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Review: IntelliARMOR 4-port USB wall charger

Our technology has become an extremely integrated and normal part of our existence. Most of us now probably have multiple devices stacked up next to our bedsides like some kind of expensive game of Jenga.  With all of these devices, including your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, you name the next one, comes with its own unique charger. The problem is, there are only so many outlets you can plug these devices into, and who wants to charge one or two devices at a time? Sure, you can get a power strip, but seriously – who wants  these electrical vines tangled and jumbled all around their bed?

Thanks to the intelliARMOR 5A 4-Port USB Charger, you can finally clean up the spaghetti bowl of wires and rely on a nice neat solution to this very modern-day problem. This compact little device will simultaneously charge four of your devices using the generous 4 USB ports it provides.

    intelliARMOR in front of its retail packing

Design and Power

This robust wall charger is incredibly compact, making it very portable and easy to pack in your laptop bag or purse.  Often times, when one thinks of a compact or portable device, they think of it being materially flimsy and easily breakable. I honestly did not get the sense from the intelliARMOR 4-port USB charger. Having little children, it definitely got tossed around a few times, but nothing appeared to have jostled loose from the inner circuitry. It is solidly built and I can foresee this standing the test of time, unlike similar chargers on the market that can break in 2-3 months of continuous use. In addition to it’s portability, the wall prong easily folds in and out, which prevents it from snagging on other packed objects while travelling with it and will give the actual device greater protection from external damage.

         Front side of intelliARMOR                                                                                  Back side of intelliARMOR

The power is rated at an input of 100-240V 50/60Hz .4A and an output of 5V 5A. Each port will individually deliver 2 amps of power (or 10 watts for each port). To break it out further, an Apple iPhone needs approximately 1.0 amps (or 5 watts) and an Apple iPad 2.1 amps (or roughly 10 watts). Just by doing basic math, you can see this charger provides some major juice and can easily handle up to four devices simultaneously.

Charging times

I charged a Google Nexus 6 at 42% battery, an iPad tablet at 29% battery, and a JVC rechargeable headset at 0% battery simultaneously. All of these electronics together charged in approximately 120 minutes until completion. I would like to mention that these devices were not in use while they were charging. Using your electronics while charging will slow down due to the power consumption during use.

Charging Apple iPad and Google Nexus 6 simultaneously in this picture


The intelliARMOR 4-Port Usb hub doesn’t just ‘gung-ho’ pump juice into your devices. Instead, it is equipped with ‘smart technology’ that will automatically adjust the power according to the device that is plugged in and will stop charging once the device is fully charged. This is very important to keep your battery from over charging so it stays healthy and lasts longer.

Another important note I would like to point out is that the wall block itself does not get overheated. When charging multiple electronics at once, I found that it gets warm to the touch, but by no means does it feel “about to catch on fire” hot. As most people charge their electronics in their bedroom, by their bed, it is reassuring to know that it won’t burst into flames while you’re in mid-slumber.

Conclusion about intelliARMOR 4-port USB charger

Overall, IntelliARMOR USB charger is a solidly built, portable, and fast charging solution. Not only does it keep your electronic’s wires organized and manageable, it is also a reliable wall charger than can handle four power sucking devices at once. With four devices plugged in, it does slow down the overall speed at which they charge, but it still holds it own. One thing I would like for this company to add is an LED indicator to show that your devices are charging. In addition, this company stands behind their products and will provide a lifetime warranty when purchased straight from them or an authorized reseller. This device comes with a high recommendation from TechDigg.

This is a sponsored post that was written and approved by TechDigg on behalf of, IntelliARMOR. We received the intelliARMOR 4-port USB charger at no cost. All opinions expressed in this article are our own and we stand by the products we review as we want our readers to have an honest opinion and access to the best items on the market.


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Review: IntelliARMOR 4-port USB wall charger


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