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How Ethereum’s Co-Founder Is Playing The Crypto Crash – Inside Bitcoins – News, Price, Events

It's no secret that crypto brooks and hedge funds get access to the best deals because of their interconnections …

But now, for a short time, there is a way for regular investors to drive on the foxes of one of the most connected teams in the crypto …

Right in your broker account.

In short: The team behind Global Blockchain Technologies (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) is the best way to play the crypto tree.

The company is the world's first block hedge fund, a greenhouse for new crypto-up comers.

Most importantly, it is under the supervision of Ethereum co-founder, Steven Nerayoff.

He is as committed as they come … and helped Ethereum go from zero to over $ 100 billion.

Not only does the Global Blockchain team invest in the best, brightest and most profitable crypto projects. It also incubates new and emerging crypto and blockchain companies.

And the best part is: You do not need to know anything about block coding or crypto currencies.

All you do, BLOC adds to your portfolio, and lets their team from the most connected blockchain experts do the job for you.

Blockchain technology aims to revolutionize every major industry. It's time for smart investors to pay attention and Global Blockchain (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) is the perfect place to start.

# 1 How does Global Block Chain get Block Chain Projects?

Blockchain technology is used in the crypto-currency world. This allows cryptos to bypass traditional intermediaries (banks, financial companies, hedge funds) and create secure, linked interactive collaborative networks for the fast and easy flow of information and money.

Bitcoin can be a bubble, but blockchain will disrupt everything. In financial services alone, it is applied to brokers, traders, merchants, intermediaries … and more.

# 2 They Make the Investments

Last year, crypto-currency and blockchain shares burst on the scene and surprised investors. Now everyone wants to take action.

But investment in crypto currencies can be dangerous. Different coins are highly volatile, and values ​​can change in the eye of the eye.

In 2017, Bitcoin's value rose from a few hundred dollars to over $ 19,000 before it dropped to $ 11,000 by the end of the year. The currency lost half of its value in a short while.

Clearly money has been made in crypto currencies and blockchain technology. The trick does it without exposing yourself to all the volatility.

Global Block Chain (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) invests in a basket of companies in the Blockchain space, which gives it exposure to the entire sector.

In return for the incubation of specific tokens, Global Blockchain receives equity, which can lower the profit as the token adds.

But Global Blockchain is more than just a basket of currencies. The company incubates specific tokens and builds a diverse portfolio based on the token economy. It's the only company there to play this kind of game.

In 2017 investors could largely increase the rising value of crypto currencies. But Global Blockchain plays the long game and invests in protocols to stabilize the token economy and make it an engine for true growth.

It does this by means of a very specific strategy.

# 3 The BLOC Strategy

Currently, a few very large crypto coins are placed on the screen.

Bitcoin has a market capitalization of $ 157 billion, while Ethereum amounts to $ 109 billion and Ripple is $ 38 billion.

These three tokens dominate the crypto space. In recent years, these three currencies have an average value of more than 900 per cent (for Ethereum, that's more than 90,000 per cent!)

But there is still room for growth. The amount of world wealth in crypto currency is very, very small: less than 0.5 percent.

While these larger, more expensive cryptos get all the attention, there is real potential in medium and small capitals. Smaller coins bring higher returns. Forget, a $ 864 million market capitalization crypto has delivered a ROI of 203,049 percent to its investors. Other tokens, such as PIVX, Einsteinium, ReddCoin and Stellar, are also high earners: they all brought ROIs of over 10,000 percent. In fact, the average prize gain of the top ten small caps is over 40,000 percent! (τ

For example: Global Blockchain was one of the first buyers of Kodak Coin, a brand new token from the legendary camera and film company.

Global Blockchain has offered 8 million KodakCoins as part of a pre-ICO sales, which makes the company a big discount for just $ 2 million. The company also works to bring blocking technology to software applications. In connection with its KodakCoin investment, Global Blockchain is partnership with and its subsidiary tZero to facilitate the KodakCoin ICO. With tZero A Safe KodakCoin Platform, which makes the token more readily available and meets SEC regulations, Global Blockchain will provide advisory services. The platform will provide a safe way to facilitate ICOS in a regulated and secure manner. And that's just the beginning. Global Block Chain can bring expertise in a dozen different areas. Through its innovations, discrete economies can be "verified" and made safe, which facilitates greater use of tokens for daily transactions. For example, in-game economies for massive video games like Second Life, Eve Online and World of Warcraft represent great possibilities. The economy of the Second Life game, for example, could be worth $ 500 million, and users spent $ 60 million in real currency in 2014. The economy of the game EVE Online was worth $ 55 million in 2016. And now the world of warcraft's currency is worth more than the currency of Venezuela Global Block Chain can bring virtual money into tokens and trade through the token market that developed for KodakCoin. And with every innovation, BLOC indicates typing higher and higher. BLOC ") expected ability to reduce investor risk and exposing investors to a broad cross-section of the blockchain ecosystem; BLOC's projected asset allocation, business strategy and investment criteria, including the expected contributions of BLOC's greenhouse program; the expected strengths and contributions of BLOC's management and advisors; and the rate of cryptokurrency adoption and the consequent impact on the growth of global crypto dollar market capitalization. Readers must be aware that BLOC has no assets except cash from a recent completed financing and its business plan is purely conceptual in nature: there is no assurance that it will be implemented as set out herein, or at all. Prospective information is based on certain factors and assumptions about BLOC are believed to be reasonable at the time such statements are made, including but not limited to: statements and expectations regarding the assumption and growth of global cryptocurrency and tokens market capitalization; BLOC's ability to reduce investor risk and to give investors exposure to a broad cross-section of the blockchain ecosystem; BlOC's ability to acquire, or at least successfully create or incubate its own tokens and ICOs about future investment and M & A opportunities in the kriptokurrency space; BLOC's ability to capitalize on the skills and expertise of its management and advisors; and such other assumptions and factors as set out herein. These forward-looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may be the actual results, level of activity, performance or achievements of BLOC, materially different from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking information, including but not limited to: risks associated with changes in cryptokurrency prices; the estimation of staff and operating costs; that BLOC will receive required regulatory approvals; the availability of necessary funding; the allowance of businesses that BLOC intends to invest; general global markets and economic conditions; unsecured risk; risk associated with exchange rate fluctuations; risks associated with the competition that is confronted with ensuring experienced staff with appropriate industry experience and expertise; risks associated with changes in the financial audit and corporate governance standards that apply to cryptokurves and ICOs; risks related to potential conflicting interests; the trust of key staff; financing, capitalization and liquidity risk including the risk that financing needed to sustain the continued development of BLOC's business plan may not be satisfactory or not available at all; the risk of dilution by issuing additional general shares of BLOC; the risk of litigation; the risk that BLOC's management and advisors will not contribute so much to the company's success; the risk and the risk that criminal crime can seriously damage the value of any or all of BLOC's investments. There may be many other factors that cause results to not be expected, estimated or intended. As a result, readers should not place unnecessary confidence in future information. We undertake no obligation to update prospective statements if these beliefs, estimates and opinions or other circumstances need to be changed, except as required by law. Investors are warned to give unnecessary assurance to prospective statements.

BLOC has no assets except cash from a recently closed finance and this article is based on BLOC's business plan which is purely conceptual in this regard. There is no assurance that the business plan will be implemented as set out herein, or at all.


PAY ADVERTISING. This notice is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. This communication is for entertainment purposes only. Never invest simply on the basis of our communication. Profits mentioned in our newsletter and on our website can be based on daily or intraday data. In most cases, we will be paid by the issuer or third party to profile the issuer. In this case, BLOC to pays eighty thousand US dollars for this article and certain banner ads. We did not investigate the background of BLOC. The third party, profile company or their affiliates may liquidate liquidated shares of the contested company at or near the time you receive this notice. It could hurt the share prices. Often companies that are profiled in our warnings experience a significant increase in volume and share price over the course of investor awareness marketing, which often ends as soon as the investor's awareness of marketing ceases. The investor awareness marketing may be one day, after which a large decrease in volume and share price is likely to occur. Our emails can contain future look-out statements, which are not guaranteed to materialize due to a variety of factors.

We do not guarantee the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the information on our website or in our newsletters. The information in our communications and on our website is believed to be accurate and correct, but is not independently verified and can not be guaranteed correctly. The information is collected from public sources, such as the website of the profiled company and press releases, but is not researched or verified to ensure that the publicly available information is correct. Furthermore, it is definitely possible that errors or omissions regarding the profiled company (s) in communication, writing and / or editing occur.

disclosure., Advanced Media Solutions Ltd, and their owners, managers, employees and assignments (collectively "the Company") make no warranty or warranty about the above advertised. The Company is not affiliated with any specific security. Although the Company will not act or trade against its own recommendations, the Company and its directors and employees retain the right to hold in certain securities that appear in its notices.

The opinions expressed in this article are exclusively those of the author and are in no way approved or endorsed by BLOC. This article and the information contained herein are provided without warranty or liability.

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