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NASA astronaut covers up mysterious lights zipping by the space station

Space Station Mystery

When going beyond our habitat, things become visually confusing. In a recently video uploaded by UFO experts Secure 10 and apparently filmed by the ISS, an astronaut can be seen filming the view from outer space. With the Earth lit up in the background, sudden mysterious moving and glowing lights appear in the distance, and the astronaut puts his hand in front of the camera as if he is trying to cover up the lights.

While it isn’t always possible to determine exactly what these objects are during the brief period they appear in the stream, there are number of possible explanations for these types of sightings. But why cover the image?

Conspiracy theorists say it is proof that we are not alone in the Universe and that the government is lying to people Not to mention that this is not the first piece of evidence that instills that doubt anyway.

Pinocchio’s Reputation

So, this is not the first time that conspiracy theorists have questioned this type of filming. On several occasions when something strange appears on the screen, the transmission fails or something happens, reaffirming theories of the conspirators.

What conclusions to draw? If it wasn’t for the sneaky politicians with their liar reputation of Peter from the Peter and the Wolf tale in treating human affairs What could be left to expect for extraterrestrial matters?— then this case could be a little more clear…. maybe.

Is NASA covering up the existence of aliens?

This space Station Mystery gets weirder when you start doing the math and brainstorming ideas like: if there are aliens outside the universe and our leaders are hiding this information, is it for our own good or are they covering up for aliens? Are they forced to be quiet under threat? And then our minds start to wander into another creepy, scary universe.

It is very likely that these alien beings see our world in a different way and that, in so doing, value the Earth and its inhabitants differently. Contrarily, experts say humans are not yet able to fully understand the true meaning of having contact with beings of the third type Till 2k25, maybe?

Unknown Hero of Truth

Two years ago, WikiLeaks released secret cables that disclosed information about ETs in our solar system. Documents released by WikiLeaks offered hints about aliens and extraterrestrial presence. Recently, the NASA, once again accused of hiding alien life, accepted that we are not alone in the universe and if all goes as planned, we will meet aliens in a decade or two.

More Evidence

There are testimonials from experts and ex-space workers like this recorded one from a NASA former, Dr. Brian O’leary
A little more believable evidence for skeptics.

It seems that it is something undeniable that the Earth and the universe itself must have their own secrets, mysterious scenarios that are far beyond human understanding, and maybe if the truth were unveiled before we are ready, the planets’ habitants could go totally crazy which could provoke the famous apocalypses in the form of a World Ending War. At least for now, the space station mystery remains.

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NASA astronaut covers up mysterious lights zipping by the space station


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