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Who is going to be the King of Mars: Elon Musk or Bas Lansdrop?

Well the utters are at it again. The same basic jumped up pillocks of people like Elon Musk who have been promising all manner of sleek, sparkling, near future bullshit for the sixty years or so still have not learned their lesson and are off on a whole new tangent of stupid. The only question now is whether the general, non-Ph.D. (piled higher and deeper) holding populace are stupid enough to fall for it this time.

After the let down of VR, hover-boards and the ‘space elevator’ one with an optimistic view of humanity may well be tempted to answer in the affirmative especially for Elon Musk.

Though those who have lived in the real world for the past twenty years or so, who are still in full control of their faculties and have seen the inexplicable rise in popularity of vapid girl chatter videos, lol cats, the Ice Bucket challenge, twitter, twitter hate mobs and Vines (ask your parents), would have, one hopes, learned their lesson by now and begun to view any and all announcements of great new inventions, softwares and exploration programs with the default, knee-jerk cold, dismissive skepticism they have come to deserve after decades of jerking us all around.

With a pound of salt

The 24/7 Energy-Free AC that everyone would love to have

Unacknowledged Lord of the World Elon Musk has been banging on as of late in his ‘I want candy!’ voice, when not tinkering with his toy cars to beat inquiries into his performance claims, about the desperate, if insane and impossible, ‘need’ for humans to go up and conquer space.

Now that we have most of the planet earth in strangle hold there is just no end to his maniacal tendencies, as a ‘backup location’ for the oh so, goddamned important human race.

The conqueror’s spyglass is now set on Mars. Through his James Bond Villain sounding front organization ‘Space X’ Lord Musk has set about creating a line of ‘reusable spacecraft’, because everything that is reusable is a good idea that.

In his Howard Hughs-style mind, will transport us off the big blue rock that we have ruined to a brand new, little red rock that we can ruin, one hundred people at a time. Someone else reaching for the crown of King of Mars is Dutch business guy Bas Lansdrop.

Elon Musk’s fasiation with the red planet

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, is digging a tunnel under LA to avoid pesky drivers

While still having only ‘expressed interest’ in creating his very on settlement on the red planet, referring to inter-planetary travel an colonization in terms usually used in real estate speculation, Lansdrop has gone so far as to found an organization known as MarsOne, with the stated intent of developing the knowledge and equipment that would be required for Mars colonization.

Apparently blissfully unaware that better and better qualified men than him have tried before, each one failing miserably. At least going on the fact that the closest any human being has gotten to landing on mars is sending some camera mounted remote-controlled cars up there.

Which broke. Well, look on the brightside. The most recent Mars talk may be the ravings of rich lunatics but at least they are not planning to send dogs up there as an advanced party like those sick bastards in the Soviet Union. Right? Right!?

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Who is going to be the King of Mars: Elon Musk or Bas Lansdrop?


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