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News in the Arena of Noise Cancelling Headphones

We have all gone through those instances where the Noise in the background prevents us from the pleasure we seek while listening to music or editing soundtracks. This has always been the case but not anymore. The pioneers in audio technology have excelled in designing fabulous headphones that lets everything else simply fade into the background.

There is no need to be disrupted from unnecessary distraction while you enjoy your personal quality time. Right at the current moment there are several superb options to choose from, offered by companies like Bose, Sony, and Paww.

Sound engineers and specialists have had the privilege of examining these headsets in order to give the best reviews so that you can make the best choice while buying a headphone. Noise Cancelling Headphones use a delicate built that efficiently blocks or filters out the excess noise in the background. So if you are travelling or hoping to catch a goodnight’s rest take a look at these best recommendations.

  • The Bose Quite Comfort 20 is the perfect companion to help you sleep with a smile at night. Not only does it offer superb sound quality but also comes with a relaxing fit for your ears. This pair of noise cancelling ear buds is unmatched as far as quality is concerned. Weighing hardly 1.5 ounces you can slip these on before going to bed and forget they were even there. It is designed with a tri-port that supports two extra tiny microphones that receive external noise in order to adjust to its wavelength and cancel it out. The Bose QC20 is armed with Bose’s signature processor chip technology is what gives it the ability to cancel out distractions. Designed to offer superior bass along with a battery that can continue up to 16 whole hours of active usage.The Bose Quite Comfort 20

Of course, when we sleep we don’t expect to stress our ears with a bulk headset on the side. The QC20 is guaranteed to be the perfect fit and you don’t even have to worry about wearing a headband.

  • Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 is a superior budget headphone which is available under the price of $200. It specializes to be a budget friendly headset that is backed by noise canceling technology. Although, when it comes to comparing it with other models in the market, it doesn’t quite come any close to the new Bose Quite Comfort 35. These are advanced but very simple ear pads that are sure to be a wall between the sound you are enjoying and the sound you are trying to escape. It comes with a smart carry case and has a durable built. Designed to have a comfortable tight fit. Also, it offers active noise cancellation, which means it cancels out by replicating wavelengths and it has a battery with lifespan of over 25 hours.Audio Technica ATH-ANC9

The Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 is an affordable audio tool which has standard quality and features. It is meant to be a splendid buy if you are looking specifically for noise cancellation headset.

  • Paww Wavesound 3 is the perfect option to check out if you are hunting a headset on a tight budget.It is available in the market at a price below a hundred dollars and is also equipped with flawless noise cancelling technology. It has been rated at around a 4 and half out of 5 by sound engineers and reviewers. Then again when compared to the Bose QC35, it doesn’t quite hit the mark. Some of the features highlighted by headset reviewers are pretty exciting for a low budget headphone. It weighs about 2lbs and has a foldable design with the dimensions – 7×3.1×7.9”. Also, it is accompanied by accessories like an adapter and a secondary cable which is handy while travelling in an airplane. It is superb for blocking external noise in such situations. Comes with a luxurious travel case and accommodates micro-USB charging.Paww Wavesound 3

The fun fact is that you never have to worry about running out of charge. Another reason for choosing the Paww Wavesound 3 is that it has durable metal built which relieves any tension regarding replacing it in the near future. When you are searching for a headphone that has the combination of being both slick, efficient and affordable, this is the headphone which you are looking for. When it comes to performance, it delivers a well balanced neutral sound which varies between hid and mid ranges. Overall, it is a superb choice at a decent price.

  • And Finally! The Bose Quite Comfort35! The one option on which 99% of all the sound equipment reviewers agree on is how suitable an asset the Bose QC35 is. Although, it exceeds the average affordable range for a noise cancelling headphone. It is worth every single penny spent. Many professional sound engineers and sound technicians recommend the same. In the event when you actually desire to add a crown to your sound setup, consider investing on the QC35. You can also buy it simply because its superior quality beats all its competitors by a great margin. It has unparallel sound canceling capabilities through soft and active means. It has a gorgeous design that adds a class to your set up. Also, according to the ratings that has been reviewed by professionals, the Paww Wavesound 3 and Audio Technicia doesn’t come even half as close to being better than this.The Bose Quite Comfort35

These Noise Cancelling headphones are at the top of their game and are designed to fulfill the need o noise reduction. You can use them on the go or while taking a nap as well. The ear pads present on the larger headsets render a head band useless as they are built to be extremely comfortable and relaxing. You can expect performance to be top notch and the quality of the sound is absolutely spectacular.  Try out one of the above recommendations and you can be assured to be fully satisfied. Enjoy luxury sound quality and professional design.


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News in the Arena of Noise Cancelling Headphones


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