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4 tips to prevent your laptop from damage

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Recently I made a post on how to test a used Laptop before purchasing, now the question is how do you take care your laptop to prevent it from getting damage?  While this guide might not give you a lasting solution, it will surely reduce the chance of your PC being faulty. 

1. Do not hibernate your PC 
I repeat do not hibernate, you might be wondering why? When you hibernate your laptop, it saves it current state to your hard drive however doing this put your laptop and hard drive  at risk .

A lot of laptop motherboard have been fried due to hibernating, apart from this, it slows down your laptop which means killing your hard drive softly. 

While some users have never experienced such scenario,its adviceable you save your work and shutdown, doing this will save you the trouble of getting a new hard drive or motherboard. 

2. Stop over charging your the battery   

A lot us are fond of always leaving the laptop plug in to the socket, this is a bad way of charging your laptop. 

Overcharging weakens the battery cell there by reducing the battery life, apart from this you might not be there to quickly unplug your laptop when you see a high voltage electric supply. 

 Always charge your laptop to 100%,when it's fully charged  you have to unplug it from the socket. Even when you're using it, unplug it and plugin  later  when the battery is down. 
Doing this will save you from buying a new motherboard or Charger

3. Use original charger and chord

The AC adapter is very important to your laptop, without it  there's no way you're going to charge the battery or use the laptop. 

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A lot of bad charger have lead to a fried motherboard, when power supply is high, it pass through the charger to the laptop and this will definitely affect the motherboard and without the MOBO, no laptop. 

If you know your AC adapter is not good, I'll advice you get a good one.
Now let me show you how to locate an original charger and chord. 

1. The chord is always strong and tick 

2. The charger wire is always strong and tick 

3. It is more  expensive than the new one. 

How to know a new charger 

When you buy use laptop, most users always sell with new charger, simply because it's cheap, however this new charger always led to damage motherboard. 

1. The chord is not tick and it looks shiny 

2. The charger is not tick, it looks shiny 

3. It is cheaper 

4. It get hot, to the entend you will think  it will explode. 

Now, that you've known how to differentiate between an original charger and a new one, check to see if yours is the new one and quickly get the original charger and chord before it does any damage to your laptop  charging IC or fry your motherboard.

4. Keep your laptop away from dust.

The Fan helps to cool the motherboard from too much heat, whether you use it indoor or outdoor, the fan attract dust that occupy the heat sink thereby stopping the heat from the heat sink from going out properly. 

When this happens, your laptop begin to shut down randomly ,apart from that  dust also leads to a faulty keyboard as it get into the small space between the keys. 

Just like you can't stop using your laptop, you can't prevent dust from entering your laptop but you can reduce it. 
Get a small bag which you can put it in after using, after shutting down place a small towel or paper that will cover the keyboard before you close the laptop. 

Also, avoid eating or drinking while using your laptop to prevent small particles of the food or water from entering the keyboard, placing the PC on your bed,couch or rug is also a bad idea. 

Now that you've made to this stage, I'll say congratulations because this guide will definitely help you to reduce the chance of your laptop being faulty. 

It lefts for you to follow up what you've read to avoid getting your laptop fried, be it a new laptop or used one, if it's not properly taken care of it will develop unccessarry fault. 

Do you have any maintenance guide? Kindly share so others can benefit it. 

This post first appeared on Nigeria Tech, please read the originial post: here

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4 tips to prevent your laptop from damage


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