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Plantbased Blog Posts

Vegan Daemon · 07:00 20 Oct 2016
RT @TeenVogue: RT if you're a #NastyWoman who's headed to the polls to vote for your rights -> RT @TheRickWilson: Never forget. There was no movement. The media handed him this on a plate… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 22:00 04 Aug 2017
Feminist Vegan/vegetarian (still) plantbased diet Animal lover Kids lover Likes tattooes Loves exercising Loves to learn new things  Loves to travel Loves deep discussions Never se… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 22:00 10 Aug 2017
There’s literarilly a gazillion of different diets out there, these days available for the mainstream. Before I made a concious choice towards switching to a plant based diet I already… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 22:00 03 Sep 2017
Excluding both dairy and animal protein will lead to deficancies. You should always see a doctor or dietician before such significant diet change Eating plantbased is very expensive You can… Read More
Joana D'arc · 12:23 12 Sep 2017
O projeto África Veg tem o intuito de disseminar a cultura africana, bem como o veganismo. Esta é mais uma idealização do congolês Pitchou Luambo, chef do r… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 22:00 20 Sep 2017
One million vegans live in the United States. India has a population where about 50 % adhere to a vegetarian lifestyle. Vegans are included in these numbers.  Most of the vegetarians in… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 22:00 23 Sep 2017
Apparently (cold) plantbased leftovers are called Buddha bowl. While stirr fry is another boring label I prefer Buddha bowl. That’s the name I’m using from now on Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 22:00 27 Sep 2017
Gelatine is normally produced from animal hyde and often pig skin. It’s not vegetarian or vegan. Gelatine is most often found in soft chevy candy, and as an added ingredient for most p… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 22:00 14 Oct 2017
The only difference between vegetarian supplements and vegan are that the first one usually lacks Omega 3 and vitamin D. These days there is a completely vegan alternative for Omega 3 and it… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 22:00 18 Oct 2017
My new vegan diet excludes everything non vegan plus no soy, processed food, flour once a week. Might switch to glutenfree flour soon… 100 % plantbased and never been a fan of heavy c… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 23:00 27 Dec 2017
Let’s get a few things straight shall we – I didn’t become a vegan to save animals even though I think it’s an abomination how animals get treated in the food industr… Read More