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Robert Siciliano Personal Security And Identity Theft Expert Blog
#1 Best Selling Author ROBERT SICILIANO is fun, funny, but serious about teaching you and your audience fraud prevention and personal security. Robert is a United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla Staff Officer of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security whose motto is Semper Paratus (Always Ready). His programs are cutting edge, easily digestible and provide best practices to keep you, your clients and employees safe and secure. Your audience will walk away as experts in identity theft prevention, online reputation management, online privacy and data security. Robert is a 5 time Boston Marathoner, Private Investigator and is fiercely committed to informing, educating, and empowering people so they can be protected from violence and crime in the physical and virtual worlds. As a Certified Speaking Professional his “tell it like it is” style is sought after by major media outlets, leading corporations and meeting planners, to get the straight talk they need to stay safe in a world in which physical and virtual crime is commonplace. Siciliano is accessible, real, professional, and ready to weigh in and comment at a moment’s notice on breaking news. Robert lives in Boston with his wife and young daughters and he rides a 1987 purple Harley Davidson Low Rider.
2023-01-19 19:46
Mandatory cybersecurity is coming, according to details published by Slate of the Biden Administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy now circulating in Washington. The do… Read More
2022-12-09 19:56
Don’t Wind Up on a Cyber Criminal’s Nice List Amid the December maelstrom of planning, parties, shopping and activities lie more opportunities for cyber criminals than any other… Read More
2022-12-01 18:41
Dark Web monitoring fills an important security gap for individuals and businesses. It has applications in cyber security, reputation management and brand management. By monitoring Dark Web… Read More
2022-11-16 06:54
When you think about cyber warfare, you probably imagine an underground bunker full of people working computers to try and take down the Pentagon, or to shut down air traffic control. You pr… Read More
2022-11-03 18:17
Apple owners have noticed something very weird: they are becoming victims of a scam using Apple IDs. Once they give up the IDs, scammers can sometimes get access to their Apple account. Here… Read More
2022-09-19 19:29
It’s Realtor Safety Month. Real estate agents and their clients are targeted by violent criminals and cyber thieves. Statistically, tens of thousands of real estate agents are subjecte… Read More
2022-04-16 11:08
Covid seems to be on the downswing (hopefully). Airlines are reporting record-breaking bookings. There are a number of travel security considerations to be made when traveling domestically a… Read More
2022-02-03 16:28
It can be a real hassle to keep track of the passwords you use. So many people use the same combination of username and password for every account. However, this isn’t a good idea. In… Read More
2021-11-12 11:23
During the holiday season, people are constantly posting family photos online, especially photos that contain kids. Sure, you think your kids are the most adorable out there, but do you real… Read More
2021-11-01 15:38
Awareness; knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. Appreciation; a full understanding of a situation. Cyber Security Appreciation “My business has been hacked. Now what?”… Read More
2021-10-13 11:49
It is easier than you might think to secure your email from hackers. The number one thing you can do is set up two step verification. Even if your username and password is compromised, bad g… Read More
2021-09-30 18:47
Kids used to be really happy with necklace kits, puzzles, and building blocks, but these days, they really prefer other things, including tech gifts, which can connect them to the rest of th… Read More
Avoiding Online Dating Romance Scams
2021-09-23 15:58
Not too long ago, I heard from a friend, and he told me his mom was scammed. I was immediately intrigued. He goes on to tell me that since his dad died last year, his mom had signed up for o… Read More
Protecting Your Social Security Number
2021-09-17 16:22
Many people wonder if it is safe in certain situations to give out their Social Security number. We sure are asked for it a lot, but do you have to give it? When is it necessary? Here is som… Read More
Protecting Yourself From Cyber Extortion
2021-09-02 14:22
You might not think that you could ever be a victim of cybercrimes, but you would be incorrect. You are just as much of a possible victim than anyone else, and you have to know how to protec… Read More
Understanding Familiar Fraud
2021-08-13 14:47
Have you heard the saying “familiar fraud?” If not, you should. This is a crime that is as old as they come; essentially, it’s a crime where someone is taken advantage of b… Read More
Protecting Yourself From Gift Card Scams
2021-08-05 15:15
It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, gift cards are a popular gift. However, if you are giving them, or getting them, you could be part of a scam. There are more gift card scams out… Read More
Protect Your Mail From Thieves
2021-07-08 19:17
Do you have Informed Delivery from the US Postal Service? If not, you should. Every day, it sends you an email that shows what is coming in your mail. However, there is also the possibility… Read More
2021-06-03 18:37
When we look at statistics,most of the people who are victims of ID theft are 50 years old or older. Unfortunately, cyber criminals have no issue taking advantage of older adults and seniors… Read More
Is Your Privacy A Concern With Biometrics?
2021-05-20 18:39
When people started using biometric identifiers, many believed that it was all of the security that we needed. However, that was around 15 years ago, and we are still having security and pri… Read More
Is Your Uber Driver A Criminal?
2021-05-13 18:02
Do you ever Uber? If you do, you probably feel relatively safe when getting into a stranger’s car. However, you might not be as safe as it seems. Most people believe that Uber does tho… Read More
2021-04-21 15:22
You might know what identity theft is. It’s when someone takes someone else’s personal and private information so that they can get something out of it…namely, money. What… Read More
2021-03-17 12:49
You would think with all of the attention on the news out there about hacking, data breaches, and identity theft, that people would be very focused on privacy and protecting their informatio… Read More
Digital Literacy: A Smart Parent’s Guide
2021-03-04 12:59
Do you have a child, tween, or teen who uses the internet? If you want to be a Smart Parent, you should be aware of the following facts: Teens largely believe that the internet is, for the m… Read More
When Its Tax Time, Protect Your Identity
2021-02-26 06:05
Tax time comes around every year, and though you technically have until April 15th each year, if you can, file earlier. There is a good reason for this; you can avoid putting yourself in a p… Read More
Avoiding COVID-19 Vaccine Scams
2021-02-12 15:07
I was on the Dr Oz show discussing Covid-Vaccine Scams. There’s no “low” for scammers. Even in death, they wish to exploit their victims. People are working around the… Read More
The Significant Risks Of The Remote Desktop
2021-01-02 18:48
Are you one of the millions of Americans who are now working from home? Or have you been working from home for awhile? Either way, it is likely that you are using some type of remote desktop… Read More
The Ultimate Guide To Spotting Fake News
2020-12-16 16:26
Do you know when something is “fake news?” If you have half a brain, you should. However, when someone in authority makes a claim, the masses who elected that person into that au… Read More
12 Tips To Safe Shopping Online
2020-12-09 19:11
These days, shopping online isn’t a risky, crazy or scary task, but with all of the cyber criminals out and about, you might want to think twice before clicking “submit payment… Read More
Is Freezing Your Credit Enough?
2020-11-25 10:36
You might think that freezing your credit is enough to keep you safe. In fact, freezing your credit was actually a smart thing to do in order to prevent fraud and stop yourself from becoming… Read More
Gift Card Scams: What You Need To Know
2020-11-18 09:51
You might not realize it, but hackers are making a ton of money thanks to phishing attacks, and now they have started to focus on gift cards. Scarlet Widow, which is a notorious scam group o… Read More
How To Protect Your Parents From ID Theft
2020-09-23 10:00
According to research, people who are older than 50 years old, usually in the 65 to 85-year old range, are common targets of ID thieves. These criminals have no issue taking advantage of the… Read More

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