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Yato Blog Posts

House Music · 11:16 07 Jun 2006
HOUSEAntoine Montana, Pat Lawson, Rockstarzz - Higher And Higher (Rockstarzz Remix) [Sureshots Records].mp3Beauriche - Stereo Can Provide (Original Mix) [Free For All (Be Yourself Music)].mp… Read More
I Told You Not To St… · 11:33 18 Mar 2014
Synopsis:Hiyori Iki is a normal high school student and has a normal life before her life had changed after she was hit by a bus for saving a jersey wearing man, which in turn gave her soul… Read More
Diary Of A Product J… · 02:35 31 Dec 2015
Hello, lovelies~ As 2015 is coming to a close, I thought it would be appropriate to list some of the anime that became my favorite over the past year. I did a similar blog post about my favo… Read More
Barbarianmusic · 19:26 29 Sep 2015
Pool A : England, Australia, Wales, Fiji, UruguayEngland   vs Fiji 35-11 (HT: 18-8)England: 15. Mike Brown, 14. Anthony Watson, 13. Jonathan Joseph, 12. Brad Barritt* (RSA), 11. Jonny… Read More
The Essence Of Devot… · 03:38 19 Oct 2008
Sri-Nama-Tattva From Bhaktinode Thakura's Jaiva Dharma (Prameya: Sri-Nama-tattva) The names that are always present both in the spiritual and material worlds are spiritual and primary. For… Read More
Krishnaite · 23:45 07 Mar 2016
TEXT 6sa vai puṁsāṁ paro dharmoyato bhaktir adhokṣajeahaituky apratihatāyayātmā suprasīdatiSYNONYMSsaḥ—that; vai—certainly; pu… Read More
Blerds Online · 22:00 31 Mar 2016
By Daniel DiNataleDo you believe in Gods? Do you want to see those Gods fighting underworld creatures to become the most powerful God ever? Do you like comedy thrown in with seriou… Read More
App Cheaters · 10:35 20 Apr 2016
Anime logo quiz is the most interesting game I have ever played as it gets me so involved in it. On playing this game, I did not come to know what is happening around me. The Anime logo quiz… Read More
Krishnaite · 18:12 09 May 2016
 Lord Krishna is Hrishikesha Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja spoke at Sri Jagannatha Puri- evening of October 9, 2001  [As usual in Puri, Srila Narayana Maharaja spoke i… Read More
Self-Knowledge · 23:00 18 Dec 2015
Chapter 3.1OM ko.ayamAtmeti vayamupAsmahe kataraH sa AtmA . yena vA pashyati yenavA shRiNoti yena vA ga.ndhAnAjighrati yena vA vAcha.n vyAkaroti yenavA svAdu chAsvAdu cha vijAnAti .. 1..Who… Read More
Animes Em Série · 05:56 21 Dec 2014
Bom esse Post será uma dica, dos 3 animes que vocês devem assistir, que na minha Opninão foram os melhores Animes 20143º No Game No Life:Sinopse: A história d… Read More
Crossstage · 15:54 03 Aug 2016
Tag dos husbandos:Regras: -Você deve listar pelo menos 5 crushs, embora você possa compartilhar mais, se quiser;-Dê, pelo menos, duas razões pelas quais voc&eci… Read More
One Girl, One Journe… · 06:15 09 Mar 2017
CRAZY!!! CRAZY!!! INLOVE WITH ANIME!!!!​​SMLI have watched all of these anime and I LOVE THEM!!! I woukd highly recommend them all (Source of the decriptions: http://dubhappytv.c… Read More
Satvik Varma | Found… · 12:55 01 Sep 2017
Among the downpour of rights that the recent Constitution Bench decision of the Supreme Court of India (“privacy judgment”) has reaffirmed for the citizens, what stands out, like… Read More