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Vastlesssmudge Blog Posts

Vastlesssmudge · 18:53 19 Mar 2016
Swap Shop (00:48) DownloadInstrumentation: Manipulated field recording from an AM radio stationsomewhere in the Midwestern United States, circa 1988.from the compilation vastlesssmudge: from… Read More
Vastlesssmudge · 18:53 19 Mar 2016
Vastlessmudge Bluesfrom the compilation:30 Years of VastlesssmudgeInstrumentation: Pingting playing Buddy's electronic sparkly keyboardsleft + right channel - 2 times overdub.Recorded on a T… Read More
Vastlesssmudge · 22:52 07 Mar 2008
I'm Going To Go Down To The Sea 1989 (Original Version)I'm going to go down to the sea.I'm gonna maka big splash!(Repeat)Instrumentation:Vocals- PingtingYamaha PSS-270- David PohlWoodblock… Read More
Vastlesssmudge · 22:44 07 Mar 2008
Moo Moo1990from the compilation vastlesssmudge: from chariots to garbage cans volume 2Instrumentation:senior citizens home organ, toy cow shakerCopyright © 1990 House of Pingting Music Read More
Vastlesssmudge · 22:43 07 Mar 2008
My First Trip To The Orient (Anon version)Vastlesssmudge1987Listen on MySpace.Recorded at The Cleveland Institute of Music on very nicemultitrack recording equipment. 8 tracks. Roosters, wag… Read More
Vastlesssmudge · 21:37 23 Aug 2006
Shesassweetvastlesssmudge1999This track falls in that hard to catergorize category.File under vastlesssmudge meets Loop Yoga.It's an understated meditative suspended in time track. It's a lo… Read More
Vastlesssmudge · 03:14 31 Mar 2006
Licky Oats likes music. His ears and his mind are wide open. On his myspace blog he lists hundreds upon hundreds of his favorites. Somewhere between Aha and ZZ Top sits Vastlesssmudge. Thank… Read More
Vastlesssmudge · 04:26 24 Mar 2006
Photograph by JoaquinitoMice Tripvastlesssmudgefrom "the golden age of vastlesssmudge 1983-1990"Copyright © 2002 House of Pingting MusicListen to these amplified noisy little rodents Read More
Vastlesssmudge · 00:34 08 Mar 2006
Jason Makes It Funny. Originally uploaded by roidrage. Join the vastlesssmudge Fan Club.It won't cost you anything and youwon't get anything for it Read More
Vastlesssmudge · 04:56 01 Mar 2006
The Tools.Originally uploaded by Boytoy. It's tools like these that really rock out.Listen to a track made with Toy keyboards.The Casio SK-1 to be precise and sampledtelevision. It's cal… Read More
Vastlesssmudge · 19:25 20 Feb 2006
While not a political band, vastlesssmudge thought it important enough to take time out from shopping at the Lazy Boy Furniture showroom to honor our President onthis President's Day Read More
Vastlesssmudge · 06:30 14 Feb 2006
JimNelson A. Shawn / Caesar Petrillo / Edward Ross / Milton Samuels Jim doesn't ever bring me pretty flowers Jim never tries to cheer my lonely hours Don't know why I'm so crazy for Jim List… Read More