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Fitbit Ionic Review

Once you have spent time with the Ionic time, it becomes clear why we say that. Fitbit has been building here for a few years. It acquired Coin in mid-2016 and picked up the Kickstarter-famous Pebble at the end of that year. Both acquisitions have been well executed: the Pebble team has helped design the new Fitbit operating system and now the company hopes that developers will build apps. The Coin team is now conducting Fitbit Pay to help users pay, but this feature does not yet have support from banks in India.

The Ionic is also Fitbit's first product in three years with built-in GPS, and only the second after the Flex 2 to be completely waterproof. That means you can leave your phone while you take a dip in the pool and still record your training data. All these improvements and additions, however, entail costs: the Ionic is now the most expensive product of Fitbit, at Rs. 22.990. It has to do a lot to justify itself at this price, in contrast to the Apple Watch Series 1, the Samsung Gear Sport and various Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) efforts from Fossil and others.

Fitbit Ionic design and navigation

Although it has an almost square body, the actual display on the Ionic – a 1.42 inch LCD touchscreen with a pixel density of 301ppi – is rectangular, thanks to a thick bottom edge that the Fitbit logo. The screen is slightly larger than what you get on the Gear Sport (1.2-inch) and slightly smaller than that of the Apple Watch Series 1 (1.5 / 1.65-inch), but here's the kicker: the Ionic absolutely destroys both on battery life, delivering 4-5 days as opposed to a day and a half.

 fitbit ionic rating alarm Fitbit Ionic

The Ionic is also quite light, sitting at 47 g versus 41 g / 50 g for the Apple Watch Series 1 and 67 g for the Gear Sport Unless your previous wearable was the super light Fitbit Alta, you will not see the Ionic on your wrist, even if you wear it all day as we did edgy design, which almost combines the main body with the included rubber band Fitbit sends the Ionic with both small and large tires and both have a nice relief pattern

The belt of the Ionic is protected, so you have to find the belt that is designed for this if you want to replace it.There are numerous belt options from Fitbit and external makers internationally, but they are hard to find in India There are only two options on Fl ipkart – Fitbit & # 39; s exclusive online retailer for the Ionic – and both are priced at Rs. 2,000. Most, if not all, of the options available elsewhere are imported from the USA and are more expensive than they should be.

Further refining, the Ionic has a total of three buttons – one on the left and two on the right. You can use one of these to activate the screen, tap next to the screen, or tilt it towards you, but only with the left button will the device go to sleep. When the watch face is on the screen, the other two buttons act as shortcuts to the first two apps (top left and bottom left) on your first app screen.

Once you've woken up the Ionic, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Today app, which takes a quick look at the battery life, your statistics and your last three activities. If you swipe down on the main screen, you'll get access to older notifications, including notifications that you've already wiped out on your phone. If you swipe right on the watch face, you will enter the apps menu, with four on each screen.

 fitbit apps for ionic assessment Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic software and applications


The Ionic is originally sent with the first version of Fitbit OS, but it was upgraded to v2.0 during our test period The update lasted about half an hour, so you will not want to do that if you do not have to use the device for a while Fitbit OS is fast and smoothly, using striking colors in different sections for easy navigation.

It has a variety of dials, including some of Fitbit's unique ones, that encourage you to "watch out" a dog or a cat by essentially "feeding" him. The more you walk, the more food you collect for your virtual quadruped. If you do not collect enough in one day, the animal leaves your screen at night and leaves an envelope with a sad face, hopefully motivating you to do better.

Because Fitbit OS is relatively new, compared to looking at OS and carrying OS, it does not have a great app collection. It is also much American-oriented, with the likes of Pandora, Deezer, Yelp, Nest, Walgreens, Starbucks and United Airlines, which are not usable India. That said, there are some handy ones like The New York Times, Flipboard, Strava and Tennis from Fitbit Labs.

 fitbit ionic review again Fitbit Ionic

With both Pandora and Deezer not (yet) available in India, the only way to get music on your Ionic requires the manual transfer of files to the internal storage, for which you need a Windows PC or Mac The Ionic has approximately 2.5 GB of available storage space, if you ask it Bluetooth headphones, so you do not need your phone when you go to music while exercising Want to listen.

Installing apps is hassle-free, with downloads and background updates, apps have received updates during our test period, but whether developers continue to support the platform is not something anyone can promise. major developers including Amazon, Google, Insta grams, Slack and Twitter that are shut down one by one for the Apple Watch, although it is currently the most popular smartwatch, there may not be enough interest in apps for smartwatches in general.

That's because most people are happy that they only get reports about their wearables. Speaking of notifications, unlike most other Fitbits, the Ionic is not limited to phone calls, text messages and calendar notifications. It supports every app on your phone, although it in no way offers a way to answer them the way you can with an Apple Watch, Samsung Gear or Wear OS watch in combination with their respective matching phones.

Fitbit Surveillance and performance of Ionic activities

Like most fitness wearables, the Ionic is able to follow a wide range of activities such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, tennis, golf, weightlifting, spinning, yoga, bootcamp, circuit training, kickboxing, martial arts and Pilates. It can also work with interval training and equipment, including elliptical trainers, stair piers and treadmills. Fitbit has included a stock image for each activity and it appears on the screen for selecting exercises from the Ionic, which we thought was a nice touch.

 fitbit ionic review workout Fitbit Ionic

Each activity has individual settings that you can customize, including automatic laps, GPS, auto-detection and automatic pause. The Ionic then remembers them future.Most is fairly simple, but you have to remember that you have to set parameters, such as the length of a swimming pool, before you dive in.

As our standard procedure is, we tested how accurately the ion distances measure by using mile markers on an athletics track and comparing it with the built-in GPS of a smartphone (in this case the Samsung Galaxy S8 +) With the GPS enabled, the Ionic had an average error rate of 4.75 against Runkeeper on the phone. GPS was the distance recorded by Ionic everywhere high, with error percentages ranging from 2 percent to 24 percent, on average 10.5 percent compared to five different training sessions. This is not a reliable figure given the large variance, and we recommend that you keep the GPS if you want to keep accurate distances.

Fortunately, the use of the built-in GPS on the Ionic is a breeze. It got a lock on our precise location in less than 10 seconds each time we tried it. Plus, unlike the Gear Sport, it does not matter to save power as soon as you move your wrist. This of course affects the battery life. We have about 10 hours with the GPS enabled, which is less than what we have received with the Gear Sport.

However, battery life is generally great, as we said earlier. Fitbit claims five days and we routinely have four days behind us, using the Ionic to monitor all day reports and to follow an hour's training every day. There are no energy-saving options, unlike the Apple Watch and Gear Sport that can shut down most functions and only show the time.


The Fitbit Ionic is a solid first attempt by Fitbit in the smartwatch segment, one that is a fantastic display, stylish design, built-in GPS, watertightness and excellent battery life in a light package The battery lasts for more than four days, which is almost unheard of in the fully equipped smartwatch market, and is especially noteworthy because the battery life an annoyance for any device with an LCD screen Ionic in the top row Add Fitbit's fitness ecosystem, which is always better designed than A pple Health and Samsung Health, and we've got a great new contestant

There are some problems, Yes. App numbers are low, but businesses are still learning that many types of apps do not really need a watch counterpart. Of course the Fitbit Ionic also lacks a number of basic offers, such as Google Maps or Uber, which can be useful. The Ionic does not benefit from a deep smartphone integration, such as with the Apple Watch and iPhone, or Gear Sport and Samsung Galaxy phones. Perhaps the biggest problem for existing smartwatch users is that you can not send standard responses or trigger the voice assistant on your phone to dictate answers.

The charging cable is another effort of Fitbit (which means that replacements are possible) hard to find in the future). At least it's magnetic, so you do not have to mess around when you fix it, like with the Fitbit Charge 2 or Alta.

But generally the Fitbit Ionic could be a more interesting offer than its two closest rivals for some users. The Apple Watch Series 1 has no GPS or altimeter and the Gear Sport is quite heavy and not that easy to use. You can also use the Ionic with both iPhones and Android phones. What you have to choose naturally comes down to what you need most from a smartwatch. If you are looking for fitness, the Ionic is a good choice. You could also wait and consider Fitbit's next smartwatch, the Versa, which is smaller and loses the built-in GPS, for a minimal price difference in India – Rs. 19.999 against Rs. 22.990 for the Iconicus.

Price: Rs. 22.990, available via Flipkart in orange, charcoal and gray


  • Fantastic battery life
  • Built-in GPS-works great
  • Light
  • Waterproof, can track swims
  • Fitbit OS is easy to use


  • Lack of apps from third parties
  • Can not respond to notifications
  • Proprietary charging cable

Ratings (out of 5)
Design: 4
Tracking: 4,5
Other specifications: 4
Value for money: 3
In total: 4

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Fitbit Ionic Review


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