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Streamyx Blog Posts

Toys, Technology And… · 06:58 12 Mar 2009
Ok guys and gurls this is what you all have been waiting for! 1 Mbps of internet for only RM59 a month!It's not streamyx! It's not P1! It's not Celcom! It's Infolient.Apparently it's a new c… Read More
Time Is Clicking.. · 11:00 15 Jan 2012
yes it is, maxis line here in my kampung are not very satisfying. digi also like that not to mention celcom! :( i am very sad at this moment. i'm updating my post at my sis ho… Read More
R.a.n.d.t.s. · 10:51 10 Dec 2007
FINALLY! Something worthwhile from TM (formerly TMNut)Some of you may have seen the advertisements for this service on MSN or maybe the news. It's basically a service where you pay a fixed a… Read More
Sinfully Addictive..… · 15:40 07 Mar 2008
Yeah i'm off again.. so bye bye Malaysia, its still a while before I leave but hey I thought I might as well give ya peeps the heads up. So yeah here I go again...wohooo can hardly wait. For… Read More
Laman Sesawang · 06:00 19 Aug 2010
Salam Ramadhan!ni adalah entry pertama aku kenapa pertama? bukan ke dah banyak entry?ni entry pertama aku kat rumah baru lahaku dah berpindah rumahbetol2 belakang fakulti..senang sikit aku n… Read More
[Emoemoii] · 12:56 31 Jul 2010
And it's something I've wanted for, like, EVER.Ladies and gentlemen, meet:My new Kingmax external hard drive!Have a lot of things in your computer which are important?Tired of your laptop la… Read More
Dustyhawk :: Broken … · 14:08 28 Jul 2016
so far so good. its true…Lyle actually is now enjoying work *hahaha*. what is he to say ? customer support for streamyx is really something. Getting about 35 calls a day, Lyle listens… Read More
Anthony Studio · 13:47 26 Oct 2017
Today my home Streamyx down again…But this time the line is ok, got tone, and modem able to detect the line as well, just the PPPoE connection is down, cannot connect Internet…… Read More
Amanz · 12:13 14 Jan 2018
Telekom Malaysia sebelum ini telah memperkenalkan perkhidmatan siaran televisyen berasaskan interne dinamakan HyppTV bersama-sama pelancaran Unifi pada 2010 yang lepas. Sejak daripada itu, p… Read More