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Backrooms Blog Posts

Dark Wood Circus · 09:41 28 Feb 2011
The performance had been over for nearly half an hour, but Wilder was still in costume, a shirt split down the middle between black and white with sleeves of the opposite color to the half o… Read More
Say What? · 07:09 23 Apr 2006
After reading of the resolution to repeal the 22nd Amendment, that godsend which limits the President and Vice President to two terms, I was thunderstruck. What kind of chuckleheads would co… Read More
Cynthia Johnston · 19:10 05 Aug 2009
Once again, instead of posting an original message, I am pasting in something I thought worthy of sharing. This time it's an email I just got from President Obama. I have signed on to do an… Read More
God, Country & Apple… · 22:12 02 Aug 2006
Today we begin a new feature called “Know Your Enemy,” in which I interview, well, the enemy. I’m a firm believer in understanding the opposition so that you can then misre… Read More
We All Fall Down · 03:36 13 Aug 2014
Let's call this a book review. Let's say we're going to discuss Louisa May Alcott's sweet, old-fashioned novel Little Women, even though I'm going somewhere else, somewhere hard and bad.The… Read More
Animal Family · 09:54 23 Sep 2009
Two old aunties rushed down to AVA after they found out that their cats were caught. A mother and her baby. The officer brought the cats out but said he could only release one. The aunties h… Read More
A Distant View · 20:25 05 Jun 2016
Milo on occasion drops by my current frameshop which is where Dancing Man Studios used to be. I was talking to Milo the other day from my office in one of Bill’s backrooms and I offer… Read More
Comic Towel · 22:54 21 Jun 2016
Snoopy me was listening to a volunteer library worker sighing in the backroom of their used bookstore.  Then I glanced up and saw these two puppies sitting high on a shelf.  A… Read More
Gardyloo · 22:51 20 Aug 2016
If Google sent you to this article because your search words included ZERO GEE,  Click here for a discussion about gravity OtherwiseThe article below here contains the followi… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 17:20 18 Aug 2017
waterbirds yes for existence sake consciousness will take no more how we end thru each fleeing now wrappd firm our lifewear reasonz illusions hump set we all to go chromatic gravity cloud p… Read More