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Astronomer states life came from Mars and was carried to Earth by asteroid

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People have a great capacity for imagination. Much of the concepts we currently hold were originally imagined. Yes, there were discoveries, many wonderful discoveries that no one had thought of before.

Uranium was basically tripped over and the medicinal use of penicillin was only really noticed because of an accidental infestation of an otherwise unrelated specimen. In many other cases, the formation of what were considered fantastic things, were based on imaginings of visionaries who thought of and achieved things that were considered to be impossible at the time.

The impossible trip to the moon

While it can be easy to look back and see the nay-sayers as stupid or closed minded, it should be pointed out that there was nothing to indicate that it was at all possible. A thing like space travel is part for the course now, we have been doing it for decades but imagine living in the 1940s, with what was known of science at the time and being told that within 30 years humans would not only be launching things into space but landing people on the moon?

It would likely seem preposterous to most rational people. They were wrong of course but there was no way to know that at the time. It is interesting to note that one of the proto-futurist predictions that was shockingly correct was put forward by that grand master of imagination, Jules Verne novel From the Earth to the Moon. Published in 1865 the book tells the then fantastic story of humans going to the moon.

Verne was correct about everything except the exact launch method, rocket technology not being what it was even in the 1940s with the V2. While having the rocket launched from a large cannon, Verne would prove to be correct all the way down to the geographical region and month of the year at which such a launch would take place.

Bowie was right

“Tell me, is there life on Mars?” Yes Mr. Bowie, it looks now like there may in fact be life on Mars, or at least was, and it is this past tense context that makes things get really weird.

Scientists have believed for a while that life would have had a better chance of having started on what would be an arid planet than the goopy swamp land that was Earth, when life was thought to begin.

The prime candidate was Mars, though there was no good suggestion as to how it could have made the move. People laughed at them too.

Like a gyroscope: Life came from Mars?

If you are a traditional Evolutionist, you may want to sit down if you are not already. Notions of their being life on Mars or it having moved to Earth by asteroid is no longer the domain of pseudo-philosophical, watered down, semi-Religious Ridley Scott Science Fiction movies and laughable pseudo-scientific “theories” such as ‘flat earth theory’ and any notion that any remnants of the dinosaurs may have survived until the present day.

It turns out that far from being the giant sand box it is now, Mars way, way, way back in the day was likely to have had an atmosphere as well as a source of water.

As to the lack of moving trucks available at the time, according to real, actual Astronomer Caleb Sharf, who went to an actual school and everything, has stated: “We can find pieces of Mars here on Earth and we suspect that there are pieces of Earth on Mars. If that material can carry living organisms on it, it’s possible that we are Martian.” Hear that distant whirring sound? That is the sound of Darwin spinning in his grave.

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Astronomer states life came from Mars and was carried to Earth by asteroid


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