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Time for Arsene to unleash the Four Horsemen

The darkest days of Arsenal choice of winner formula is over. There’s no empty-handed hands to fill the position, Arsene has brought himself called up for Lord demands. The voice for the Apostles to fulfill what has been written in the book, the Conquest of winning the Premier League era once again. Too long Lord has been waiting for this chance, giving a sign what’s lack in the Arsenal title credentials, the just of Middle Earth , the keeper of the unorthodox type, the wall of justice as strong as back four, and the lion of Judah to lead the Conquest. There’s no plague that haunted the camp of Woolwich soldiers. It’s stopped. And now Arsene had his time to leash every beast he had to find the glory of his Conquest of Premier League once again.

The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

Thanks for the rise of the first creature to Bring Arsene Wenger back on the track to lead the sheep on champion winning, to fight as Lord demands what’s worth to sacrifice for. Arsene had to make his choice of Four Horsemen, lead the Conquest of Arsenal glorification. The baptism of the just of midfielder, the first creature who buoyed to lead the match and bring stability of minds in middle pitch. He is the half-blood prince of Bavarian land, the one who seen everything, Mesut Ozil. This year, the sacred knight of Arsene’s rise again amongst his men and has contributed with brought down 5 castles, and assistance 16 attack on brought down the castle with appearances of 27 wars against another tribesmen the land of Britannia. This year is the moment of Mesut Ozil after several years has been mocked by his own men and another bollocks from foreigners. Arsene must been thinking hard as Mesut Ozil, the one who can’t replaced because the plague hit Arsene’s apprentice of Middle Earth, Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere who used to fill the position.

Arsene strategy to put Mesut Ozil efficiency has bring mixed reviews and result on war, thanks to Nigerian born Iwobi who naturally control the waves of war, Arsene could save time and plague who might hit Ozil whenever it takes. Against Burnley tribe, Iwobi manage to take the role with least experience he had but next match against Soton, Mesut Ozil the first Four Horsemen from all, the White Horse must lead the men to win as Arsene waiting for this time to leash the beast for the crown. Mesut Ozil the Conqueror of the Four Horsemen.

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Petr Cech who served another Apostles, has found his touch and light once again in Woolwich, Arsenal. Experience of keeping the stability for all the men back on the castle, bring respect among the men. His addition to the army of Woolwich really equate the odds on the field and aggression of war. Arsene choose him as the second of the Four Horsemen for this season as his predecessor in Woolwich like the Poland, Sir Chesney and Colombian, David not in the prime form. But as the history talk about Petr Cech, his name alone already bring fear to any men who’s gonna attack the castle. His influence who brings balance really bring persona of The Black Horse of the Four Horsemen. Petr Cech, the Scale of the Four Horsemen ready to bring defense for the greatness of Arsene’s men for the rest of the war.

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After losing him in first half of war, this new Frenchmen already put his performance back against Burnley, and now he ready to protect the men of the realm. The beast from Laval, France with the name of Francis Coquelin, put the arms of War on his shield. Arsene already lost this guy who bring the best out of Arsene’s men and back up the men in Middle Earth. His tackle spear and visionary of defensive art brought him as apprentice of War. He will fight anywhere as passion of him is bringing up the morale of the realm. Arsene knew in war at Burnley, he had to came back to fitness as soon as possible. He is the central of War, Francis Coquelin with his Red Horse as the War of The Four Horsemen.

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The last is the Lion of Judah, the animal from Woolwich and every knight from all the realm fear and wanted to take him down. He is fearless and hardly tamed even by Arsene Wenger. The knight of the Pale Horse, the last choice of Four Horsemen of Arsene’s men are the one who brings famine and death for whoever challenge him. The name is Alexis Sanchez, the boy who took experience from tropical landscape, now put his foot on Britannia land, ready to leash the purge after pushed out and got wounded almost two months. This man will slaughtered anyone, and his comeback already put remarks, 1 castle has brought down and Woolwich win against Burnley after his presence.

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Arsene don’t choose the Four Horsemen randomly, as these guys really exceptional already for this season and without them Woolwich lose the way how to win the war. After all of the wounded already came back, Arsene knew these guys will covered everything in the war. And these Knights will bring the crown for Arsene, because this is the right time after all, the Four Horsemen persona really came back on these Knights. I don’t left out another men who exceptional this season as the Spaniard, Bellerin and Monreal or Giroud and Walcott but the Four Horsemen could be anyone like X-men academy. And Arsenal really hits on that. But these Four Horsemen will hit enemy hard and they will bring the glory this season I believe. And don’t forget the Catalonia tribe who mocking us for years will get punished this year and we will won it. This time Woolwich could reigns the Mesopotamia, the Britannia, the Francia, as Woolwich become the Conqueror of European for the first time.

These articles were written on old classic style and for fun because I am on hype train with everyone came back from injuries. Credits for Arsenal bloggers who usually wrote pieces like these. I love it.


Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post, big Gooner and right now focused as freelance  sports journalist in Indonesia, USA and UK.

This post first appeared on Anzalariveris | Football Pilgrimate, please read the originial post: here

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Time for Arsene to unleash the Four Horsemen


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