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What is the Deal with Pat Narduzzi and Ben DiNucci?

A complete turn of events for the University of Pittsburgh football team.

Right when I thought they were headed in the right direction, they bring us back to square one.

Same story as its been all year. Pitt moves the ball, can’t find the end zone. Pitt can’t establish the run game between the tackles, or really at all for that matter. And they still can’t tackle, and their linebackers are non-existent.

Those weaknesses will be put on display against a Top 25 team.

So I’m not going to talk about what Pitt did well or what they could have done better. I’m going to talk about the drama that is going on with the Pitt football team. Because that is exactly what it is. It’s T.V. show drama where I am just waiting to see what the next move is going to be that will have me hanging on the edge of my seat until next week when I see if anything has changed or progressed.

Why does Coach Narduzzi have Ben Dinucci on such a short leash? And when I say short, I mean the handle part of the leash. That’s how short it is.

Do these two simply not like each other? What is it? DiNucci said he did not know they were going to play Kenny Pickett during the game.

Narduzzi responded by saying he should have known that and it was communicated before the game.

Two things.

1) Narduzzi is not sticking up for his quarterback at all in front of the media.

It’s like when a baseball player gets thrown out for arguing balls and strikes. The manager comes out and gets tossed too to stick up for his player. It’s an unwritten rule. It this was baseball, I think Narduzzi would go out there and tell the umpire how good of a job he is doing if DiNucci were to get called out looking.

2) You can’t tell me that is miscommunication. No chance at all. How can someone miscommunicate something like that.

So in a perfect world this is how it would have played out:

Duzz: “Hey Ben we are going to try to put Kenny Pickett in at some point in the second half just so you are aware.”
DiNucci: “No worries Coach. Whatever helps us win the game.” Go Pitt!


Duzz: “Hey Ben we are going to put Kenny Pickett in at some point in the second half whether you are listening to me right now or not.”

DiNucci: *Looks madder than hell on the sidelines once he is pulled and tells the media “I wasn’t aware that was going to happen.”

This is a big issue guys. A BIG issue. How does this happen?!

I was reading Alan Saunders article on Duzz’s presser for Duke this week. So from what I read it seemed like Duzz said he is going to treat the quarterback position just like any other position. If they aren’t doing what I like, it’s on to someone who will.

Man I wish I didn’t read that. Because now this article just got longer.

Funny how that was never the game plan with Max Browne as the starting quarterback. He could have thrown 6 interceptions and Duzz might have kept him in there. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pickett starts next week and Browne is listed as the backup, and Thomas MacVittie is listed as the third string and before you know it DiNucci is going to be the outside gunner on special teams.

DiNucci did absolutely nothing wrong to get pulled during the game. Okay, he threw an interception. So what, that happens.

Ben Roethlisberger threw five in one game but yeah he’s still starting.

Maybe that’s not a good comparison but you get it. Pitt had a legitimate chance to win the game with him under center – and cover the point spread too.

If the coaching staff is going to treat every position like that, that would include the defensive backs right? Right. So, when one of those guys messes up it’s on to the next guy right? So before you know it, it will be on Paris Ford.

No no no! Pitt can’t burn Paris Ford’s redshirt! Noooooo he’s not ready yet! Not our prize recruit! That’s garbage. I believe Ford should be redshirted as well as Kenny Pickett. But don’t give me that nonsense about treating every position the same, because you aren’t.

By the way that is no way, shape, or form a knock on Paris Ford. He’s the second most talented player on the team right now besides Jordan Whitehead. I’m just putting this into perspective.

I keep hearing how Ford isn’t ready. So how the heck can Kenny Pickett be ready? Yeah Ford missed a lot of practice time, but you mean to tell me Pickett is ready to see action against a Top 25 team in the second half of a football game when the score is still close?

Pickett came to Pitt in January. He graduated high school early to join the Panthers. This kid still might be getting lost in Oakland but yet Pitt has him coming into the second half of a game to take down North Carolina State.

Pickett supposedly changed the play at the line of scrimmage that made them run the option on fourth down. Still think he’s ready to lead a lead with that knowledge?

Is he talented? Yes. Is he ready? No. Is he the future? I don’t know.

According to the staff, it’s anyone but DiNucci.

I don’t care if Pickett is the future or not. Just give DiNucci a chance! So far, every week he has been battling the thoughts of “when am I going to get pulled.” Or “don’t throw an interception because I am going to get yanked.” There’s no confidence in the position Pitt needs the most.

It’s getting frustrating to watch. You can’t win games like this. Obviously. Pitt is now 2-5.

You can tell me Pitt is young all you want. I agree. But it comes down to decision making as well. And right now, Pat Narduzzi is turning this quarterback battle into a much bigger situation than it needs to be.

If Ben is performing, keep him in and let Pickett learn from the sidelines.


End rant.

Hail to Pitt, I guess, right?

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What is the Deal with Pat Narduzzi and Ben DiNucci?


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