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Woodpile Blog Posts

Leaving Normal · 14:50 20 Dec 2015
Saturday 19 December 2015Sunny and warm 19 degreesBig day tomorrow!  Getting the ferry from Santander and across the dreaded Bay of Biscay. Feel very tense.  Spent afternoon puttin… Read More
Zicavu · 16:48 18 Feb 2016
Almost every day, the dogs and I walk in the woods. Once a month or so, I snap a picture of this tiny woodpile. Every day, it is microscopically diminished, but over the course of months, i… Read More
Pig Sty Avenue · 14:30 12 Mar 2016
...and plenty of it. I got to the plots yesterday to find that the delivery was imminent. Good job I'd decided to have an allotment Friday and a University Saturday.  And here it is, in… Read More
Northern Reflections · 11:57 02 May 2016
Lately, Michael Harris has turned his sights on military equipment -- its sale and purchase. When it comes to those Saudi armored vehicles, he says, there's a skunk in the woodpile. And a fa… Read More
Aerophant · 19:04 18 Dec 2012
In the West African country of Mali, Islamist extremists are spreading their virulent brand of Islam across the country. Mali has a rich tradition of cultural diversity and music, but if the… Read More
Pig Sty Avenue · 19:22 21 Feb 2017
This is Bed No.1, this winter a workspace; (I fret somewhat about how trodden it is, but hope that digging and riddling will restore it). Right foreground, the finely riddled earth. Left of… Read More
Pig Sty Avenue · 18:50 08 Mar 2017
Photos from the ends of the path. Oh blimey, doesn't half show up the weeds at the N boundary, eh? Need to get the hoe busy in the next week, no later. Looking North 5th March 2017Looking No… Read More
Pig Sty Avenue · 11:56 21 Mar 2017
This is how the SW corner has looked for more than a year now, a refuge for frogs, but also perhaps for rats.But, below is how it looked this afternoon:And the pile of twigs and branches has… Read More
Phantoms And Monster… · 00:00 14 Apr 2017
Back in January 2017, the following account was forwarded by a colleague, who wanted to know if I could offer advice. Since then, my colleague has not received a reply after volunteering the… Read More
Life 101 · 01:04 28 Apr 2017
Jilda and I walked on our new property yesterday. Part of the land is as tended as a golf course. Just beyond the field, is a stand of old growth oak and hickory. Near the edge of the field… Read More
How To Recycle · 14:30 23 May 2017
The UK government according to the statistics produces over 6 million tonnes of wood waste per annum of which over 75% is taken to landfill for disposal, despite the majority of the wood bei… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 20:12 23 Aug 2017
Used to shootmy father’s bowin the backyard. Had a sheaf of arrows, yellow shafted,target heads like sharp bullets, withone white shafted onechased with red — that was my fa… Read More
S. Weasel · 21:43 24 Aug 2017
There’s a weasel in this woodpile. A camera-shy weasel. Uncle B spotted it first and hammered on the front door, calling my name. This made me slam my hands on the desk in alarm, whic… Read More
Freedom Bunker: The … · 04:01 07 Sep 2017
Google wants to be Big Brother’s eyeballs on you. All us Internet gurus knew this since before the NSA was found out spying on everybody. But now the Mountain View boys are more determ… Read More
Nature Blog · 19:30 27 Nov 2017
Cast-off exoskeletons of the pleasing fungus beetle pupae (Gibbifer californicus),Imagine them hanging straight down — I turned them up to catch the light.They are not quite an inch lo… Read More
Freedom Bunker: The … · 04:01 29 Nov 2017
The GOP has become so politically desperate that they might as well enact a two-word statute and be done with it. It would simply read: Tax Bill! Actually, that’s not far from where th… Read More