Microsoft will soon update its mobile apps to better support the ability to digitise documents and improve image capture.
The software giant currently uses Microsoft Office Lens, originally a stand-alone app, for this purpose. Microsoft has announced that this app is now going to be integrated into the Word and PowerPoint apps for mobile.
Digitising documents will happen via OCR (Optical Character Recognition). You will be able to take a photo of your presentation or notes and the app on your device should be able to convert into searchable/editable text and images. This will also apply to handwritten text as well.
Better image capture will help Office clean up images that you capture. Whiteboards and paper will feature enhanced contrast, for example.
Alongside this, the company has also announced an Office Insider program for iPhone and iPad. Microsoft’s Insider programs allow users to beta test software for Microsoft and give feedback on bugs, usability, etc.
These are beta programs so if you sign up, be aware that the software will be buggy and that data loss is a remote, but distinct possibility.
PCWorld points out that Office Lens for Android already supports OCR features, but that it’s limited to scanning business cards. Strangely enough, scanned business card data is not synced with Outlook.