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Top 10 iPhone 8 Rumors and Reality : 2017

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If you are an Iphone Fan then you must be curious to know about  iPhone 8 , its features, design, and when it will be launching. It’s 2017 now, so rumored about iPhone 8 are spreading all around. So we came with this post, in which we have collected top 10 iPhone 8 rumors.

Top 10 amazing features of iPhone 8 which are rumored all around and may blow your mind if implemented in iPhone 8. Read complete post to decide out of 10 which features are possible to implement in real time. 

We can not guarantee any of the information related to iPhone 8 as these are just rumors, it is also possible that you may find these feature in upcoming iPhone 8 but  till the time Apple reveals the real iPhone 8, you have to wait and watch out for the release.

iphone 8 concept images

However, Now we are in 2017 and as if we can look back and see the prices of iPhones old model like iPhone5, iPhones 5s etc. went down to the lowest price range which was around Rs 20K which is not a bad deal at all as compared to other phones.

Totally agreed with the technology used in iPhone 5, 5s etc was quite old as compared to the latest android smart phones launched last year, however iPhone is always a step ahead from others as when they launched their flagship iPhone 7 last year in 2016 was astonishing awesome and if we can just remove the price tag, again calling it a future device won’t be wrong.

Here is list of Top 10 iPhone 8 rumors  :-

As we all this year is the 10th anniversary for Apple, well Apple may launch something this year in order to celebrate their 10th anniversary with their customer and users hence as there are rumors going around for iPhone 8.

1. All Glass Edge to Edge Display:-

Rumors are there stating iPhone is planning to launch iPhone 8 with edge to edge display which means  all we all will be having a transparent glass in our hand which seems like a future technology or an idea taken from a sci-fi movie.

However this is quite impossible as putting buttons will be a problem for apple.Rumors have also said apple will be putting the home or volume if necessary buttons of the front or at the back of the screen/phone.

Watch out this video from Conceptsiphone who have uploaded iphone 8 concept.

2. OLED screen instead of LED/Lcd Screen:-

We all are very familiar with OLED screen now a days as this technology was first used in Televisions, and it provides a great and real experience while watching movies, videos or playing games.

OLED Screen provides whiter and black along with vivid colors which is an added advantage as iPhones is always running out of battery as compared to the competitor.

3. Screen Size :-

As we all were very much used to 4.7 inches iPhones screen apple shocked with greater screen by putting it in iPhone 6 and in iPhone 6 plus, hence it is been rumored around that iPhone 8 may be consist of 5.8 inches of screen which is the mid version of 4.7 and 6 inches of phones.

As 6 inches of phone looks like a tablet and doesn’t provide ease as far as portability is concerned and 4 inches phones don’t provide the best experience for watching movies, videos or while playing games.

iphone 8 screen size rumors 2017
Courtesy: Macrumors


4. Wireless charging :-

We are in 2017 and are very much familiar and well aware about the wireless charging and we always wanted this kind of technology from the time, phones came in to the picture, however while charging your phone wirelessly you have to tap your phone on the wireless charger which is again doesn’t provide that easiness.

As this doesn’t provide easiness it has been rumored that iPhone8 might have a wireless charger with wide range of charging, just like Wifi you can get your phone charged while roaming around in your room instead of just tapping it on the charger.

5. More Power:-

iPhone is always way ahead as far as power/durability and performance is concerned, It has been rumored around that Apple is working one of the Taiwanese company in order make iPhone 8 guarded with more power than ever before.

6. A11 chip:-

As old iPhones are working on A10chip which is fast enough however apple is looking for more and working with TMC a Taiwanese company in order get the fastest chip less with A11 chip built on 10 nano meter. This is will make iPhone 8 as the fastest Smartphone out till now.

However, this is again a rumor roaming around on the streets.

7 . Facial Recognition :-

It has been rumored that iPhone 8 would be out with the security feature which is said to be facial recognition however this technology has already been used way before by android.

Androids facial Recognition isn’t accurate enough and can be fooled, hence it has been said Apple is working with Taiwanece Company to provide a facial Recognition feature with eyerish scanning with gives it more accurate in order to be more secured.

8. Water resistance:-

All the smart phones out there in the market has setup a bench mark for iPhone as a competitor to provide a lot of heavy and great stuff less with latest technology, As a water resistance and Dust proof in 2017 in order to survive in the market, it is been rumored that iPhone 8 would be consist of water resistance which Ip68 certificate and can go deeper in the water with 30mins of durability inside the water.

This would surely be loved by the people who take their phone for swimming, inside the bathroom and none the less those who love underwater photography.

9. Better cameras:-

Rumored is all around there stating iPhone 8 would be consists of dual lanced camera which will make it better as far as competitor is concerned on the scale of camera, We all know  iPhone is already having the great camera inside it which makes and takes him way further form the competitor.

Good news for the people who love to do clean shot photography, iPhone 8 is also having an optical image stabilization which would be great while shooting nice and clean videos, as optical stabilization will let user to shoot the video without being worried about the movement of his hands while holding the phone.

3D photography, it is also been rumored that the iPhone 8 would be consisting of 3D photography A again a technology will take us in future as no phone out there is having this feature yet or as of now.

Check out some really cool iPhone 8 camera concept popular on youtube.

10. iPhone 7s isn’t there:-

None the less it is also been rumored that Apple isn’t making iPhone 7s however there are three variants will be launched in iPhone* series consist of LCD and OLED screens.

All of the mentioned above feature are rumors hence let’s wait for the iPhone 8, once it’s out we will be able tell whether above mentioned things are true or its just to keep iPhone 8 in business before its launch.

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Top 10 iPhone 8 Rumors and Reality : 2017


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