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The Fontus water bottle turns air into water as your ride your bike

An ingenious new way has been devised to get water out of the atmosphere through condensation. This is done while cycling. The inspiration behind it is just as well thought out as the invention itself.

Sometimes getting water for cyclists can be a big challenge with pit stops being few and far in between. The device pulls water out of the Humidity found in the air, condenses and stores for the cyclist to consume when they need to. As cycling is a very dehydrating exercise, the bicycle bottle which has been named Fontus can come in handy during those long countryside bike rides.

How the Fontus water bottle is designed

According to Kristof Retezár, who is a Vienna-based designer, the solar powered bottle consists of a device that can suck out water from the atmosphere’s humidity, then condense it and turn it into drinkable water.

The condenser which acts as the cooler for the humid air collected, and then it is connected to a series of hydrophobic surfaces that have the capacity to repel water. When the gadget is attached to the bicycle, it takes in air, and as the surfaces get cold, condensation occurs forming water droplets which eventually become the drinking water.

Since the surfaces of the gadget are hydrophobic, which means they repel water, when the droplets are formed, they are rejected and flow into the bottle for storage and consumption.

Is it fit for consumption?

The gadget that pulls the air in, is designed in a way that it can filter out dust and small insects from getting into the system.

“This is simply the condensation of the humidity that is contained in the air,” Retezár told Live Science. “You always have a certain percentage of moisture in the air, and it doesn’t matter where you are — even in the desert. That means there is always potential to be able to extract that humidity from the air.”


The only challenge that this device has, is that it is not equipped with a purifier. The air entirely determines the quality of the water that will be made in the vicinity.

Retezár says that the initial prototype was done with a clean natural environment in mind, but the designer says that another version is in the works which will include degrees Celsius with a carbon filter. This version will be able to produce clean water even in the most polluted cities around the world.

Another version is also being worked on that will have an inverted ventilator that will have the ability to suck in air instead of depending on the bike’s movement. It is more of a stand-alone gadget which will not rely on the motion.


Fontus can produce about half a liter of water per hour when the conditions are right. This is in a situation where humidity is between 80-90 percent and with a temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius (86-104 degrees Fahrenheit), which is a fair amount of water.

Kristof Retezár was shortlisted for the 2014 James Dyson Award, and that nomination caught the eye of the Austrian Government who then funded the technical side of this great innovation.

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The Fontus water bottle turns air into water as your ride your bike


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