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AFL Evolution League (AEL)

Format: Supercoach Keeper League with a Salary cap
How many teams and players: 16 teams of 44 players (4 rookies and a veteran allowance for over 28 and completed 5 years at your club)
Where it could be ran from: Here ideally, but could also use Google Sheets which is great for formulas. I am in a league that is a keeper on Google Sheets.

- Each club gets $11.5million to spend on their players which must be paid in full thousands of dollars and this increases based on the salary cap. This will increase each year in line with the AFL.

- All draftees are paid a set wage as per the AFL and based on where they are drafted and their contract is an initial 2 year contract. Rookie listed players (who count as other round) are on a one year contract.
First Year players/Draftees
First round: $125k
Second round: $100k
Other round: $80k

Naming squads
- During the season each club posts a squad of 22 players (best 18 on field, 4 on the bench and 4 emergencies in case of a late out).
- These players need to reflect their real position (e.g true KPD need to be named in the correct spot).
- Rucks can be play in FF/CHF role as a Key position player.
- Mids can play in the Forward/Def flanks if they are named there. (Eg Callum Mills could play of the Half Back or named in the mids).
- At the end of round, you need to add up your best 18 scores which gives you your final result for the round.

In the case of a Long term injury, you can promote a rookie for the minimum of 8 weeks or more until the injure player is back.

First year draftees can have their initial contract extended after the first year by the following percentages of the salary cap
- 2 years, 2% per year
- 3 years, 3% per year
- 4 years, 4% per year
- 5 years, 5% per year

All other Player contracts can be extended in their final year. This must be greater than their current contract and as such increase by the following percentage based on their previous contract
- 1 year - 5%
- 2 years - 10%
- 3 years - 15%
- 4 years - 20%
- 5 years - 25%

For example:
Dyson Heppell was signed to a $350,000 contract previously. I want to sign him for 5 years at 6% his new wage would be $690,000 each year for 5 years.

In the case of a veteran, a Player who meets the requirement of being on a team list for 5 years and over the age of 28. Get paid a standard $190,000 contract on a yearly basis. No club can have more than 4 players on the veteran list at one time.

If a coach wants to let go of a player that player is deemed a free agent/uncontracted player and his services can be bid on. Bidding on a player starts when a coach nominates a new contract price for that player.

Bidding Period
Each coach get 3 bids on any other coaches uncontracted player. The previous coach can put a bid on their own player which is the initial asking price. This must be a realistic salary with a contract between 1-3 years. The bid last for 10 days unless time extension is requested. If no other counter bid is made, the coach keeps the player at the new price.

Once a counter bid is made, the original coach has to beat that price and match the years. The coach who originally owned that player can have as many bids on their own players as possible.

Trade Period
All players and draft picks and extra salary can be traded regardless of their contract status and combined in any deals. This will occur in line with the bidding process.

Uncontracted players
If a player is traded AND uncontracted, he must be paid the salary that matches the bidding price and the amount of years stipulated.

Contracted players can be traded at any time of the contract. In the case of negotiating how much of the contract is paid this needs to be agreed on between the two coaches. These needs to be stated in the confirmed trade and both coaches need to post that they agree to it. Not just the coach who is posting the trade.

Contracts can be extended up to 5 years on these players and needs to be greater than the contract they are on by using the percentages as mentioned above in regards to extending contracts of seasoned players.

Trading of salary and draft picks
- Clubs can trade draft picks in trades or independently for Salary relief. If a coach trades out salary for another coaches draft picks this is deducted from their salary cap from the current season.
For example, Coach a trades for a 2016 draft pick the salary is deducted from the season going into the draft.

Delisting Contracted players
Contracted players may be delisted but:
- Those who walk away from the game wont have their contracts paid out.
- Those who are first year players and are delisted by their AFL club and not picked up in any AFL draft can be delisted with no further payment.
- Those who retire due to injury must be paid half of their contract per year that they were contracted.
- Those who are delisted by or pushed into retirement by their AFL clubs must be paid 75% of their contract each year.
- Other players must be paid 100% of their contracted salary per year remaining on the contract.

These must be done and lodged before the delistment period. A coach may request a negotiation if they feel they cannot meet these requirments and this must be adhered to.

Rolling over Salary
- Rolling over any remaining salary is able to be done for up to 3 years. If a coach uses all of the accumulated salary any player contracts must fit into the original cap.

Going over the Salary Cap
Any coach who goes over the Salary cap, has to release players and go into the season with less players or try and trade with a coach to gain salary or shed players in a negotiated term.

Mini Trade week
There is a mini trade week during byes. This is a straight player/s for player/s period. All contracted players will be paid by their previous club for the remainder of the year.

- Draft is done via reverse ladder order. finish last gets pick 1.
- Coaches get 24hours to make a pick. Miss one pick, the coach is skipped and can make their pick when they return.
- Miss 2 picks and the coach gets an auto pick based on the best available based on their drafted position.
- Rookie draft is done after this draft and in the same fashion.

- Each club must make 3 draft picks minimum.

If coaches are interested please place their name below. Need 16 coaches by Feb 26th 2017.

As the season is not far away we will use the current teams and any teams that are not selected out of the 18, will be used as Free Agents.

I will check back regularly.

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AFL Evolution League (AEL)


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