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The Devil’s Triangle: Where facts tend to vanish without a trace

The Devil’s Triangle otherwise known as the Bermuda Triangle or The Triangle of Death is an area in the Atlantic Ocean covering approximately 500,000 square miles of the ocean triangulating the areas of Puerto Rico, Florida and Bermuda. This is an area that for a long time been considered a graveyard for water vessels and aircraft. An area where you never sail out alive. You vanish without a trace. The sinister synonyms of Bermuda triangle such as the Twilight Zone, Limbo of the Lost and the Hoodoo Sea gives an impression of a phenomenon beyond human explanation. Is there a plausible scientific explanation for the cryptic disappearance of vessels at the Bermuda Triangle?-that’s the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question.

The Birth of the Legendary Bermuda Triangle

Best captured by the words of Phyllis McGinley that, “Behind every myth lies a truth; beyond every legend is a reality, as radiant (sometimes as chilling) as the story itself.” The Bermuda triangle legendary status truth can be traced 72 years back. Historical accounts indicate that on the 5th day of December 1945, five naval aircraft that took off from Florida on a training mission over the expansive Atlantic Ocean disappeared without a trace. The ill-fated milk run, (signify that it was a training mission) was later christened as flight 19.

Attempts to explain events that lead to the mysterious disappearance of the plane gave rise to the legend of the Bermuda triangle. The story is incomplete without mentioning Vincent Gaddis and Charles Berlitz. Two gifted authors whose fertile imagination whipped the world into buying into their account of the Bermuda triangle. A tale that boarded mythical science which unfortunately made rounds all over the world before scientific facts caught up with it. Vincent accounts are wrapped in an article known as ‘The Deadly Bermuda Triangle’. Whereas his counterpart, Berlitz accredited of fueling the story universally, is captured in two books: ‘The Bermuda Triangle and Without a Trace’.

Exorcizing the Hoodoo Sea

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) categorically refutes claims of mysterious disappearances over the Bermuda Triangle. Reviews conducted on past acts of the disappearance of vessels and aircraft according to the frequently asked question web page of USCG rules out the possibility of extraordinary forces as an explanation of disappearance. The blame is squarely placed on human error, environmental and physical factors. 

What about flight 19 and its successive ill-fated rescue mission? Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) gives plausible scientific reasoning in relation to some of the disappearing acts in the Bermuda triangle. Flight 19 was a training mission. That implies that the pilots had little experience. Flying over the Bermuda triangle where the earth magnetic field can interfere with their geographical location devices, the pilots lost their bearings. Ultimately crashing upon draining their fuel tanks. With the deepest point of the ocean placed at 36,200 feet by the National Ocean Service coupled by shark infested waters, you are unlikely to find the wreckage or cadavers afloat the sea.Thus the nature of vanishing without a trace!

Putting this debate to rest, it will be prudent to apply the laws of probability. Bermuda Triangle is an area with high vessel traffic. Consequently, increasing the odds of a catastrophe happening here as compared to a low traffic zone. However, even with the aforesaid in mind, the Australian Skeptic Journal reports that majority of the Atlantic Ocean accidents when plotted on a map fall outside the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle.

The fact that Bermuda Triangle lacks a clear demarcated boundary besides not being officially recognized by The U. S. Board of Geographic Names, should be a clear vote of no confidence in the myth of the Devil’s Triangle.

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The Devil’s Triangle: Where facts tend to vanish without a trace


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