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Top 20 Traffic Driving Sites For Better Blog Promotion After Publishing A New Article // Content Marketing 2017

We always focus on writing quality content to drive a constant flow of traffic to our blog or each post. But the fact is, only the quality of content is not sufficient, you need to take efforts to make your post content search engine friendly. I know, you have written your post, then goes through the checklist of 15 Things To Do BEFORE Publishing A New Blog Post and then you have published your article online on your site. How to generate traffic to your website
How to get traffic to your website free how to increase website traffic for free? how to increase website traffic through Google? how to drive traffic to eCommerce site? Check out the effective ways and quick ideas to increase website traffic fast. The content quality is most important, but you have to keep an eye on Most Important Things to Consider Before Building an SEO Optimized Web Page to make your readers aware of your posts. But most of the time, this won't happen, and people failed to notice your great content, and thus, we need manually to promote our posts on social bookmarking sites to share your blog posts so people will get an idea about your blog post. Remember, a reader will not come automatically to visit your site, even you have published great content, you also need to work on marketing to promote each post right after publishing new blog posts. But where to promote your blog posts link? What are the places to share your new blog? Where to share blog posts after publishing for better promotion? Where to advertise your blog? How to get traffic to blog? How to promote new blog posts? And what are the different ways & blog promotion strategies to share, promote, and distribute a blog post right after you publish it to get even more traffic; if you see, marketing a blog is a headache and that needs extra attention; well, no need to worry, we have listed; 20 Sites You Should Be Sharing Blog Posts To Drive More Traffic To Your Site, moreover, it will help to make money by online promoting your site posts. Learn how to drive instant website traffic for your blog.

Promote Your Articles After Publishing To Double Your Traffic
Last time we saw, Quick 5 Things To Do AFTER Publishing A New Blog Post. And it is IMP to know most significant things to do after writing & publishing a new article/post, and that'll definitely drive more organic traffic to the site; not only quality but relevant, targeted traffic that can be afterward able to generate and attract returning visitors. And today, we are going to see 20 places to submit your blog posts for more exposure, which will promote your newly published articles or blog & will help to get more readers to your blog posts and ultimately will drive more traffic to your site.

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20 Sites You Should Be Sharing Blog Posts To Drive More Traffic To Your Site

How to build traffic to your website - It's only your mistake if you are expecting lots of visitors to visit your site AUTOMATICALLY after you just published a new post. You need to make them aware of your new post. Focus on generating traffic to your blog, and you can do this manually by submitting your post link to social networking sites or social bookmarking sites for more exposure that will promote you newly published blog post, and you will see significant rise to get more visitors to your website. Learn different but new smart ways to promote your blog & some real life marketing and promotion strategies to boost your site traffic.

20 Sites to increase website traffic fast:
1. StumbleUpon: This is one of the best social networks was designed to encourage people to create and share engaging content. StumbleUpon is a great site for discovering and sharing content. Moreover, you can stumble your recent posts using the Stumbleupon Toolbar. I am suggesting this place because it is a very friendly community site for users who wish to see enough blogs posts related to their interest.

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2. Google+ Profile & Google+ Communities: I recommend this to promote your blog post on G+ network as because, posting on Google+ communities and your own profile is pretty easy, and you can post text, photos, videos & links. Whenever you share your recent published posts on Google+ & if you have optimized your Google+ posts publicly, it can be then indexed in search engine results [SERP] quickly.

3. Facebook profile, Facebook Fan page & Twitter: There is no need to say about Facebook, this is the initial natural action we all probloggers follow to share recently published content on Facebook and Twitter for promotion. These are the best sites to drive huge traffic to your site.

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4. Indiblogger: If you belong to Blogging Community then you really need to join this network and start sharing all you new and old posts. It's the best site to meet and search for new posts for getting popular ideas that you are blogging about.

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5. Flipboard: It is just like a magazine, the Flipboard users will discover your blog posts as they always look for new articles. Not only readers but also you will get more followers for your site.

6. SlideShare: This is the best place to create, share, and deliver quick presentations along with infographics with the biggest professional content sharing community. Make a simple slideshow or presentation about your blog post and post it on Slideshare with post URL so your posts will get promoted, and this will drive massive traffic to your website.

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7. Share the images on Pinterest: This is the quickly become most popular site, and its 'Pin it' button allows your reader to share your post image quickly, and links with their followers and that can help you get more referral traffic to your site.

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8. Post it on Quora: Quora is the best way to improve blog engagement & blog interaction. I found Quora is the better places to share links to get more views after reading your answers. Quora is the extraordinary traffic driver for comprehending bloggers. Suggesting you to post your links on Quora and other Q&A sites like yahoo answers, Fixya.

9. LinkedIn: It's a professional network, and here chances are to meet geek people which improve user interaction on your shared posts. I suggest you to build your LinkedIn rate-of-interest & trust me you will get more traffic to your recently published articles.

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10. This website automatically provides your newly posted articles by collecting the title, image, and content over search engines and auto shared to social networking sites or forums.

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11. MySpace: MySpace blogs automatically create an RSS feed for each of your blogs, and it's the best place to grow your business by getting backlinks.

12. Kinja: Post your recent article short info to your own Kinja blog using the tags highlighted for the desired workspace and get extra traffic for your blog.

13. Theblogbowl: This site is best to Share and discovers blogs. It works like Indiblogger, but here you can publish your new full article. I suggest posting a link with abstract to your recent article.

14. Share the article on Tumblr: For better promotion, you need to share your blog articles on particular sites like Tumblr to extend your reach. It's simple to use & easy to set up

15. Post it on Write little information and engaging, attractive content that reader would like to read your full article on your site. Medium is the best place to promote your and getting high PR backlinks.

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16. Submit your blog image to Flickr: If you have attractive images added in your post, then you can share those blog pictures to the Flickr. People love to see new creativity, and that will help you to get organic traffic to your site.

17. Email Newsletter: We all follows these, to send an email to all our subscribers. If they like your email, they will publish it on their social networking profile, and that will cause you extra traffic.

18. Post the picture on Instagram: Just like Flickr; Instagram is also popular site especial for photographers. I suggest posting your blog image to Instagram along with the link in the description to your recently published article.

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19. Share it on Reddit: Its a best bookmarking site. You just need to share your link, title and meta description this will help you get indexed in search engine quickly.

20. Comment on other blogs: Last but not least, this is a distinct but best way to get exposure for your site. Always read what other bloggers are posting about, and always give your reviews about it via the comment section. While commenting don't forget to post your site link. Ultimately, not only backlink but also you will see the overall growth in your daily visitors.

Bottom Line
Consider these places for sharing blog posts after publishing to promote and to generate massive organic social media traffic & also increase Facebook, Twitter share by using these new marketing, promotion sites.

If you know any better sites that will help to generate organic traffic, then you can share all your thoughts via the comment section below. I will glad to hear your suggestions & your ideas will then added to this page directly.

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Top 20 Traffic Driving Sites For Better Blog Promotion After Publishing A New Article // Content Marketing 2017


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