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Top 10 Best Ping Pong Tables in 2018 – Buyer’s Guides & Complete Review

Table Tennis Game is one of prominent game for over a century now. These days, many individuals keep on enjoying this game as a leisure activity while others play it professionally. For Both recreational and professional players will benefit from this game. With the professional players may play it for fiscal advantages it provides, the individuals who play it as an entertainment empowers them to remain fit and in shape.

As said, not every person would need to play Table tennis professionally, however, there are a few of us who try to end up being professionals. Notwithstanding the level, you would need to play this game; it is essential for you to choose a Ping Pong Table that addresses your issues.

However, we have different models on the market place. While this can be something worth since you have numerous models to think about and compare, it might likewise imply that you will use a lot of your time doing the comparison.

To enhance your purchasing to process very smooth, we have investigated the top 10 best Ping Pong Tables that are available on the shops today. Rather than going through many products, it can be simple for you to think about these top 10 products and settle on the best choice.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Ping Pong Tables:

For you to have the decent Ping Pong Tables, you require the significant information on what to search for before you can settle on your decision. The accompanying tips will help you to get the model that you can depend on for a long time to come.

  • Purpose

A Ping Pong Tables fills different needs. Some are manufactured for competitions while other for some recreational use. Whenever your essential objective is to have a model you could have a game with your companions or your family, go for a model that can address the requirements of both adults and children. But, if you would need to go professional and you require pro review tennis table go for models that is approved for competitions.

  • Ease of Assembly

Buying a tennis table that is difficult to assemble may imply that you will wind up spending an entire day assembling the table. Some you may require to call for a professional to do some assembling for you. To stay away from these, go for the model that usually comes preassembled. The decent model should not take over 10 minutes to join.

  • Space Available

Do you have a vast indoor space or would you need to put it in an outdoor Keep in mind, if you don’t have enough space within your home and have a yard or a patio where you can put it, go for an outdoor models. But, if you stay in a little room, you ought to go for the foldable or medium-sized Ping-Pong tables.

  • The Playing Surface

Make sure that you have bought a Ping Pong Tables that has a smooth playing surface. Its top ought to be made utilizing composite materials ideally water resistant particularly if you would need to buy an open outdoor model. Besides, its surface ought not to be prone to the warping and should great ball bounce.

  • Surface Thickness

Numerous Table Tennis specialists trust that the standard and quality thickness of table tennis table top will enable the dynamism of your ball to the bounce. Also the formation of many spin shots by players of the game of table tocsins. Whenever you are deciding to improve your aptitudes in this game, it is essential that you are aware of how the structure of the table top can influence its game execution.

In your decision of the best table top, you need to think some factors, for example, the tasteful excellence of the smoothness, outline, and color of the table surface. Its configuration, materials, and thickness utilized are the features that establish a decent impression on the purchaser. A plastic-covered smooth playing surface can create astounding spin drives which will be great the player and spectators. A thicker top enhances the nature of your table tennis table top.

  • Quality of Frame

The most imperative qualities to search for at the ping pong table is the steel frame. The Steel is tougher compared to aluminum and also steel will last longer as well. A lot of producer utilize powder covered undercarriage to keep away from rust. Before you buy a Ping Pong Table, you should think about its structure.

You need to focus on its capacity quality. Does it have much weight stack or does it give you a heavy-duty support. In some cases the table faces some extra force when you and your family play proceeding with a few matches then it is critical to guarantee proper quality frame which can take greatest help.

  • Safety Features

Safety is dependably a major concern when you will purchase any item. On my suggested list all items are totally safe for client utilize. When you can utilize the table top surface, you can simply see how solid it and you can simply put heavier amount of load on them.

What’s more, you can discover the safety lock system that usually locks the table whenever you are playing. For matter of wheel, you could simply bolt the wheel bolt. When you lock the wheel, at that point your table can not move. In any case, after to utilizing the table and when you have to move the table than unlocking the switch and you could simply move your table.

  • Value of the Product

Before purchasing ping pong table or table tennis table, you have to analyze the cost or value. The amount you spend and what you could get. In the market place, there are many low value Ping Pong Tables, yet that does not satisfy all of you require.

You require compromising some component which is required for an impeccable gaming background. And furthermore you can get costly table tennis table as well. Furthermore, you may comprehend that simply fulfills your desire except the financial factors is another concern. If your financial plan isn’t so high, at that point you cannot afford those expensive ping pong table or high-extend table tennis. However, if you take after my top selected list then you can discover numerous mid-ranges to the best product which can easily satisfy your desires.

Best Ping Pong Tables in 2018

10. EastPoint Sports Dominator 18mm Top Tennis Table

EastPoint Sports Dominator Top Tennis Table

This EastPoint Sports Ping Pong Table- that has 18mm Top can be the envy of your neighborhood and is the meaning of significant worth for the cash. A great quality item and spec with a better cost can’t be found on the market. The ideal, smooth addition to any game room or rec room.

Highlighting a consistent two-Piece tabletop which simply folds up for storage or playback position, the new gravity on-center net that is locked, and luxurious corner top ball storage holds numerous balls hence the play never stops (balls and paddles excluded). Strong two inch Diameter Wheels are well lockable for simple storage and transport. It is simple to adjust at playback position for the single player rehearse or the 2 sides fold up and usually lock for storage

The EastPoint Sports table tennis is competitive and fun for grown-ups and also incredible for developing youth coordination. Get one today — your companions and family will adore you for it!


  • Seamless 2 piece tennis table top having 3/4in (18mm) completely covered play surface yields steady bounce
  • Paddle storage System and On-center net holds 4 paddles and 6 balls
  • Powder covered and rust proof 1.375-Inch steel frame is self-folding and stable
  • Shaped corner tops, 1.38-inch aprons and guarantee a level table top
  • The impeccable, smooth expansion to any game room or rec room


  • A sensibly priced
  • Seamless 2 Piece Table Tennis Top with 3/4in (18mm)
  • Features a competition style and grade net
  • Simple to adjust to playback position
  • Features a collapsing playback game plan
  • 1.375in Aprons and Molded Corner Caps
  • Comes with the locking system
  • PVC edges are curved for safety


  • A 15 mm table thickness is a touch thin
  • Occasionally have problems with screws coming loose
  • Features the biggest storage profile investigated
  • A generally heavy table at 190 pounds

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9. Butterfly Junior 3 Year Warranty- ¾ Size Table Tennis Table – Fully Assembled Fold-able with Wheels

 Butterfly Junior Fully Assembled Fold-able

The Butterfly tennis table gives hours of fun. It is littler compared to standard table, making it perfect for homes and different areas that have restricted space. The surface of playing of this indoor/outdoor table tennis table is around 12mm thick and is well protected by a solid steel frame.

It can helpfully fold up when not being used and be put in storage. The Wheels underneath the center point of the table make it simple to move starting with one place then onto the next when it is folded up.

This Butterfly Miniature Junior Foldable Tennis Table is perfect for homes and different areas where a full-estimate table would be too extensive

Its playing top is around 12mm thick and is protected with a solid steel frame and alluring magenta corner pieces that consummately highlight the vibrant green or blue top shading.

The table needs no assembly and accompanies an easy to-utilize Butterfly cut net and post set which has the same height from a customary net. The Butterfly Table is the ideal decision for families or those just searching for space-sparing fun.

This product comes completely assembled and incorporates a post set and a Butterfly cut net. It is available in two hues, each sold independently.


  • Ideal table for youngsters or those searching for space-sparing fun
  • Contrasting fuchsia corner pieces
  • Indoor/open air table tennis table is blue; additionally available in green (sold independently)
  • No assembly required
  • Playing surface is 12mm thick and is protected with a solid steel frame
  • Three-year guarantee
  • Includes net and post set
  • Wheels underneath table focus give advantageous transport when table is collapsed
  • Size is 81″L x 30″H x 45″W
  • Folding legs
  • Folds down the middle for simple storage


  • Can be utilized as little tables when not in play
  • Is a genuinely inexpensive
  • Can play in littler spaces than most
  • Folds up into a littler storage measure than most
  • Comes totally pre-amassed
  • One of the lighter capable accessible


  • Is not competition measure
  • Does not provide a playback course of action
  • Does not include moving wheels
  • Does not provide thick steel support
  • The table is a thin 12 mm thick
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8. Harvil I, Indoor Table with Locking Wheels and Playback Feature

Harvil I, Indoor Table with Locking WheelsThis game table that is simple to utilize, sturdy, and versatile, this indoor tennis table by the Harvil is most likely an awesome addition to dens, game rooms, offices. The ping pong table features a strong wood tabletop that is upheld corner to corner by a firm, a frame with powder-covered steel and additionally locking wheels hence you are likewise permitted a non-permanent and portable table tennis set-up.

Have nobody to play with? That won’t be an issue as this table could be collapsed for playback. This element is advantageous as it enables the two parts to stay connected (even while collapsed), hence there are no spaces for the balls to drop in.

The collapsing highlight additionally takes into account moment storage – ideal for indoor utilize. The table accompanies a dark net having a white strip with two metal posts yet balls  and ping pong rackets are sold independently. The collapsing highlight likewise makes the ping pong table advantageous to store.

Your table will come with all the vital parts, without deformity or potentially shipping harm. We’ll deliver new parts or a completely new table for free in case of damage or defect.


  • Solid, dependable and portable outline
  • Designed and built by harvil
  • Easy progress to playback mode
  • Dazadi money back guarantee
  • Convenient locking wheels


  • Thick table top
  • Good bob
  • Comes amassed
  • Small footprint for storage


  • One of the few worries about this item is that the top of the net is flexible rather than rope.
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7. Hathaway Maverick Table Tennis Multi Game and 7-foot Pool with Blue Table Tennis Surface and Red Felt.

Hathaway Maverick Table Tennis Multi Game and 7-foot Pool

The 7-ft Maverick Pool Table conveys great quality billiards having the additional reward of table tennis – with all at this awesome cost! If you want to play a pool, the table contains a great features and the minimal 7 foot surface for playing fits in numerous game rooms where a bigger table won’t.

It is best if you need a full size with a minimized room capacity. Remember: Keep in your mind that you will require a room of no less than 13 by 11 feet so as to play serenely. Again this is with 50” shorty cues. The cues that accompanied it are fair yet I recommend purchasing a four part cue to better suit for space confinements.

Enjoy the fun with included table tennis table top! Incorporates every one of the accessories you have to table tennis and play pool. Include this adaptable Hathaway game table to your rec space for quite a long time of gaming fun! 180-day guarantee.


  • Dimensions 84-in x 31-in x 46-in.
  • 180-day guarantee
  • Everything you require.
  • Black plastic drop pockets
  • K66 elastic pads guarantee smooth
  • Black matte covered side and end boards with dark plastic end corners
  • Durable pitch formed drop pockets


  • Assembles quickly
  • Quality construction
  • Compact storage
  • Perfect for families.
  • Solidly built
  • Two extraordinary games in one
  • Corner ball holders included


The table tennis table is very expensive. Yet, hope to be happy with the execution

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6. STIGA Table Tennis Space Saver Table

STIGA Table Tennis Space Saver

The STIGA Table Tennis Space Saver Table is a gorgeous table from a brand that numerous table tennis players perceive. For this situation, this is the model for those that need a littler choice for the children, or don’t have space for the professional alternatives.

The business depictions for this ping pong table allude to it as a “little yet powerful” choice, one for those short on space that would prefer not to need to sacrifice quality. Is this quality seen by purchasers, or is the size a burden?

There is the sense here that every single new purchaser need to deal with this with mind. Despite the fact that there are some great security features for a stable surface, and the frame is perfect for storage and convenience, there are no issues with potential harm.

Those that can move beyond this will find that the STIGA ping pong table is as yet an awesome choice because of the successful space-sparing outline and the general nature of the table.

These 2 halves make transportation and storage simple.  In fact, a few guardians have put the two parts in the back of an auto and take them to other relative of youth groups. This is a littler table than many models, at 40.5 x 71 x 30 inches, yet this implies it can fit into a lot of areas.

Despite the fact that this isn’t regulation measure, it is as yet control height and has the components and surface required for a decent game. The net and posts are incorporated into the set but it ought to be noticed that there are no bats and balls. What’s more, the blue playing surface has a decent bob to it. It has a 5/8” mdf surface that is smooth, level and solid for an awesome game.


  • Compact table ideal for tight spaces estimating just 71″ L x 30″ x 40.5″ W
  • Regulation tallness table incorporates net and post set
  • Free up space when not being used with advantageous collapsing storage position
  • No assembly required – basically play, unload and unfold
  • Separate table parts can be utilized as multi-purpose tables for engaging


  • Easy to store and move
  • The table tennis table works incredible
  • Good quality surface
  • Good value at the cost
  • Good quality net that is simple to connect
  • Its space-sparing outline makes it ideal for club utilize


  • The unit is very expensive, yet it is worth it.

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5.​ STIGA XTR Outdoor Tennis Table

STIGA XTR Outdoor Tennis Table

Whenever you are in the market place to buy an outdoor table tennis which can withstand your elements then you may have gone over the Outdoor Stiga XTR Tennis Table. It is a 6mm aluminum composite table top, with 1.25 inch steel legs having levelers for uneven surfaces for playing and three inch wheels that could secure your table. It contain a playback highlight And it can likewise be stored exceptionally minimized.

This Stiga XTR Outdoor Tennis Table accompanies a net system which will make anybody upbeat.

Manufactured with premium outdoor grade material you can anticipate that the net will keep going as long as the playing surface. Its system features all-weather material for uncommon durability and playability, while the post features a strung clip attachment system for simple off and on

The drawback on this table is thin table top manufactured with aluminum composite. The bob bounce on this table is not so that great. I feel it is low and now and then not so much consistent and provides a peculiar ‘pinging’ sound when you are playing on it, which took some time getting used to.

The Outdoor Stiga XTR Tennis Table truly is created for outdoor utilize. If you need a shabby and well created outdoor table then it is the correct one for you. Simply recall it is an outdoor table and you will get more experience from playing with this table.


  • It is a Durable outdoor table tennis table ideal for the yard or carport
  • 6mm Playing Surface
  • Specifically outlined and produced to withstand the elements
  • 72 Inch All Weather Net System
  • Aluminum composite tops offer best playability with all-weather execution


  • Assembles FAST
  • Easy to fold for storage
  • Solid quality playing surface


  • The table is very heavy and moving it can be somewhat arduous.

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4. JOOLA NOVA DX Outdoor/Indoor Tennis Table that has Weatherproof Net Set

JOOLA NOVA DX Outdoor/Indoor Tennis Table

This Table tennis is a game which disposes of my anxiety and stress. I got this JOOLA Nova DX a couple of months back, and it is the thing that each table tennis player needs.

Coating at the table top is created rust proof hence 100 percent weatherproof. It could withstand a wide range of bad weather from high warmth because of the scorching sun to snow and hail storm. This table is ideal for indoor and also outdoor.

One thing that makes the table ideal for little sized house is that it can be isolated into 2 either for solo playing and rehearse or for putting away with tablecloth at it and utilizing it as coffee table or a dining table.

The table contains adjustable legs that can be moved down and up until the point that the table is well leveled or until the point when it gets to the tallness you want for educating your youngsters.

The material utilized as a part of the creating is aluminum and plastic, so it is transform safe. Its legs and the wheels are likewise treated for protected from rust. Hence it can be easily utilized for outdoors.

Aside from all these this table can be amassed easily. It doesn’t expect a few people for assembling it preferably you can do only it in less than 30 minutes.


  • 5ft x 9ft is Regulation Size of Tennis Joola Outdoor Table Dimensions
  • Locking Casters, Locking Halves When it is Folded Down for Play its Anti-Tilting Devices and Security Features
  • Comes as 95% pre-assembled.15 minutes and you’re prepared to play!
  • Highlights a 6mm Table Top manufactured with Aluminum Plastic Composite
  • 121 lbs. Weight
  • Accompanies Rust Resistant, Trolley System and Powder Coated Metal Undercarriage with 4 Durable Wheels.
  • Foldable-2 Piece-For Playback-just Leave One Half Folded
  • Joola Table Tennis Outdoor Table has waterproof Net.


  • The table tennis table is simple to collect
  • It stores without taking up excessively space
  • The table is sturdily assembled


  • The table is heavy; however the producer did this to ensure it doesn’t move around amid playing.

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3. JOOLA Rally Grade Table Tennis Table, TL 300 15mm 5/8 Inch Professional Net Set, Abacus Scorer and Ball Holders

JOOLA Rally Grade Table Tennis Table 15mm

The JOOLA TL Rally 300 is the ideal table for anybody searching for a thrilling game of table tennis with some additional style. The table is certain to wind up a centerpiece in your home or office with its novel dark charcoal top, magnetic math device scorers and corner ball holders.

Every corner can hold up to three 40mm tennis balls and the 2 included magnetic math devices connect to the side of this table.

The TL 300 Joola Rally Tennis Table features a MDF playing top that is 15mm charcoal painted, 30mm by 30mm powder coated undercarriage to counteract rust, four strong locking casters and a twofold hostile to tilting gadget for transport that is safe. It contain a playback include (which means you could put half of table up to hit against – Whenever you need to). What’s more, it can likewise be put away very compact.

This table feels durable to the touch, and combined with the consistent complete on the playing surface that offers great play, everything looks incredible up until this point.

The Joola Rally Tennis Table accompanies various additional items that we discovered added a little edge to the entire pack. Upon buy you take care of business 4 Joola patented corner ball holders that every hold 3 40mm balls and 2 magnetic math device score-managers.

To make the corner ball holders the backings on the undercarriage needed to fall somehow short. This is not the greatest of arrangements yet it is something we noticed immediately. Likewise, these magnetic score-keepers are low quality and are somewhat unstable.


  • Product measurements: 60 x 30 x 108 inches; 155 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 192 pounds
  • Tournament quality at home:
  • No hassle, quick set-up
  • Reliable/level play:
  • Separate halves for playback mode and compact storage:
  • Corner ball holders and math device scorer


  • Extremely durable
  • Extremely stylish and alluring
  • Loved among the clients
  • It can easily be assembled
  • Build quality is high


  • Prone to scratches.

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2. JOOLA Midsize Tennis Compact Table Great for Small Apartments and Spaces – No Assembly Required!

JOOLA Midsize Tennis Compact Table Great for Small Apartments

The JOOLA Table Midsize Tennis Table is ideal for any individual who adores table tennis for a small space. This table stands at regulation of height (30 inches) and has a surface that is 72 inches (2/3rds) the length of a regulation-sized table.

Every half of this table is a close perfect square and could remain solitary, ideal for card games or any of your other multi-utilize table requirements. With the Midsize JOOLA Table you could now play table tennis regardless of where you live and regardless of how much space you contain! These foldable halves can be put or stored in most standard estimated wardrobes, so in the wake of playing you can save space when required. The Midsize JOOLA Table need no get assembled.

Just unfold every half legs, join the net and you are prepared to play! Begin playing like a champion with gear produced for champions! JOOLA is a pleased supporter of USA Table Tennis. One disadvantage with this is not a Ping Pong marked item and is not secured under any Ping Pong maker’s guarantee. This Ping Pong logos and mark names are the enrolled trademarks of Escalade Sports.


  • Multiple utilize tables, every half of Midsize Table Tennis Table is a perfect square
  • Compact storage, legs overlap in and the separate halves can be set together and easily storage
  • Standard table tennis table tallness with a littler surface space ideal for smaller zones like condos, apartments, kid rooms and dorm rooms
  • Includes an simple attachable custom-measured JOOLA post set and pong net
  • Comes 100% pre-amassed. Essentially unfold the legs and connect the included net and you are prepared to play.
  • Full table measurements: 36W x 72L x 30H inches. Lightweight: 62 pounds


  • Regulation height
  • Sturdy construction
  • Compact for littler spaces


  • If you’re searching for a regulation-sized table, this one isn’t it. However, it’s perfect if you have restricted space.

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1. JOOLA inside 15mm with Net Set Table Tennis Table – Features Playback Mode, Quick 10-Min Assembly, Foldable Halves

JOOLA inside 15mm with Net Set Table Tennis Table

The Joola 15 indoor table tennis table is great with a great cost. While it does not accompany rackets and balls, it is an excellent essential piece. It comes and stores in 2 halves which is held together with a net clips amid game play. Furthermore, it contains the alternative of abandoning 1 half vertical for single play.

Its production is regulation size having a 15mm wood surface hence there is a steady ball bob. The double locking gadgets and locking casters additionally make it simple to move with it around, store hence make it is stable amid playing.

This JOOLA indoor Tennis Table with Net Set have been JOOLA’s top of the line table for quite a long time! This is the ideal table for anybody searching for a sensational game of table tennis at a reasonable cost. A smooth casing and detachable settling halves make this table ideal for compact storage capacity. The expert grade (16 mm) 5/8 inch wood composite surface makes a consistent durability and ball bounce.

Furthermore, the 1.5 inch diameter steel legs and 1.5 inch resin apron are utilized to make a strong table that goes on for a considerable length of time. This table legs highlight adjustable tallness levelers to guarantee a level playing surface and three-inch locking caster wheels for included security and stability.

This JOOLA inside Table features a dual safety locking gadgets to guarantee security when the table is in both storage and playing positions. The included post and net set features easy, removable clip post and an adjustable strain system. Table and net set is USATT affirmed.


  • 16mm wood composite Surface
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions of 60″ x 108″ x 30″
  • Have Quick Assembly Clamp Net
  • Blue in color
  • 10-20 min of Assembly Time
  • Positions: 3
  • 1.5″ measurement if legs
  • 30x20mm of Apron
  • Height levelers
  • Levelers: 1.25″
  • Wheels: 3″


  • Durable construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Good table bound
  • Easy to store


  • The maker needs to consider enhancing the bounce of the ball at the table’s surface.
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Buying the best table tennis table is a magnificent move for each homeowner. With the tables above, you can play and enjoy your time together with loved ones. We trust that you will locate a suitable decision in the above list, which will address your issues. Keep in mind that we have incorporated a variety in regards to size, construction materials, and price. Hence, take your time to through every model before settling on your choice.

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Top 10 Best Ping Pong Tables in 2018 – Buyer’s Guides & Complete Review


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