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A daily digest of useful and interesting articles on information technology, Security, governance and leadership.
Daily Tech Digest - September 23, 2023
2023-09-23 11:22
A CISO’s First 90 Days: The Ultimate Action Plan and Advice It’s a CISOs responsibility to establish a solid security foundation as rapidly as possible, and there are many… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - September 22, 2023
2023-09-22 14:24
HR Leaders’ strategies for elevating employee engagement in global organisations In the age of AI, HR technologies have emerged as powerful tools for enhancing employee enga… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - September 21, 2023
2023-09-21 13:32
6 deadly sins of enterprise architecture The simplest way to build out enterprise software is to leverage the power of various tools, portals, and platforms constructed by outsiders… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - September 20, 2023
2023-09-20 13:21
Innovation needs to be a culture, not just a practice It is important to build open organisational structures that let teams avoid obstacles and hierarchies that frequently stifle cre… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - September 19, 2023
2023-09-19 12:03
Experts: 'Quiet cutting' employees makes no sense, and it's costly The practice involves reassigning workers to roles that don’t align with their career goals to achieve workfor… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - September 17, 2023
2023-09-17 15:57
Experiment: IT companies eager to hire self-taught pros “Self-education can be a valuable pathway to a successful career in cybersecurity and IT,” he says. “However… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - September 08, 2023
2023-09-08 13:39
Peril vs. Promise: Companies, Developers Worry Over Generative AI RiskOne widespread concern over AI is that the systems will replace developers: 36% of developers worry that they will be re… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - September 06, 2023
2023-09-06 13:56
Open Source Needs Maintainers. But How Can They Get Paid?The data show that not only are open source maintainers usually unaware of current security tools and standards, like software bills… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - September 05, 2023
2023-09-05 13:05
GenAI in productivity apps: What could possibly go wrong? The first and most obvious risk is the accuracy issue. Generative AI is designed to generate content — text, images, vi… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - September 04, 2023
2023-09-04 14:24
What happens when finops finds bad cloud architecture? Cloud finops teams can evaluate the performance and scalability of cloud infrastructure. Monitoring key performance indicators s… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 31, 2023
2023-08-31 15:36
Most hyped network technologies and how to deal with them Hype four is zero trust. Security is justifiably hot, and at the same time there never seems to be an end to the new not… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 30, 2023
2023-08-30 14:28
Generative AI Faces an Existential IP Reckoning of Its Own Making Clearly, this situation is untenable, with a raft of dire consequences already beginning to emerge. Should the courts… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 29, 2023
2023-08-29 15:24
The four Es of AI: Keeping up with the trend that never sleepsYou can’t wrangle AI by yourself. Your journey will be fruitful only to the extent that you can instill in those with whom… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 28, 2023
2023-08-28 13:30
3 keys to making data democratization a reality The complexity of the modern data stack presents too many opportunities for data sets to fail users, and compromise users’ trust… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 24, 2023
2023-08-24 15:38
3 data privacy principles to adopt now, even while governments still debate Fairness is one of the most powerful guiding principles any brand can adopt for its use of data, but wh… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 23, 2023
2023-08-23 16:43
7 project priority checks for overloaded IT agendas “While saying ‘yes’ to a project can seem like the easiest way to spark innovation, the ability to s… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 20, 2023
2023-08-20 12:20
Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and blockchain enable the future of payments CBDC has the potential to transform the future of payments. It can be used to create programmable… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 19, 2023
2023-08-19 17:38
Inside the Rise of 'Dark' AI Tools - Scary, But Effective? This shouldn't be surprising, since building LLMs is an intensive endeavor. "As what WormGPT showed, even with a dedicated t… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 18, 2023
2023-08-18 16:40
Though simpler, India’s data privacy law is stricter than GDPR in some ways If you think this is all a tough ask, you should know that the law is simpler and less prescripti… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 17, 2023
2023-08-17 16:35
What would an OT cyberattack really cost your organization? Attacks on industrial control systems (ICS) may not be just about ransomware or accessing information but about delibe… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 16, 2023
2023-08-16 16:47
The looming battle over where generative AI systems will run What is becoming more apparent is that the location where most generative AI systems will reside (public cloud platforms v… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 15, 2023
2023-08-15 16:27
How to build employee trust as AI gains ground Most experts agree, however, that newer AI tools are less about replacing people and more about eliminating mundane, manual, or number-c… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 11, 2023
2023-08-11 15:23
How to tell if your cloud finops program is working A successful finops program should ensure compliance with applicable financial regulations and industry standards. These change acr… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 10, 2023
2023-08-10 17:01
AMD's Zen architecture: The fundamentals of these Zen 4 CPUs While the computing industry, CPU enthusiasts, and even AMD itself expected the road to performance leadership to be long… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 09, 2023
2023-08-09 17:05
You can’t run away from technical debt It could be poor architecture because IT leaders picked the less efficient path to a solution. Perhaps they went with a specific vendor, e… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 08, 2023
2023-08-08 16:17
The Value of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer The value of vCISO services extends beyond technical expertise. It plays a vital role in raising awareness of various securit… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 06, 2023
2023-08-06 13:57
California Opens Privacy Probe Into Car Data Collection Modern vehicles are equipped with a wide range of sensors, cameras, and other technologies that generate vast amounts of data… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 05, 2023
2023-08-05 12:01
ESG & Climate Risk Management: Integrating Environmental Data In Ratings Integrating environmental data into investment strategies allows investors to identify companies proac… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 04, 2023
2023-08-04 17:19
Cloud may be overpriced compared to on-premises systems Public cloud computing prices have been creeping up because they are offered by for-profit companies that must generate a profi… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 03, 2023
2023-08-03 17:04
When your teammate is a machine: 8 questions CISOs should be asking about AI There are many potential benefits that can flow from incorporating AI into security technology, a… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 02, 2023
2023-08-02 16:34
Return-to-office mandates rise as worker productivity drops In the first quarter of 2023, labor productivity dropped 2.1% in the US, even as the number of hours worked increased by 2… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - August 01, 2023
2023-08-01 16:09
Is generative AI mightier than the law? The FTC hasn’t been shy in going after Big Tech. And in the middle of July, it took its most important step yet: It opened an investigati… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 31, 2023
2023-07-31 16:41
The open source licensing war is over Too many open source warriors think that the license is the end, rather than just a means to grant largely unfettered access to the code. They co… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 30, 2023
2023-07-30 15:22
What Is Data Strategy and Why Do You Need It? Developing a successful Data Strategy requires careful consideration of several key steps. First, it is essential to identify the bu… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 29, 2023
2023-07-29 12:53
A New Paradigm In Cybersecurity Currently, many enterprises still focus on tower-based security (that is, securing the “home”)—securing networks, datacenter, databas… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 28, 2023
2023-07-28 17:14
Cyber criminals pivot away from ransomware encryption “Data theft extortion is not a new phenomenon, but the number of incidents this quarter suggests that financially motivated… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 27, 2023
2023-07-27 16:29
'FraudGPT' Malicious Chatbot Now for Sale on Dark Web Both WormGPT and FraudGPT can help attackers use AI to their advantage when crafting phishing campaigns, generating messages aime… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 26, 2023
2023-07-26 16:52
How digital humans can make healthcare technology more patient-centricLike humans, digital humans have anatomy. Several technologies are used to create digital humans. The Representation: Th… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 25, 2023
2023-07-25 16:28
The real risk of AI in network operations One who tried generative AI technology on their own historical network data said that it suggested a configuration change that, had it been m… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 24, 2023
2023-07-24 17:03
A CDO Call To Action: Stop Hoarding Data—Save The Planet Many of the implications of rampant data hoarding are reasonably well known—including the potential complianc… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 23, 2023
2023-07-23 13:02
Sustainable Computing - With An Eye On The Cloud There are two parts to sustainable goals: 1. How do cloud service providers make their data centers more sustainable?; 2. What… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 22, 2023
2023-07-22 17:37
All-In-One Data Fabrics Knocking on the Lakehouse Door The fact IBM, HPE, and Microsoft made such similar data fabric and lakehouse announcements indicate there is strong market… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 21, 2023
2023-07-21 16:56
Attackers find new ways to deliver DDoSes with “alarming” sophistication The newer methods attempt to do two things: (1) conceal the maliciousness of the traffic so d… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 20, 2023
2023-07-20 16:36
DSPM: Control Your Data to Prevent Issues Later Simply put, it’s becoming increasingly hard to prevent data security breaches and hacks — the attack surfaces have become t… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 19, 2023
2023-07-19 16:32
This is why personal encryption is vital to the future of business We already recognize that humans are the weakest link in any security infrastructure. But what isn’t sufficien… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 18, 2023
2023-07-18 16:41
Embrace AI Acceleration by Investing in Reliability There’s no way to completely eliminate the unreliability risks of AI without also eliminating all of its benefits. Manually r… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 17, 2023
2023-07-17 16:33
EU urged to prepare for quantum cyberattacks with coordinated action plan The narrow focus at the EU level on how to mitigate short-term quantum cybersecurity challenges, especial… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 16, 2023
2023-07-16 12:42
The engines of AI: Machine learning algorithms explained Machine learning algorithms train on data to find the best set of weights for each independent variable that affects the predi… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 14, 2023
2023-07-14 16:16
AI and privacy: safeguarding your personal information in an age of intelligent systems AI models, including chatbots and generative AI, rely on vast quantities of training data… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 13, 2023
2023-07-13 17:04
Industry groups call for changes to EU Cyber Resiliency Act The first recommendation made by the collective is that the proposed scope of the CRA should be made narrower and clearer… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 12, 2023
2023-07-12 16:34
4 collaboration security mistakes companies are still making If organizations don’t provide access to vetted collaboration tools, employees will likely find their own and use in… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 11, 2023
2023-07-11 16:55
Multiple SD-WAN vendors can complicate move to SASE The walls between networking and security teams must come down to deliver cloud-based security and network services across today&rs……Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 10, 2023
2023-07-10 17:20
Digital Humans: Fad or Future? A digital human is a computer-generated entity that looks, behaves, and interacts like a real human. “To create a digital human, advanced technolo… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 09, 2023
2023-07-09 10:54
Data should be a first-class citizen in the cloud A close cousin of the interoperability problem, data access and control are limited in many cloud environments if not designed proper… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 08, 2023
2023-07-08 12:16
10 ways SecOps can strengthen cybersecurity with ChatGPT ChatGPT is proving effective at predicting potential threat and intrusion scenarios based on real-time analysis o… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 06, 2023
2023-07-06 16:29
Man vs machine: a secure email firm aim to bring post-quantum cryptography to the cloud "While quantum computers will soon be able to decrypt 'normally' encrypted data quite easil… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 05, 2023
2023-07-05 17:05
AI gold rush makes basic data security hygiene critical APIs, in particular, are hot targets as they are widely used today and often carry vulnerabilities. Broken object level authori… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 04, 2023
2023-07-04 16:36
Banking Tech Forecast: Cloudy, With a Chance of Cyber Risk The breakneck pace of adoption has also resulted in a shortage of security experts who understand the overlapping, yet uniqu… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 03, 2023
2023-07-03 16:35
5 Enterprise Architecture Principles For Digital Transformation This involves creating the Business Architecture, which includes the Business Domains (BD) and Business Capabilities (B… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 02, 2023
2023-07-02 12:25
OpenAI, others pushing false narratives about LLMs, says Databricks CTO “There are definitely the larger providers, like OpenAI, Google, and so on; they have this narrative &nda……Read More
Daily Tech Digest - July 01, 2023
2023-07-01 12:59
CERT-In cyber security norms bar use of Anydesk, Teamviewer by govt dept Cyber security watchdog CERTin has barred the use of remote desktop softwares like Anydesk and Teamviewer in… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 30, 2023
2023-06-30 16:27
3 things that make a CIO-CFO dream team A study conducted by Gartner, detailed in the report “CIOs: Improve How You collaborate With Your CFO,” found that when CFOs a… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 29, 2023
2023-06-29 13:15
How the new deepfake reality will impact cyber insurance Deepfakes can ruin a company's reputation, bypass biometric controls, phish unsuspecting users into clicking malicious links… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 28, 2023
2023-06-28 16:51
The digital future may rely on ultrafast optical electronics and computers Our system of ultrafast optical data transmission is based on light rather than voltage. Our research gr… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 27, 2023
2023-06-27 16:25
The unhappy reality of cloud security in 2023 Configuration problems are often the most significant risk to cloud data and the most often overlooked. Show me a breach, and I’ll… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 26, 2023
2023-06-26 17:07
Generative AI Gets a SaaSy TouchAlthough pure-play Generative AI startups,, Blend, ProbeAI, Fasthr.AI to name a few, are not that common yet in India, it has set foot into many i… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 25, 2023
2023-06-25 12:34
Traffic Routing in Ambient Mesh The ambient mesh deployment model is much leaner than the sidecar data plane deployment model, allowing for incremental adoption of service mesh f… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 24, 2023
2023-06-24 16:41
Technologists Want to Develop Software Sustainably Ingrid Olson, principal with application security at Coalfire, explains organizations such as the Green Software Foundation can help… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 22, 2023
2023-06-22 17:07
Mass adoption of generative AI tools is derailing one very important factor, says MIT Many companies "were caught off guard by the spread of shadow AI use across the enterprise,"… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 21, 2023
2023-06-21 16:06
India’s digital transformation could be a game-changer for economic development India currently has a data-fiduciary-centric model. Individuals or small businesses must go t… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 20, 2023
2023-06-20 16:58
How to navigate the co-management conundrum in MSP engagements Ironically, enterprises can often suppress innovation by using MSPs transactionally. If the enterprise team has active r… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 19, 2023
2023-06-19 16:32
Finding the Nirvana of information access control or something like it In the mythical land of Nirvana, where everything is perfect, CISOs would have all the resources they neede… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 18, 2023
2023-06-18 12:32
4 Advances In Penetration Testing Practices In 2023 Penetration testing has evolved significantly over the past few years, with a growing emphasis on mimicking real-life cyberattack s… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 17, 2023
2023-06-17 12:42
Borderless Data vs. Data Sovereignty: Can They Co-Exist? Businesses have long understood that data sharing has limits (or borders). Legal separations keep data from various subsi… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 15, 2023
2023-06-15 16:06
The five new foundational qualities of effective leadership Today’s leaders have to be able to establish a compelling destination and then navigate through the fog with a compas… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 14, 2023
2023-06-14 16:38
Malicious hackers are weaponizing generative AI The headline here is not that this new threat exists; it was only a matter of time before threats powered by generative AI power showed… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 13, 2023
2023-06-13 16:53
AI and tech innovation, economic pressures increase identity attack surfaceIn the new attack observed by Microsoft, the attackers, which the company track under the temporary Storm-1167 moni… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 12, 2023
2023-06-12 16:07
Cloud-Focused Attacks Growing More Frequent, More Brazen One key finding is that hackers are becoming more adept — and more motivated — in targeting enterprise cloud… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 11, 2023
2023-06-11 12:04
Tips Every CFO Should Consider For Implementing Tech Solutions Conduct a cost assessment to pinpoint areas where tech upgrades may be needed and determine if these upgrades will… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 10, 2023
2023-06-10 11:09
Vetting an Open Source Database? 5 Green Flags to Look for There’s an important difference between offerings that are legitimate open source versus open source-compatible. &ldqu……Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 09, 2023
2023-06-09 15:34
Why Protecting Data Centers Requires A Personalized Security Approach Since each industry has its own unique security and privacy needs, businesses should work with security providers… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 08, 2023
2023-06-08 16:16
5 Reasons Why IT Security Tools Don't Work For OT While IT and OT both seek to ensure confidentiality (the protection of sensitive data and assets), integrity (the fidelity of data ov… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 07, 2023
2023-06-07 16:32
The Design Patterns for Distributed Systems Handbook Some people mistake distributed systems for microservices. And it's true – microservices are a distributed system. But distr… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 06, 2023
2023-06-06 16:28
CISOs, IT lack confidence in executives’ cyber-defense knowledge CISOs need to understand precisely how and where the two risk environments — corporate and personal &mdash……Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 05, 2023
2023-06-05 16:01
How to create generative AI confidence for enterprise success The key to enterprise-ready generative AI is in rigorously structuring data so that it provides proper context, whic… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 04, 2023
2023-06-04 13:33
Insider risk management: Where your program resides shapes its focus Choi says that while the information security team is ultimately responsible for the proactive protection of an or… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 03, 2023
2023-06-03 14:03
Is it Possible to Calculate Technology Debt? Perhaps we should rename it Architectural Debt or even Organisational Debt? From an Enterprise Architecture standpoint, we talk about &ldq……Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 02, 2023
2023-06-02 14:59
A Data Scientist’s Essential Guide to Exploratory Data Analysis Analyzing the individual characteristics of each feature is crucial as it will help us decide on their relevance… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - June 01, 2023
2023-06-01 17:27
Throw out all those black boxes and say hello to the software-defined car Software-defined vehicles might give automakers more flexibility in terms of the features and functions t… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - May 31, 2023
2023-05-31 16:54
5 best practices for software development partnerships “The key to successful co-creation is ensuring your partner is not just doing their job, but acting as a true strategic as… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - May 18, 2023
2023-05-18 10:01
Security breaches push digital trust to the fore Digital trust needs to be integrated within the organization and isn’t necessarily owned by a single department or job title. Even… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - May 16, 2023
2023-05-16 13:20
Law enforcement crackdowns and new techniques are forcing cybercriminals to pivot Because of stepped-up law enforcement efforts, cybercriminals are also facing a… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - May 14, 2023
2023-05-14 13:50
How to Balance Data Governance with Data Democracy Data democratization is important to an organization because it ensures an effective and efficient method of providing all… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - May 13, 2023
2023-05-13 11:40
How to build employee careers through an internal talent marketplace One of the biggest hurdles to the success of an internal talent marketplace is the reluctance that people managers… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - May 12, 2023
2023-05-12 13:19
The Industrywide Consequences of Making Security Products Inaccessible Restricting access to security products creates situations where people from underrepresented groups are not a… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - May 11, 2023
2023-05-11 14:13
Will Rogue AI Become an Unstoppable Security Threat? The rogue AI concept generally refers to AI systems that have been trained to generate or identify opportunities to exploit code o… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - May 10, 2023
2023-05-10 13:01
The one true way to prove IT’s value to your CEO For most IT departments, this is a very difficult question to answer because the systems that we develop are not used by IT but… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - May 09, 2023
2023-05-09 12:49
A Guide to Steganography: Meaning, Types, Tools, & Techniques Steganography encodes a secret message within another non-secret object in such a manner as to make the message imper… Read More
Daily Tech Digest - May 07, 2023
2023-05-07 08:55
How Modern Data Platforms Support Data Governance To enable the effective use of data analytics, many organizations are employing modern data platforms, which provide capabilities suc… Read More

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