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Billionaire Mark Cuban’s New Hoverboard Hits the Streets

Over the last few years, the hoverboard — or self-balancing board—have been all the rage. There’s just been one problem: they haven’t worked as advertised. In fact, many of them were just explosions waiting to happen. But that hasn’t disparaged billionaire Mark Cuban from entering the fray.

Earlier this month, Mark Cuban (famous from his role on Shark Tank) and his team of designers and engineers at Radical Transport launched a Kickstarter campaign for a brand new electric hoverboard: the Radical Moov.

“It’s fun. It looks amazing. It’s durable. It’s powerful. It can be transportation or sport. It works,” Mark Cuban told Mashable.

Radical MOOV Hoverboard

Radical Moov is the “un-hoverboard” because everything about it is different than what you’ve seen in the past. It’s made in America with safe and reliable parts. Every board passes the UL Certification for battery safety. And, most importantly, its steering is based on weight instead of foot angle, so it has a better riding experience than any similar product on the market.

The Radical MOOV was made “over the past year and a half with meticulous attention to detail and testing,” EJ Williams, an Engineer and Co-Founder at Radical Transport, told Inc. “As well, we are aware people will be comparing us to the traditional hoverboards already on the market. But, really, you need to be comparing us to other premium, American-made rideables. This includes products like Onewheel, boosted boards, and Urb-E.”

That’s right; Radical MOOV isn’t like those other hoverboards that were being produced in China. Mark Cuban demanded that his board be made in America as much as possible. He wanted to give business to American workers and create a product that was built to a caliber of quality and craftsmanship that stands apart from the crowd.

“Moov is actually a great combo of utility and recreation,” said EJ Williams. “Riding the Moov is very fun. Almost a sport of its own, once you get good at the board. [Also] The board has weight-based steering. So…the riding experience is similar to skiing or rollerblading.”

The Experience

The hoverboards of the past have all had similar steering experiences: you move your foot forward or backward to change directions. The MOOV is smarter. It has strategically positioned sensors under its rubber floor matt, which notice how you shift your weight to steer your direction. It’s an intuitive riding style that may take some getting used to, but that will feel comfortable and fast once you’ve got it down.

The MOOV is also lower to the ground than other hoverboards—for a lower center of gravity—which gives you more control and stability. Plus, the larger wheels are shock absorbing and perfect for both street and in-door surfaces. With the MOOV, riders should feel like their skiing, skateboarding, or even surfing. It’s whisper quiet and very responsive

And whether it’s your first time on an electric rideable or your hundredth, there’s no need to worry that the experience will be either too advance or too boring. The MOOV offers different riding models so that beginners can learn to master the board at lower speeds while experienced riders can jump straight into tricks and higher speeds. And the Safe Mount Mode allows riders to easily get on and off the board.

Basic Specs:

  •  26 inches wide
  • 24 pounds
  • 15 miles per hour
  • 12 miles ride time
  • Shift weight to turn
  • Designed and Made in America

The Look

Radical MOOV also looks different from the hoverboards of the past. It’s 26-inches wide and features a solid, aluminum frame. The wheels are also wider and larger coming in at three inches around and nine inches across. This provides better stability while also making the board look pretty kick ass!

And MOOV’s decks can be customized to suite your unique style. Add that to the powerful LEDs that illuminate the rider’s path while also communicating the riding profile and vehicle status and you have one slick device. And it’s portable—if you’re all set to carry 24 pounds—with a central handle that makes it easy to carry. 

The Price

Radical MOOV isn’t cheap!

Marketed to 18 to 34-year-olds—no, this isn’t your typical kids’ hoverboard—the MOOV is starting out with a base price of $1,099 but could creep up to $1,499 in retail.

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Billionaire Mark Cuban’s New Hoverboard Hits the Streets


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