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12 Ways To Generate Website Traffic Using Pinterest // Drive Instant Blog Traffic 2018

Just 2 days back one of the readers asked me; how can I drive traffic to my blog fast? And its quick answer is Pinterest. The Pinterest is probably a valuable source to generate internet traffic. After all, it is a network of millions of active users. With Pinterest images it'll prove the best traffic driver for your site. It is a very huge platform to drive traffic to the content. Businesses take great benefit of this platform by sharing the quality blog posts, websites, and other related content. Bloggers too benefit by participating on Pinterest. How to increase website traffic
People used to search; how to increase blog traffic? how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog? how to post a blog on Pinterest? how to increase traffic to the website for free? Can you drive good traffic from Pinterest to your blog? How do I drive traffic to my blog? How do I get traffic from Pinterest? how to get traffic to your website fast? How do I get my pins noticed on Pinterest? How do I add a Pin It button to my WordPress blog? How do you use Pinterest for your business? How to promote a website on Pinterest? How to use Pinterest to promote your blog? How to drive instant website traffic? And so on...

Traffic is absolutely essential to the success of any business. Whether you are selling any product or service or sharing blog, you always look for more and more people for the same.

More the people read your content, greater the possibilities of getting your content shared.

In order to share your content, you need a platform where you can promote and market your content. Also, you need the huge number of viewers for the post. Pinterest is the absolute answer to this. Pinterest is the ultimate platform where you can publish the quality content. Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than Instagram or Flickr. And at the same time, you are served with millions of active users.

Pinterest is the best social networking platform for the businesses to gain popularity and reach out to the more and customers. And for this, it is essential to Pin more and more content consistently. Also, different strategies and tactics need to be run in order to bring more and more readers to the blog post. Not only content marketing but also you need to focus on Pinterest social media marketing to grab extra attention using catchy images you added to your posts. The only thing you need to do is to publish high-quality content and optimize the same for greater visibility. Check out the formulas to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or website.

Increase Website Traffic Using Pinterest

12 Ways To Increase Website Traffic Using Pinterest

How to use Pinterest to promote your blog - There are various ways you can optimize the traffic for your blog through Pinterest. By applying different strategies you can easily get a constant stream of new traffic towards your blog. You need not require to do any complex or challenging work. With simple tactics, you can easily get blog traffic increased from Pinterest. Let us talk about these tactics and how you can gain benefit out of it!

Try these best ways to drive instant traffic to your site:

1. Create interesting biography.

To get started on Pinterest you need to create your profile. If the profile or biography is interesting, people will get more attention towards the same. So, be sure to have a great profile where you can include your photo. You can even add images to say something about you and your company.

A profile is the first thing that your reader gets interacted with. So, it is very important to create first impression more influencing, engaging and interesting one. Never forget to add URL in the biography that can take your followers towards your content.

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2. Pin unique content to Pinterest.

It is very important to add content that people can love. When you are writing a blog, try to write unique and fresh content. Pinterest is a visual platform where the content nestled with videos, images, info-graphics are like to get more attention.

Also, the content should be simple and easy-to-understand. Do not write anything that is complicated. In order to get more blog traffic from Pinterest always pin the most unique, engaging and appealing content.

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3. Create a blog board.

You can have your own blog board on Pinterest. Here you can add all your blog posts. This makes them easy for your followers to find your blog posts. In order to drive more traffic and get more followers make the title of the blog board same as your blog page title.

Also, link all the blogs to your webpage or landing page.

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4. Engage on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social media platform where you need to engage with your followers. If you want to turn your pinners into the blog readers, it is very important that you should remain engaged and always online.

There are lots of ways to engage on Pinterest:
  • Pin quality, original, fresh and relevant content
  • Consistent and regular pinning
  • Follow your followers
  • Check the Pins and Boards of your followers
  • Repin, comment, like the contents of your follower's pins
  • Ask questions and answer the questions of your followers

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5. Create guest pinner boards.

To stand out and engage with your followers you can have 'Guest Pinner Boards'. Here you can showcase the contents of your Followers, their Pins, and products. This way you can value the Pins posted by your followers and in return, they will follow you. This kind of relationship will definitely help you drive traffic to your blog and website.

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6. Make your content easy to find.

In order to drive a good amount of traffic to your blog content, it is vital to get it searchable easily. This means you need to practice good SEO techniques while posting the blog post Pins. For this, it is necessary to make sure that your Pins are searchable.

Here are the tips for creating SEO friendly Pins:
  • In the "search privacy" settings allow the public search engines to find your pins.
  • Use blog title as you blog board title
  • Include hashtags in your content
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Use keywords in the image alt tags

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7. Feature your blog writers.

In order to drive more traffic to your blog post, prime importance should be given to building the relationships with your followers. Let your followers know the faces behind the articles. Make your Pinboard personable by showcases your blog writers.

You can even add a short bio of the blog writers with their hobby, lifestyle, interest, etc. By making the Pinboard personable, you can make the readers feel they are getting to know that person. This may make them get connected with you and your blog.

8. Add "Pin It" button on your blog post.

When your content is read by your followers and when they like the same, they share the same with their friends. To make your followers to share your content with their friends and Followers, just add "Pin It" button on all your blog posts. This will help your followers to share the content to more and more Pinning readers.

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9. Use article pins.

With article pins you can share more data as compared to "Pin It" button. When your contents are Pinned they automatically add a headline, author, links, summery, logo, byline image, etc. Such Article Pins will drive incredible traffic to your blog sites.

10. Make contest board.

Hosting contests or events can grab the attention of more and more Pinners. A great way to drive traffic to the blog post is hosting interactive and engaging contests.

You can run the contest directly on your blog and then Pin the contest to 'Contest Board' on Pinterest.

11. Join group boards.

Pinning the images, content to multiple boards is just not enough. In order to drive incredible traffic to your blog post, you need to join group boards. You can find such boards for joining your Followers or Pinners in your niche.

Always be sure to join quality boards and relevant to your posts.

12. Schedule your pins.

Scheduling the pins is very necessary to remain consistent and active on Pinterest so as to magnify traffic.

Well, one of the best things you can do is scheduling your Pins and adding content to the Boards.

Bottom Line
To bring more and more Pinners to read your blog post, it is necessary to think of various tactics. Different strategies need to be applied to building traffic on Pinterest. As Pinterest is the most creative and most professional social networking platform you need to be very professional in Pinning.

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12 Ways To Generate Website Traffic Using Pinterest // Drive Instant Blog Traffic 2018


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