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Best ways to improve your reasoning skills

Reasoning is the action of thinking about something in a sensible way. Reasoning skills make you to understand concepts better. It helps to take better decisions. It is also your consciousness to make sense of things. It also makes you better leader in the society.

Reasoning Skills

In student life or while attempting any entrance exams, we can see different types of reasoning ability. These are verbal reasoning, non verbal reasoning, logical and analytical Reasoning Skills. Verbal reasoning is the ability of analyzing, understanding and gathering information. This information is generally framed concepts of words. Verbal reasoning is not about simply your fluency or vocabulary building. It is your strong understanding and analyzing skills on words.

Non verbal reasoning is generally in the form of diagrams and pictures. You need to analyze or understand the visual information.

If you see analytical reasoning may be like statements and assumptions. Finally logical reasoning involves your approach by following procedures. It also involves your mathematical ability, logical thinking to give final conclusion.

Students should improve their reasoning skills in order to qualify any entrance exams. Generally most entrance exams check your reasoning skills. These entrance exams are like CAT, banking, civil exams, groups or corporate entrance exams etc. here you can learn the best ways to improve your reasoning skills.

Here we are not teaching reasoning but giving tips or guidelines. Reasoning skills are necessary not only for students, but also employees and entrepreneurs. If you are an employee or entrepreneur then good reasoning skills helps you to work better and take good decisions. You can improve your reasoning skills better by following our tips as follows.

Create New Ideas to Try

The best way is that give work to your brain. Always try to force your brain to create new ideas and try it. Daily you need to give exercise to your brain by creating new ideas. Creating new ideas need critical or logical thinking skills. By thinking only you can create fabulous ideas.

You should allow the activities, which forces your brain to think. In work place also we can face some messages like we need to think differently, Try to give some fresh ideas!, think differently man. So fresh and new ideas are always boosts your work.

Having great ideas make you something different from ordinary. To create new ideas you should follow some tips. These tips are like improving your observations, reading more, searching from all sources and doing meditation etc.

Games that Exercise Your Brain

This is another best way to improve your reasoning skills. Always allow the games that exercise your brain. You can find different games to use your reasoning skills. The games like chess and solving puzzles are the best examples. Playing chess makes you smarter.

Playing chess  and puzzles can develop so many skills. You can improve your brain function, your creativity, increases your problem solving skills, improves observation on something etc.

Playing chess can make your brain to exercise both sides. According to research it makes your brain to work both left and right sides. Another best feature is you can improve your self confidence. With all these skills ultimately you can lead your reasoning skills.

Improve Your Reading Time

As we know time is precious. We should maintain our time to manage our tasks. Keep reading daily by allotting your time management plan. We know that reading is a time taking process. That means you should spend some time with patient for understanding something.

Some people say reading is hard and some people enjoy it. But with proper practice you become smart in reading. If you adopt smart reading skills, then you can improve your reasoning skills. In the process of reading you will come to know so many concepts and ideas. For improving your reading skills first you should know some tactics.

Reading skills involves your reading time, what you are reading, how you are reading, speed of understanding and patience you are putting etc.

Solving Reasoning Bits

In most of the entrance exams allows you to prove your reasoning ability. For students it is suggestible to practice reasoning bits in their college days. If you practice more bits then you can improve your problem solving skills.

You can easily success in your reasoning ability by practicing reasoning previous bits daily. You collect these reasoning bits from internet or from previous papers of entrance or competitive exams. You can also buy some reasoning ability books to improve your reasoning skills.

You can find reasoning problems in news papers and in some online portals. Try to do activities like Sudoku to enhance your reasoning skills. You can find Sudoku activities in news papers.

Some of major reasoning concepts every student should learn before going to entrance exams like as follows,

  • Number & Alphabet series
  • Ranking test
  • Coding and decoding
  • Direction test
  • Problems on ages
  • Blood relations
  • Venn diagrams
  • Puzzles
  • Seating arrangement
  • Statement and assumptions
  • Clocks & Calendars
  • Cubes
  • Syllogism
  • Analogy
  • Cause and Effect

You can find more topics in details by following any competitive books or materials. These materials can be available in the market or you can buy from online.

Doing Physical Exercise

Physical exercise generally early in the morning makes you work better. It has an impact in your body as well as on your brain. According to research, we can say physical exercise boosts your brain.

As we know physical exercise improves blood flow in your body. It improves your focus and concentration. For good reasoning skills our focus and concentration are also very important factors. We can strongly say that physical exercise is also one of the major factor to improve your reasoning ability.

Finally we conclude that there are many tactics to improve your reasoning skills. Here we come up the best and quick methods to improve your reasoning ability. In future we will come up with new and updated ideas to help you and make you smarter. We hope our articles are helpful to enjoy better life.

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Best ways to improve your reasoning skills


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