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How Artificial Intelligence is Already Making Your Life Easier

As we all know, we live in an ever-changing world of super high-tech gadgets and futuristic gizmos. For ages, scientists have been focused on creating a perfect substitute that can imitate and perform the same tasks as a human. Thanks to the arrival of computers over 50 years ago, scientists have progressed at significant speeds toward a possible alternative to the human mind.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is simply a field in computer science that is intensely focused on ensuring the dream of these scientists become a reality. AI is giving computers the chance to do things like humans, especially the ability to think and react as we do. Back in the days, Artificial Intelligence was once something we saw in cool Sci-fi movies, but today it has increasingly become a reality thanks to the rapid advancement in digital technology.

The primary aim of Artificial Intelligence is to develop machines to perform tasks in a better way than humans. In essence, it can picture the world, get an idea of how it works, invent new technologies, and even make long-term plans about how to affect the entire world.

Where is Artificial Intelligence In Our Daily Lives?

Artificial Intelligence is an extensive topic; it could range from your phones to the self-driving cars. We can say that it is a computer program or all the stuff which you use daily on your smartphones or tablets.

Siri, Google Now, Cortana, Hound, etc. are some of the programs that learn from you and tries to help you out with your daily life. The program learns every day from us; you will notice it while using your smartphone devices if you pay better attention.

Soon, A.I. might change the world dramatically. A.I. refers to all those things that we can’t figure out. We make use of Artificial Intelligence all the time in our daily lives, but we often don’t even realize it.

Why Do We Need A.I?

Let’s face it, as humans, we all have that inner desire to be free from doing certain things; sometimes we’re just so lazy to leave the bed and wish there was some robot that could do all the work. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

The primary benefit of Artificial Intelligence is that it imitates decisions as well as actions of humans without human setbacks such as emotion, fatigue and limited time. Machines propelled by Artificial Intelligence tech are fully capable of performing consistent, repetitive actions without getting tired. It’s also possible and way easier for companies to get uninterrupted performance across several A.I machines than relying on humans that are prone to fatigue and stress.

Artificial Intelligence is also needed by top organizations to improve production speed among other things. Today, companies integrate AI into production and service-based processes. For instance, in the manufacturing business, Artificial Intelligence machines can undertake a high, continuous level of production without needing a break or taking time off like humans. This efficiency tends to improve the cost-basis as well as the earning potential of companies. As we earlier mentioned, even your mobile uses intuitive, voice-activated AI applications to offer assistance to users for the completion of certain tasks. For instance, users of certain smartphone devices can request for information or direction and receive a vocal response.

So, it is evident that the premise of Artificial Intelligence is that it imitates human intelligence. Although certain imperfections abound, there is always a benefit to Artificial Intelligence machines making decisions people tend to struggle with. AI machines are sometimes programmed to follow statistical models in making certain decisions, and the thing is humans may struggle with personal emotions and implications when making similar decisions.

How Smart Is Artificial Intelligence Today?

Today, Artificial Intelligence can perform efficiently in any highly monitored environment with formal rules. A.I. systems are presently capable of playing chess, understanding speech and performing household tasks. Day by day, researchers develop new products that comprehend speech, duplicate intelligence, beat the opponent chess player and even act in complex situations.

3D render of a robot trying to solve a wooden cube puzzle

For example, Google has developed a smart computer program that can seamlessly play the board game Go, which utilizes more intuition than logic. The best part is that the Google’s AI technology went ahead to defeat the human champion of the game with ease. Now that’s super intelligent.

With the speed of today’s technological advancements, we know that there’s more to see when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. The world is filled with so many great inventors and innovators, and we are aware for sure that the future is going to be super robotic.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Already Making Your Life Easier


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