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Renza Blog Posts

Life And Dog Stuff · 14:42 25 Nov 2016
I know what you're thinking? Not another love post. I can see my bestie rolling his eyes right now. Well he just left for a fishing trip with no cell service so there will be no eye rolling… Read More
Life And Dog Stuff · 11:10 25 Nov 2016
Woof! Hello humans! I have no idea what to write about today. I have a serious case of doggy writers block. Well if all your ideas are shot down, you'll feel the exact same way! Mommy Renza… Read More
Life And Dog Stuff · 04:33 25 Nov 2016
Woof! Woof! I’m so excited today you guys, because I get to talk about my favourite thing ever, besides mommy Renza of course…Playtime! Dogs love to play. I hope all you pet par… Read More
Life And Dog Stuff · 06:34 25 Nov 2016
"Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over" - Guy FinleyOne of the hardest things a person can do in this life, is letting go and moving on. We are so comfortabl… Read More
Life And Dog Stuff · 07:33 25 Nov 2016
Woof!!! Hi, I’m Buffy. Mommy wanted me to write this blog post. She actually forced me to. She’s a little crazy sometimes. I’d rather be sleeping on the couch right now. Sh… Read More
Life And Dog Stuff · 15:52 16 Dec 2016
Ruff-Ruff! Hello humans! I'm Fluffy. My new human, what’s her name again? sounds funny…Oh yes! Renza asked me to introduce myself. Apparently she and the big dog have a blo… Read More
Life And Dog Stuff · 18:50 10 Jan 2017
Woof! Hello guys! I'm back. Mommy's eyes are finally better. I was really scared you guys. She looked really creepy with those red eyes. I don't like when bad things happen to her. She's not… Read More
Life And Dog Stuff · 14:13 25 Jan 2017
Recently I've noticed a lot of bloggers writing these awesome letters to their younger selves. No this is not one of those. I already did something similar in my getting older post. The… Read More
Life And Dog Stuff · 19:33 01 Mar 2017
The day I decided I wanted to be happy was the beginning of endless possibilities. Yes I made a choice! I chose happiness even though I had no idea how to be happy. Looking back at my life… Read More
Life And Dog Stuff · 17:04 28 Mar 2017
Woof! Hello guys! Us doggies have a type of love-hate relationship with the cats. They have completely different personalities than us. They are catty and we are uhm...not catty.I'm not sure… Read More