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Letterboxd Blog Posts

Brontëblog · 15:57 12 Oct 2016
Princeton's Town Topics has a Brontë200 article:Love Duets, Dark Debates, and the Passion of Jane EyreAs opening sentences of great novels go, “There was no possibility of taking… Read More
Robert Bruce Carter … · 01:58 30 Nov 2016
My friend Jae wrote on Letterboxd: It’s pitiful that this will be marketed as the “iPhone film” or the movie with the the transsexuals – because I believe it offers s… Read More
Mermaid Heather · 23:50 11 Apr 2017
Even though I'm many weeks out, I still want to get a couple more reviews done for some of the films I went to go see. I might do one or two more after this one is done. At least one more. I… Read More
Mermaid Heather · 03:31 23 Apr 2017
I'm on my last review from the festival that I went to. I almost skipped straight to this review when I found I wasn't in any hurry to do some writing. I'm actually looking forward to gettin… Read More
Mermaid Heather · 23:58 10 May 2017
I think I have my cold on the ropes, at least I hope so. I felt much better today than I have all last week. It is still hanging on, but at least I feel better. I will be glad when this cold… Read More
Mermaid Heather · 04:20 13 May 2017
I seem to be in a better mood as far as getting reviews done now. I'm not sure if I'm completely back yet, but hopefully, I am. Even though I have a prequel to watch for the last movie that… Read More
Mermaid Heather · 01:16 26 May 2017
I was looking for a movie to watch, an instant watch movie actually, but I wasn't sure what it was I wanted to watch. I checked Netflix and decided to watch the next film that is also in my… Read More
· 14:30 02 Jun 2017
This is an idea shamelessly cribbed from Rick Burin. Like him, I write reviews for every film I watch on my Letterboxd profile. If you're fortunate, these witterings may garner 'up-votes' fr… Read More
Mening Van Een Filmf… · 06:46 10 Nov 2017
Korte Inhoud  Een man ontvangt op een dag een mysterieus doosje. Hij opent het doosje en laat daarmee een kwaadaardig wezen vrij. Het wezen zal al zijn familieleden afslachten, tenzij… Read More
Opinion As A Movie-F… · 22:12 09 Nov 2017
A man receives a mysterious box containing a terrible secret, a creature that will kill everyone else in his family unless he passes it on to someone he loves to continue its never-ending ci… Read More
Mermaid Heather · 01:51 23 Nov 2017
I took a little longer to get back into doing reviews that I had actually planned on, but at least I am back. I have been watching action movies of late, which I don't review all that often… Read More
Mermaid Heather · 01:35 30 Dec 2017
I didn't get a review done Wednesday even though I started one. I had a headache that started that day and just wasn't feeling good all day because of it. I didn't get rid of it until Thursd… Read More
Sean Kelly On Movies · 03:37 10 Jan 2018
I apologize with how late I am with writing about my Top Ten Films of last year. However, at this point, this is merely a formality, since my list would have gone up on Letterboxd right at t… Read More
A Film A Day · 13:44 13 Jan 2018
So many people I follow on Letterboxd seemed to love The Florida Project so I decided to give it a try myself. My expectations though lowered quite a bit the day before watching it as I lear… Read More
Mermaid Heather · 00:37 22 Jan 2018
My good friend Terry, a.k.a. Cattleworks, contacted me a couple of weeks ago to see if I would be interested in an idea of his. He somewhat recently started up a Netflix account and is excit… Read More