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Top 8 Wacky and Weirdest Gadgets

You may be surprised, but some of the Weirdest Gadgets are a staple in our everyday lives. We use gadgets for simple tasks, and we use them to tackle more tedious obstacles as well. Most of them are practical and encourage better productivity, but some are just downright weird.

CES 2017 introduced us to some devices that are pretty far-fetched, but we’re still drawn to them. We’ve put together the Top 8 Weirdest Gadgets to show you exactly what we’re talking about.

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Let’s start the list off with one of my personal favorite weird gadgets. The Hushme serves two purposes: to ensure your calls stay private while you’re in a room or office full of people, and to make you look like the lovechild of Darth Vader and Hannibal.

The device also comes with it’s own app that lets you set sounds for others to hear and help block out your conversation even more. I’m sure if you wore this in the office, absolutely no one would think you’re talking about them. The Hushme is also a great gift for that one person in the office that just won’t shut up.

Denso Vacuum Shoes

Do you have trouble getting your kids to clean, but you also want them to look like Herman Munster? The Denso Vacuum Shoes will help you kill two birds with one stone!

While you walk around wearing these clogs, you can just simply press on a pedal inside the shoe to start a motor, which creates a suction to pick up dirt. These shoes are perfect for when you have to clean, but also need to reach your step goal for the day!

Griffin Technology Connected Toaster

What do you hate most in the morning? I hate having to get up and physically put bread in a toaster and wait for it to reach the perfect crunchiness for my well-balanced meal. With this Bluetooth toaster, those days are over! You can set the way you like your toast using the accompanying app, then the device remembers the way you like it every time after that. Some may say it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

LG Smart InstaView Fridge

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My mom used to always yell “Shut the fridge door, you’re letting the cold air out!” Well, thanks to LG’s Smart Instaview Fridge, her words will no longer haunt me. This refrigerator has a smart screen that becomes transparent to give you a view of what’s inside. You may not think it’s weird, but imagine how your food will feel now that it’s on display behind glass. Weird now?


Have you ever covered your co-worker’s desk in post-its as a prank? Maybe next time you should take it one step further by putting your picture on every one of them. With Neumonic by MANGOSLAB makes it possible. Just print pics from your phone onto the stick notes via Bluetooth and start sticking!

Under Armour Gemini Smart Shoe

On the outside it may not look like one of the Weirdest Gadgets, but a closer look shows just how incredible these shoes are.

Are you a runner, but sometimes you don’t know when to stop? Yeah, me neither. The Under Armour Gemini Smart Shoe is designed to tell you when your tired.

Just jump up and down a few times before your workout, and the shoe will tell you how far you will be able to go before you get tired. What happened to just jogging a bit, giving up in five minutes, and retreating to Netflix and Ramen noodles? Not in these shoes!


You have a lot of stuff to do every day. Folding laundry should not even be on the list. For this task, there’s Laundroid, a machine that folds and sorts your clothes so you don’t have to.

That sounds great, but there is always a downside. Laundroid can only sort and fold around 30 items at a time, it takes roughly 5 minutes to fold each one, and it doesn’t fold socks. Socks are what we all hate folding the most!

Pop-I Backpack

Remember back in the day when we all had t-shirts with our pictures screen printed on them and we though we were the coolest? You can have that feeling again with the Pop-I Backpack. This bag lets you upload a photo from your smatphone to its e-ink display and walk around all day showing off your best seflie. In case people are walking behind you, they can still see your pretty face.

These gadgets are just a few examples of the weirdest gadgets out there. If CES 2017 gave us all of these, I cannot wait for 2018.

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Top 8 Wacky and Weirdest Gadgets


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