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Inktober Blog Posts

Anita Davies · 12:02 08 Oct 2017
 Added a little colour to this sketch.Lamy Safari fountain pen. Noodlers bullet proof black ink and DS watercolours Read More
Vida Nada Perene · 12:14 09 Oct 2017
01/31 - Swift - Free hand draw colored by pencil/Drawing pen Pilot 0.8 black and uniball Signo whiteDivided - 02/31 - Com lápis sanguine 610, lápis carvão Gioc… Read More / · 19:34 17 Oct 2017
// It's Inktober! It's Inktober! "I thought I'd draw something, but now it's over!" Is what I might have said if I didn't get out of bed Fed up with all thi… Read More / · 20:14 18 Oct 2017
I had a free day yesterday, and it was incredible. I got so much done. It's all relative of course, but I did catch up with these, fix some stubborn old pre-summer Hexalist problems, take tw… Read More / · 22:03 26 Oct 2017
So it's been a week since my best day, and though I don't think I've had any day quite as amazing since then I have done some amazing things! I thought I'd detail them in a sort of hybrid sp… Read More
Subversive Art | Art… · 21:39 26 Oct 2017
How much of horror art is surrealist?  Quite a bit.  When I try to make a surreal piece of art, I will take some aspect of reality and make it into a metaphor, or take a fairly rea… Read More
Subversive Art | Art… · 17:24 27 Oct 2017
On my recent zoo trip and photo spree, I saw all kinds of orange things.  Flowers, birds, a butterfly, a rather orange camel, the list goes on.  Here’s a break from Inktober… Read More / · 22:42 31 Oct 2017 don't feel like doing anything. You get stuck writing a message, and then re-writing it, and posting a post - then editing it three times, visiting profile pages of particular people… Read More
Toysrevil · 14:03 06 Nov 2017
Singapore-based professional illustrator Kelvin Chan AKA “Rocketraygun” managed to complete all 31 days of INKTOBER 2017, and you can see them hosted here on his Facebook album … Read More
Toysrevil · 13:23 22 Nov 2017
And so I’d FINALLY “completed” my INKTOBER for 2017! Alas, I had to take a huge chunk of the month of November to do so! I just could not give up when October ended, so yes… Read More
My Komik, My World!! · 05:32 07 Jan 2018
Setelah vakum (kembali) akhirnya saya memposting kembali di awal tahun 2018 ini, meski bukan ingin memposting hal yang penting tapi semoga jadi awal supaya rajin posting lagi hehehehe.... Ok… Read More
My Komik, My World!! · 04:06 09 Jan 2018
Art parade kedua di tahun 2018 masih merupakan hasil dari mengikuti Inktober tahun 2017 kemarin, dan mungkin beberapa akan saya tambahkan menjadi karakter komik yang rencananya akan saya ker… Read More
My Sketchbook · 13:36 01 Nov 2017
Last part of Inktober :)This time I didn't put photographs because my outlook app doesn`t work (and I already scanned all the notebook anyway xD) Read More
My Sketchbook · 14:50 14 Oct 2017
Today I'll upload 3 sketches from fictional characters :)1. Picachu2. Nippur3. Freddy Krueger(This one is inked in my portfolio)Remember you can follow my sketches and inktober at twitter! Read More