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Why Everybody Loves Tesla Cars and Why You Should Too

Unless you’ve been living under a rock your whole life, you must have heard of Tesla cars and why everybody loves Tesla. Tesla cars are super awesome, and they are more like the car of the future. Needless to say, Tesla Motors is run by Elon Musk, and he has made us know what it feels like to live in the future thanks to his super cool technologically advanced electric cars. Let’s face it, why are people crazy about iPhones when there are other costlier and flashier options available around? Now, both Tesla Motors and iPhones give users something unique and special, and that’s why they stand out from the rest.

Here is Why Everybody Loves Tesla

One of the Tesla products that have captured the heart of many is the futuristic Model S sedan. Now, the thing is people don’t like Tesla cars; they Love it. I got real life answers to why the love for Tesla is undeniably strong. One thing people can’t get enough of is the design and performance of the Model S. Before we go further let’s briefly look at what this car of the future offers regarding battery and speed.

• It has up to three spectacular battery options, which offers an estimated range of 235 or 300 miles (379 or 483km). The battery that comes with the highest performance delivers an acceleration of 0 to 60 miles (96km) per hour in as little as four seconds and a top speed of 240 miles (209 km) per hour. Now that’s Super!

So, let’s proceed, shall we?

Well, as I said, we got real answers from true believers on Quora. The truth is a lot of folks are so drunk in love with Tesla cars, most especially the Model S. Among many other people, we came across the answer of some guy who gushed out every single detail about why he’s going to stay glued to his Model S for a very long time.


The Car Is Electric and Eco-friendly

This is self-explanatory. All Tesla Cars are electrically powered. Electric is the future of automobiles and driving the Model S feels like you’re in a time travel, just like in the movies. No gas, no emissions, no noise, no ignition and there’s even no need to unlock the car. You just walk up to it, and the handles will come out, hit the brakes and you’re on.

Performance and Speed is Fantastic

One thing people love about the car is the top-notch performance it offers. The car doesn’t have gears and punching the accelerator is totally out of this world. The speed of the car is amazing; it can even be compared to that feeling of an airplane taking off. There is no such thing as feeling changes in transmission; it’s just that constant, futuristic speed.

Safety and Customer Service

Tesla also is hugely devoted to safety and customer service. When there were two very unusual fires following Tesla crashes, Tesla built a new titanium underbody shield to protect the occupants from battery fires and retrofitted it to all Teslas of that model, free of charge. The shield is so strong that it will crush a concrete block. Regarding customer service, Tesla is truly exceptional. They are friendly and reliable in every aspect.

The Car Is The Definition Of High-Tech

The level of technology this car offer is also something owners cannot stop talking about.

• The car is more like your personal superhero. If you happen to hate the freezing effects of winter and you have to head out of your home to some important meeting, this car is sure to take good care of you. The car features a powerful heating tech that helps keep the interior nice and warm. So you don’t have to worry about getting into a cold car as Tesla makes it more comfortable.

• Constant Updates. Tesla cars also get regular updates the same way your Android and iOS devices get updated with new features.

a. As we mentioned earlier, the car is electric, and so you have to charge it once in a while. Thanks to the over the air updates, the car tells you where the nearest car chargers are located within your vicinity or city.

b. One owner also talked about a recent update where the navigation feature takes you through different routes to save you time.

c. The car also has a Google Map that gets updated regularly. It comes in handy in helping you visualize left and right turns with ease. The updated version gives you the opportunity to choose for the map to move according to where you’re driving.

• Astonishing Dashboard. The dashboard of the Model S is one part of the car every owner adores. It has every single thing you’re going to need to make your driving excellent. It features a fish-eye lens rear view camera. According to an owner, “the rear view camera comes in handy when driving as it’s much more convenient and it allows him to make sure there’s no one in his blind spot.”

The dashboard also has other cool features like the Slacker & TuneIn Radio, Web Browser, Navigation, etc.

“When it comes to charging, You can also adjust the settings, so the car only charges at midnight when electricity is cheaper,” said a true believer.

Well folks, with all that has been said, I believe you understand why people love Tesla Cars. Let’s face it; Tesla Cars has everything that can make any car enthusiast fall in love at first sight. The sharp and sexy look is something owners can’t stop talking about. To make things cooler, Elon Musk and his team have released the Model X SUV, and the best part is that the car is affordable. With what we’ve seen, the Model X SUV could be the greenest and fastest way to cruise around with your family at any time of the day. I guess the love for Tesla Cars can never be compromised, thanks to Tesla’s unrelenting love for futuristic innovations.

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Why Everybody Loves Tesla Cars and Why You Should Too


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