Yesterday we reported that Pokémon Go will be getting the highly awaited update that will bring new second generation Pokémon to the game. Well, the game has been updated to version 0.57.2 and new Pokémon from the Johto region have officialy started appearing.
The new update Brings in a bunch of new features as well making the overall gaming experience slightly better. For instance pokéballs and berries can now be easily accessed when you encounter a Pokémon. Speaking of which, the two new berries have also started appearing when you spin the disc on a pokéstop. Nanan berry calms down the Pokémon making it less erratic while a Pinap berry can be used to get extra candy when you Catch the Pokémon.
You can also change you avatar now with some new coloured accessories which is nice to see. Other changes include some changes in the gameplay music, better pokéball throw accuracy, more Pokémon movement when you try to catch them, and some bug fixes. Some special items have also been added to evolve certain Pokémon but they don’t seem to be available as of now or probably are and only appear on a few pokéstops.
As for the new Pokémon, we are seeing them spawn almost everywhere. For now we have managed to catch a few Chikorita, Marill, Sentret, Natu, Whopper and a bunch of others. As for the first generation, they still seem to be around for now.