.


  • Fire resistant materials
  • Simple to clean
  • Wireless remote control
  • Ideal for tablet top and mounted projectors


  • Slight center kinks


This screen is one of the toughest. The designing and construction enjoy fiberglass backing that adds overall strength. It’s absolute choice if you want a durable and kink free motorized kink free projecting screen.

4. Elite Screens VMAX2, Motorized Drop down HD Projection Projector Screen

Elite Screens VMAX2 Motorized Projection Projector Screen

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Features and benefits

Elite screens are one of the highly recognized brands that make excellent quality screens and projector screens. Among the best models of this brand is the VMAX2 motorized HD projection screen. Featuring a durable high versatility, this screen provides impressive performance in a variety of applications.

  • Motorized material

One of the unique achievements of this projector screen is the efficient synchronous motor. This is an important feature since the motorized motor operates ultra-smoothly and has an incredibly long operating life. This motorized function offers an excellent functionality while maintaining a sense of comfort and luxury.

  • Beautiful metal housing

Apart from enhancing easy installation, the metal frames of this screen enhance an elegant look. It supports both the ceiling and wall mounting to allow you to position it wherever you want and where provides ultimate comfort. Besides, it comes when fully designed and ready for plug and play operation. On the other hand, there are optional installation kits for hassle-free installation. Also, it includes 6 and 12 inches mounting brackets to smoothen the whole process of installation.

  • Total control accessories

VMAX2 projection screen comes with bundled accessories that allow 100 percent control by the user. There is an infrared remote control device included in the package. For that case, you can sit back and watch the wonders of the world of your beautiful projection screen. Besides, the remote control device can be synchronized with power cycle of the projector via 5 to 12 volts trigger. In addition, there is an additional in the wall and down switch all to enhance the simple and effortless operation of the device.

  •  180 degrees viewing angle

With multilayered textured surface, the screen achieves 180 degrees viewing angle. On the other hand, the screen facilitates production of color clarity. On the other hand, the screen also boasts delivers high levels of white and black contrast. Also, thanks to the MAX white front material that enhances uniform diffusion and gives widest viewing angles. The matte color cats as a reflective compound to enhance image clarity.

  • 3D and 4K Ultra HD support

Apart from having a wide viewing angle, this projection screen allows you to watch videos or play games in true HD quality. Through the 3D resolution, you can enjoy true to life images and feel a lot of excitements. In addition, the design of this projection screen features a fiberglass backing that enhances remarkable strength and rigidity.


  • Built to last
  • Rust free
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Supports 4k resolution


  • Pricier that cheaply made models


Elite Screens VMAX2 protection screen is the best to use when you want to host a large number of viewers. Thanks to the large size and the HD video support plus the 180 degrees view angle enhances the functionality. Besides, the metallic housing adds protection while adding a touch of elegance.

3. Best Choice Products Electric Motorized Auto -HD Projection Screen

Best Choice Products HD Projection Screen

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As the name implies, Best choice products is a widely known brand that releases high-end electronic devices. Through a professionally fostered construction, the brand can boast its supremacy by showcasing this motorized auto HD projection screen. It is one of the many top-notch quality projection screens it produces.

Features and benefits

  • Dynamic image production

The design of this screen features a black-backed design which reduces light penetration. As a result, it provides four side black borders masking which allows the images to seem sharper, clearer and a lot more dynamic. This is a great feature that can complement the HD resolution of the screen so that you can watch video content with an extraordinary clarity. Equally, it has a 1:3 high gain that facilitates brighter images even in an environment with excess ambient lighting.

  • Durable construction and premium construction materials

Investing in a valuable projection screen like this one is not a joke. There is a good reason to feel pain for your hard-earned money if the screen doesn’t perform to your expectations. However, you will never face any challenger or regret with this HD projection screen from best choice products. It is made of premium materials that are corrosion resistant to enhance prolonged use. Equally, it features an anti-static fabric which prevents dust and mildew formations.

  • Motorized mechanism

You can raise and lower the screen using a wall mountable controller. This gives you peace of mind when you want to adjust the inclination to a level that will be suitable for the audience. On the same note, the remote function also allows you to precisely control the screen from far. Nonetheless, the motor runs super quietly which makes it ideal for environments where noise is prohibited.

  • Versatile design

This screen is incredibly large as it measures 100 inches. In addition, it supports 3D and 4K resolution to ensure you enjoy watching real-life images. It supports 180 degrees viewing and hence is ideal for home theater use, classroom environment, and office use.


  • Crystal clear images
  • Large dimensions
  • Remote control function
  • Silent motor operation


  • The price is quite unfriendly


This projection screen fits almost every aspect of our lives where HD output is recommended. Besides, the remote control function and the beautiful frame make it an item worth every dollar. It is ideal for a variety of uses whether theater, classroom, business or office environment.

2. Elite Screens Spectrum, 100’’ Diag 16:9, Electric Motorized 4K/8K Projector Screen

Elite Screens Spectrum 4K/8K Projector Screen

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The need to create an amazing room with high definition screen doesn’t mean you should cough all money you have. These days you can upgrade your house or office by getting Elite Screen spectrum motorized 4K/8K projector screen. It’s a full HD screen that gives you unmatched picture quality.

Features and benefits

  • Strong durable casing

Once you are searching for the right screen that enables you to use when on move, the spectrum is the ideal pick. It’s a premium product that is designed by experts to offer outstanding performance. The construction boasts strong all steel construction which ensures strength and durability. Moreover, the steel lets you mount the screen without causing any damage.

  •  Superb quality screen materials

Forget about the cheap quality materials that give you a headache after sometimes. Once you have this one, it offers you excellent experience which is great for use for years. The screen materials are heavy-duty. The fabrics used are mildew resistant, easy to clean and has excellent viewing ability. In fact, due to even light dissipation, it provides 180 degrees viewing angle. Consequently, the screen is compatible with UHD and HD projectors.

  • Infrared remote control

Some of the projector screens are difficult to use since everything is manual. Spectrum is fully automated and features some of the latest motors. This ensures the combination of motors and infrared remote control eases the screen rolling. You just need to sit on your couch and adjust screen length by just pressing a remote control button.

  • Improved safety

The safety enhancement in this system is impressive it’s not like the conventional screens that risk the fire hazards. This one features flame retardant treatment which minimizes the fire risks. It’s compliant with NFPA 701 standards.


  • Supports HD and UHD projectors
  • Great viewing angle
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Fire resistant material


  • Tough tension adjustment


The Spectrum motorized screen for projectors is an outstanding product. Its premium screen with high definition ability and is durable. It’s cheaper than most rivals without compromising the picture quality.

1. Homegear 110-Inch HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen with Remote Control

Homegear 110-Inch HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen

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Homegear is one of the best companies when it comes to automating your home. Making great appliances, you can always depend on their products. One of the great choices is this motorized HD projector screen. It’s large, durable and offers simple installation.

Features and benefits

  • Heavy-duty screen material

Some screens are designed from light materials that allow light to penetrate. But, once you choose this one, you can forget about that. It is made of durable and strong materials that eliminate any light penetration.

Apart from being heavy-duty, the materials provide great color production. This means your movie watching is amazing and you get realistic pictures. On the other hand, the construction ensures mildew, fire and static resistance for extended durability. With easy to clean surface with soap and water, you maintain the screen performing excellently.

  • Efficient and improved motor system

The motor system is important in the rolling of a screen. That is why this screen comes with modern motors that are fast performing and energy saving. These motors operate quietly and last for long without raising your power meter reading.

  • Durable steel casing

Not only the screen is strong, but, the casing is impressive. Made of steel and plastic, it’s also lightweight. Therefore, whether installing, storing or transporting, the system is safe from damage. The string housing, on the other hand, improves the mounting whether in ceiling or wall.

  • Efficient remote control

Forget about other wired motorized screens which you have to wake up to control. Homegear projector screen is easy and enjoyable to use. It comes with radio frequency remote control with a range of 25 meters. Moreover, the mountable control panel enables to operate this screen without the remote.

  • Large display

Having a large screen means that you can enjoy big pictures hence eliminating eye straining. This screen offers 110 inches of HD display. Therefore you can watch cinema like movies in your home. Boasting 16:9 aspect ratios, it is compatible with all projectors. Thereby, it is possible to enjoy HD and 3D contents.


  • All projectors compatible
  • Great light shielding
  • Quiet motors
  • Washable screen


  • A bit wavy
  • Unsuitable for short projectors


This screen is cheap than many rivals. The performance is great and doesn’t allow light penetration. With a large display and HD support, you can buy it without doubts.


It’s true a projector screen is an outstanding way of improving your house entertainment. Unlike the TV screens, motorized projector screens are large and cheaper. Therefore, it’s great step to finding a good projection like the ones review above and enjoy outstanding entertainment and versatility.

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Top 10 Best Motorized Projector Screens in 2018 – Complete Review


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