Reports suggest that Apple is has ordered 70 million flexible Oled (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screens from Samsung for 2017.
Apple’s upcoming Iphone 8 is widely expected to feature a curved Oled display unit and as far as we’ve heard, Samsung seems to be the only supplier. Nikkei, which first reported this, also adds that Samsung is preparing to manufacture 95 million units for Apple, just in case.
Contracts with Apple earn Samsung big bucks, especially one that makes Samsung the sole supplier for Apple’s iPhone displays. Last year, Bloomberg has reported that Samsung was looking to invest around $9 billion in Samsung Display, the unit that will manufacture the iPhone’s displays.
A recent report in The Investor confirmed that Samsung was indeed making this investment. Considering the fact that Samsung commands 95 percent of the smartphone market, it’s not like Apple had a choice here. Samsung’s flagship A3 flexible Oled production plant is expected to ramp up production from 30,000-45,000 units a year to over 1,20,000 units a year.
The iPhone 8 is set to be an iPhone unlike any other. Meant to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, Apple is apparently throwing everything it can into the project. We’ve heard that the device will feature a curved Oled True Tone display, that Apple will integrate a TouchID sensor under the front display unit, that the body will have an all-glass finish, that bezels will be non-existent and more.
We’ve also heard that it’ll be the most expensive iPhone ever made.
Given Samsung’s position, it has as much to gain from an expensive, sold-out iPhone as Apple.
Publish date: April 4, 2017 9:58 am| Modified date: April 4, 2017 9:58 am