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The Twisted Tale Of Anwar Maqsood And A Generation Of “Insensitive” Humor

In an attempt to mark a social problem, Anwar Maqsood also admitted what we identify today as stereotyping

The Sindhi shown in Maqsood sb & # 39; s interview is a person who violates the law of the country and indulges in corrupt practices to escape the responsibilities of earning a living and continues to make money through the system in place to cheat

People were quick to point out that the episode was an attempt to generalize the Sindhi population, which is very diverse in nature

Many others also rightly pointed out that it was not considered controversial to to give back to such humor in his younger days. They felt that today it would not be such a big problem and that people would have to learn to relax a bit

The problem, however, is that the times have now changed. What was considered humorous at that time is no longer true. Labels such as racism and stereotypes have become prominent discussions

Both phenomena are known to influence the lives of individuals, because people who consume this content can even imitate them in real life. Although it was fine to stereotype an ethnicity or a certain group of people, in the world today no one surrendered to such behavior, because we give everyone the space to be who they want to be and not to generalize concepts to the point that they influence the lives of individuals.

The reason why such a backlash was observed was because artists and artists are expected to keep pace with the changes in society

It is important that they are sensitized to be able to respect sentiments, no misrepresentation and not give in to stereotyping because it is only an act of disrespect. This specific case will also force other artists to realize the atmosphere in which they work, the kind of access that the public has and the need to be objective in their narrative creation.

It is also true that the work of Anwar Maqsood has always been a reflection of society. The goal has always been to change the masses

Although nobody can doubt the authenticity and dedication of the goal, the reality is actually that times have now changed. Even if artists want to indulge in social criticism or criticism of the system that is present through satire or comedy, it must adapt to modern techniques to ensure that nobody is respected.

This controversial video also shows the amount see the importance that artists should now give their words. If the video had been formulated correctly, people would have realized that it was not a generalization, but rather an attempt to show one of the many aspects of Sindhi life. It is undeniable that such issues exist, but their treatment must now change if they are adopted by artists.

This specific event indicates how far we have come as a society

There was a time when it was considered perfectly normal to surrender to racism and stereotypes. And since that was the norm, we often lag behind with the question whether we will or will not see history with today's reference framework. While that is under discussion, it is clear that we have come a long way. We are at a point in history where we are aware of the sensitivities of people, we begin to talk about the diversity of life, and we push people to be better versions of themselves.

The same problem was faced by many fans of FRIENDS, recently when younger audiences thought a lot of the jokes, mainly aimed at Chandler and Ross, as homophobic and archaic for the present time.

The fact that Mr. Maqsood apologized showed that he is willing to learn and be adaptive, as an artist and anyone who is willing to accept their mistakes and really to learn should be welcomed

He represents a generation that may need to catch up, so that art itself does not die. And this incident is not about addressing a certain person, but rather about encouraging change. So the next time you talk about it, instead of being the judge of someone's character; focus more on what we need to change and the role that you and I can play in it.

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The Twisted Tale Of Anwar Maqsood And A Generation Of “Insensitive” Humor


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