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Acton Electric Skateboards – A Suite of Badass Products

People always say it’s not easy to start your own company. You wouldn’t be able to tell that to the folks over at Acton, though. It seems that the young, Silicon Valley-based Electric skateboard company came out swinging for the fences. Right from the start, they were able to run a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign, raising over $1.4 million for the initial run of their Blink board.

Just recently, they also managed to absolutely crush a Kickstarter campaign for their new RocketSkates, raising over $550,000 (this is especially impressive when you consider that their funding goal was set at a reasonable $50,000).

It seems the sky is the limit for these electric skateboard pioneers. Let’s take a look at some of their most popular products!

Acton Electric Skateboard’s Products

Blink S

The Blink S is the electric skateboard that started it all. The board is nimble, quick and compact, making it great for beginners and advanced riders alike. The Blink S has a powerful hub motor that gets the board to speeds up to 15 MPH for a range of about 7 miles and up inclines of 15% hill grade.

So while it’s not the most powerful of the boards Action offers, it’s great for short-range commuters who don’t have to worry about too many hills on their rides.

Perhaps the most inspiring facet of the Blink S is that it’s meant for boarders on a budget. Coming in at just under $700, the Blink S is one of the most affordable and powerful Electric Skateboards on the market. Acton even offers financing!

Blink Lite

While not the most powerful of the family, the Blink Lite is, as the name would suggest, the lightest (and kind of adorable, honestly). Only weighing 7 pounds (less than a stocked backpack), the Blink Lite can reach speeds of 10 MPH for up to 5 miles on a charge, which is pretty amazing considering the board’s size!

Blink S2

For a bit more money, you can have a lot more power in the Blink S2. The Blink S2 offers everything the Blink S has and more with two mighty hub motors. The board can reach speeds up 18 MPH, has a 14-mile range, and a 20% incline climb rate, which is pretty incredible all things considered.

The Blink S2 is meant for those riders who want to get a little more extreme or those commuters who need to go a little farther (and a little faster).

Blink QU4TRO

Hard to read, but easy to ride, the Blink QU4TRO is truly the top of the line when it comes to consumer electric skateboards. The QU4TRO is the first and only electric longboard to feature four hub motors and an aircraft-grade aluminum board.

The board can effortlessly climb 30% grade hills, carve sharp corners, and cruise at speeds up to 23 mph (think of it like this, you just might get a ticket if you’re going too fast in a school zone). The Blink QU4TRO is undoubtedly a total game-changer!

RocketSkates R5

Electric Skateboards aren’t the only products Acton offers; they also produce a line of RocketSkates. You might not have heard of RocketSkates just yet but, much like hoverboards were a year ago, they’re sure to be the next big thing in light electric vehicles!

The RocketSkates R5 are powered by two brushless motors, get up to 7 MPH and go for up to 5 miles! They’re also the first (and possibly only) electric skates that can be controlled by both a remote and an app! There’s no doubt that RocketSkates are the way of the future!

The RocketSkates might seem difficult to use or not as intuitive as electric skateboards, but that’s just not true! Simply lean on your toes to move forward, and brake by clicking your heels. It’s as simple as that!

RocketSkates R10

As you might imagine, the RocketSkates R10 are the bigger and bolder older brother to the R5. They boast all the same great features and comfort of the R5 but almost double the power! The R10 can move at speeds of 12 MPH with a range of 10 miles! Best of all, they’re fully charged in just 2.5 hours, which is a godsend if you’re using your skates to commute.


Acton is truly one of the most exciting light electric vehicle companies on the market today. If they keep continuing with their innovations, there’s no telling what this LEV startup is capable of!

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Acton Electric Skateboards – A Suite of Badass Products


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