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Flight gurus create side-slip seat: Finally a dream come true? 

While it has come a long way since its inception in the first decade of the 20th century, there are some things the can make Air Travel not so fun. Yes, commercial passenger air travel is something close to a miracle but there is also some good reasons that people say they hate flying. Or at least avoid it whenever possible.

Fear of flying, despite often being more of a fear of crashing, is one of the most common fears. Throw in a dash of claustrophobia and an airplane can be a chamber of horrors. The food is nothing to write home about, though has been ago to subject for comedians since the late-1950s.

Louis C.K. once attempted to undermine such, comparatively, niggling issues with the simple statement “you are in a chair, in the sky!” As much as I hate to disagree with mister C.K. who is so often right when he is being serious, perhaps the worst part of air travel is the seats, in which one is likely to spend several hours. Particularly if one is in the dreaded middle seat.

A location that would have been deserving of a section of Dante’s Inferno if such a thing were possible. The cries and pleas of the masses have been heard and now the traditional, draconian seating plan is being shaken up by the Side-Slip seat.

Side-Slip seat: Total game changer

The saviors of human sanity when it comes to long-distance travel, the Side-Slip Seat was created by Molon Labe Designs. Thanks to their designers who were the ones finally to notice a long standing problem. Let us start with perhaps the most pressing, literally and figuratively, problem with the middle seat: room.

The Side-Slip seat has added a full three inches of space to the more traditional design. That may not seem like much but it may after three or more hours sitting in the same place.

Also reducing the chances of a mid-air bludgeoning at 30,000 feet, the flight gurus at Molon Labe Designs have solved the armrest issue. When a flight is not full, the middle seat can be slid back. In addition to getting away from the crushing claustrophobia, the smarmy jerks in the window seat and the bathroom sprinters at the aisle, everyone also gets their very own, dedicated armrests.

This move ability can also make the airlines clever enough to be serviced by planes with this most brilliant invention to their seating plan, much more wheelchair accessible.

Red tape and killjoys

As with all great innovations and new ideas, there are still a few hoops to jump through, set up by the humorless and unimaginative. While the Side-Slip Seat has completed safety training, don’t go booking the middle seat on your next flight just yet.

Despite being the best idea since in-flight movies, the glorious new age of human flight has yet to be officially tested and signed off on by the true gurus of flight at the FAA whose word is, apparently, God.

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Flight gurus create side-slip seat: Finally a dream come true? 


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