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To be honest, I am not in the mood to really break down hockey or roster moves today. They are what they are, and no amount agreeance or disagreeance from us simple fans with whatever changes get made will change the minds of the powers that be.

I posted a little Gord Downie info this morning and simply asked readers to share their own Tragically Hip memories. Not all were memories, some being more of heart felt statements, here is some of the ones I read.

First date with the Princess. First kiss during Long Time Running.

Damn, even though we knew it was coming, that’s sad news all the same. Thanks for all you did Gord. RIP

Bought their CD (up to Here) in 1989 in last year of University.

Remember listening to Day for Night in my parent’s basement, being 12 or 13yrs. old and being blown away by how visual the Nautical Disaster lyrics were. One of the best storytelling songwriters.

I feel so sad right now. Gord was a true Canadian…thru and thru. Those first 4 Hip albums were my life back in the early 90’s. Seen them at Massey Hall back in ’93….5 feet from the stage….remember it like it was yesterday. He will be missed.

I still can’t believe it, and knowing it was coming a year ago doesn’t make it any easier. I’m at work doing the usual day to day and I’m genuinely sad here. About someone I’ve never met, someone I didn’t really know. It’s crazy. It just goes to show how much he touched all our lives. How much he meant. In this country, and for our generation, The Hip were our Beetles. You’ll be sorely missed Gordie. Rest in peace.

When Fully Completely was big I remember The Hip all over the radio. It reminds me of when I was in summer school because I failed my math course. I failed it again in summer school. I chalk it up to too much good music going on to focus on math. No regrets! RIP Gordie!

I have a little story I would like to share. It is about how The Tragically Hip created a great friendship, and how every one of their songs brings me some great memories.

I was a massive nerd in high school, I also bet none of who have met me and actually know my name would disagree. Watching hockey, listening to music and developing code was life.

Grade 10 Intro to Programming was an absolute joke of class to me but was a requirement to take for the electives I wanted to take from 11-OAC. A girl, let’s call her JP, was still in my seat from the class before, Grade 11 Intermediate Programming. JP was working on an assignment and was stressed out over it. She eventually left in a huff leaving her school login and program open. After looking through her code, I realised she was writing software to sell tickets online, keep in mind, this was before Ticket Master went online in 1996.

Her artist of choice was The Tragically Hip. I decided instead of working on my work, I would fix all her code. I mean i was terrified to talk to her, she was very good looking. I left her a massive comment(note) at the end of the program explaining how I love The Hip as well and decided to help her out by fixing all the database bugs in her code. A couple days went by and she found me in the cafe. She sat down across from me and said “Thank You”, following up with asking if I had a date for our Winter Formal. I responded with saying, “Grade 10’s don’t get to go”. Quickly she barked back at me, “I know you ass, not unless someone invites you. Therefore, want to be my date?”


So I went. A friendship was built over The Hip and some nerdism. 3 concerts, camping trips, summer vacations and to be honest, a shit load of spliffs. All this while Gord sang in the background. We were just friends, best friends for a while, that’s all we were. My buddies became her buddies, her buddies became my buddies.

Fast forward a couple years to OAC(Grade 13). I was still in touch with JP even though she was attending first year as an engineering student. Hung out on some weekends here and there, shared some spliffs and always had a Tragically Hip CD or Cassette playing. I hadn’t heard from her in couple days(ICQ Messenger Era), then one night my heart was broken. A phone call from her Mother. JP passed away from heart failure. WTF!!!! Young. Fit. Attractive. Smart. Had everything going for her.

You just don’t know when, and even if you know it’s coming. You weep.

Every time I hear any Hip song, even the newer ones she never got to hear, I think of my friend. A best friend. All good memories, great memories.

I would just like to say, Thank you Gord, because through your music, JP and yourself will live forever.

Just because someone is physically gone doesn’t mean they are gone from your heart. Today Canada weeps, tomorrow Canada will remember. It is through great memories that ones soul will live forever. That is how you live life. If you really want to live forever, create great memories with your friends, family and loved ones. Gord created so many great memories for so many Canadians with his music, that he gave eternal life to himself and to all your lost friends who enjoyed his music with you.

Good-Bye Gord, and hello again Jen.


#GoLeafsGo #LoveForGord

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