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Military program creates device that can see through walls

Security is bizarre, as in first place is a ‘feeling’, and then humans actually put other humans at their service and disposition to protect themselves. Funny, isn’t it? A little bit berserk, as well.

From different battles like the World Wars and from restricted military based laboratories, there have been born innovative gadgets and inventions that have the most utilitarian purposes than just exterminating the alleged “enemy.”

In the military, there are weapons systems that appear thanks to a technological advance, dominate their field absolutely and then disappear, displaced by a tactical or technological novelty, (e. g. the machine gun froze the front lines in World War I until the sturmptruppens and tanks made, once again, the ground combat mobile.).

Just when you thought only Superman could see through walls

A military R&D Organization in the U.K. had a groundbreaking discovery while working on their project called What’s inside that building?

Looking to developing “novel techniques to remotely provide information about the layout and situation inside a building”, researchers have created a gadget that detects machinery from behind a concrete wall.

Revealing the internal structure of a building in preparation for entry (including walls, furniture, and electrical equipment), working out the number of people inside and what they are doing, detecting concealed manufacturing activity, and so on, can represent some sort of an invisible security camera system tool from the distance, which will allow the military to avoid and control terrorist attacking plans The trend between bad, insane people throughout 2k16 and the last several years.

This gadget can detect electric motors, combustion engines, turbines, air conditioning units, fans (including those inside computers), etc.

The device picks up the changing magnetic fields caused by electric motors, combustion engines, and fans —including the kind found inside computers, and the entire setup works at room temperature, requires no shielding, and is suitcase-sized, with the potential to be made significantly smaller.

The Dark Side

So sadly, yes, there are bad people in the world. Maybe if they just had a little bit of love in the past, their behaviors and acts wouldn’t be as negative as they are, but who am I to judge them? The good side is technology turns into a religion and science becomes a God to keep us dancing safe and sound.

Unlike an open war, though, a war on terrorism isn’t as straightforward as meeting the enemy on a battlefield and fighting it out. For this specialized conflict, military and intelligence organizations are using innovative technologies to identify terrorists and defend against terrorist attacks.

For instance, after the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001, Americans faced the reality that terrorists could leverage commercial airplanes as powerful weapons so it’s usual that today’s army studies are conceiving security tools like the Backscatter X-Ray Systems, a technology that examines the body to catch potential criminals, or others like the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), drones that are constantly monitoring the skies activities.

So all in all, it is always nice to know that the world is filling up with techs, not only with entertainment purposes which we all enjoy and do love so much but also with gadgets that help veiling for a peaceful place to live in. May the force be with us?

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Military program creates device that can see through walls


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