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Mulund Blog Posts

Essencz · 10:53 31 Jul 2017
The treatment of ENT or rather called ear, nose, throat refers to the diseases that are related to the complex structures of our sense organs. This causes an inevitable change when any perso… Read More
Essencz · 09:57 31 Jul 2017
An ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) is a physician trained in the medical and surgical treatment of the ears, nose throat, and related structures of the head and neck. They have special… Read More
Essencz · 11:00 16 Aug 2017
The nervous system of human beings plays a vital role as it coordinates the activity of our muscles, constructs input from the senses, monitors various organs and initiates actions. Organs l… Read More
Essencz · 10:32 30 Aug 2017
Our nervous system plays a vital role that helps in coordinates the activity of our muscles, constructs input from the senses, and monitors the organs and initiates actions. Organs like brai… Read More
Essencz · 10:34 13 Oct 2017
Urology is a part of Medical Science that deals with our Urinary tract system that has a huge impact on our well being. In recent times the lifestyle and the eating habit makes our health ma… Read More
Essencz · 09:15 07 Nov 2017
An oncologist is a person who has studied cancer and provides treatment for the same. That is, they manage a person’s treatment and care once they are diagnosed with cancer. There are… Read More
Essencz · 11:49 15 Nov 2017
The rheumatologists are the specialists in diseases involving joints, vascular problems, and autoimmune diseases. These diseases are known to be disorders linked to the immune system. The mo… Read More
Essencz · 07:10 17 Nov 2017
People in Mumbai have a serious reason to worry. Pollution rate has been increased drastically in Mumbai in last few years and with that many health hazards have spread their wings. Air poll… Read More
Essencz · 07:44 23 Nov 2017
The kidney problem has become prevalent because of multiple that can transform into kidney diseases. A simple pain by the side of the spinal cord can be a primary symptom of kidney diseases… Read More
Essencz · 10:57 05 Dec 2017
Hematology is the part of medical science that is concerned with the study of diseases related to blood. Blood circulates through the body and transports nutrients and oxygen to the body cel… Read More
Essencz · 07:13 21 Dec 2017
There are several vascular diseases which may lead to life risk among people. Many people suffer from disorders in their blood vessels in which blockage lead to heart attack. There are also… Read More