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Garments Sewing Machines | Overview of Garments Sewing Machines | Recenet Development of Sewing Machine

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Stitching or Sewing can be defines as the joining of two or more parts by sewing thread to make seam line through various methods. It’s one f the key process of garment manufacturing. Sewing section is the biggest section in a garments industry. The main purpose of sewing is to produce seam.
Basic Features of Sewing Machines:
I.    They are generally available in 3 versions for sewing light, medium or heavy weight materials.
II.    With the addition of a programmable microprocessor control system.
III.    Many versions of this machine have bobbins which hold 50% more thread than the conventional bobbin.
IV.    Electronically controlled thread cutting,tacking,needle positioning and foot lifting systems have become standard equipment on these and many other machines.
The most common machine which are used in garments industries are as follows-
I.    Plain Sewing M/C 
II.    Overlock M/c (3, 4 and 4 Thread)
III.    Flatlock M/C
IV.    Button Sewing M/C
V.    Kansai Special M/C
VI.    Feed of the Arm
VII.    Button Holing M/C
VIII.    Button Attaching M/C
IX.    Bartacking Machine
X.    Fusing M/C
XI.    Ironing M/C

Advancement of Plain Sewing Machine: The modern plain sewing machine has following advanced features-

Auto needle up-down:-This one is huge. It makes sewing so many different project SO much easier! When you press the needle up/down button, it will make sure the needle always stops in either the up or down position at the end of your seam.
Locking Stitch Button: Just like it sounds, this button locks your stitch for you, basically making it so you don't have to sew backward (or back-tack) at the start and end of a seam.

One Hand Needle Threader: This is a needle threader built into the machine. Usually, you pull down a special mechanism, which catches your thread and pokes it through the eye of the needle for you, so you don't have to strain to see. It's a great time-saver and minimizes frustration.

Knee Lift: A knee lift is a lever that hooks into the side of the machine and hangs over the table to your - well, to your knee. Otherwise, why would they call it a knee lift? When this apparatus is plugged into the machine, it allows you to raise and lower the presser foot by pushing the knee lift, so you can keep your hands on your fabric.

Automatic Thread Cutter: This feature is something found mostly on the very high quality machines, but it is fantastic! When you touch the scissor key, it snips your top and bobbin thread for you.

Speed Control Slider: This is like the cruise control of sewing. It helps keep you on task if you want to go slowly and carefully or pushes the limit when you're ready to roll, like when stitching long, straight seams.

Advancement of Over lock Sewing Machine:

Three Thread Overlock With A Microprocessor: Based on a regular sewing m/c this version is used for the assembly seaming of garments made up of light weight knitted fabrics.

The modernization of the machine includes a microprocessor which enables the accurate calibration of stitch tension without manually adjusting the spring tensioners, and permits automatic cutting of the thread chain at the beginning and end of seams.

  A “tractor-foot” can be fitted to this m/c when sewing seams with varying thickness.Speed of this m/c is upto 8500 rpm where in traditional sewing m/c speed is upto 6500rpm.
Advancement of Kansai Machine: Kansai Special FX series:

FX series is a versatile multi-needle, cylinder bed, double chain stitch machine with vertical looper movement mechanism.

Major features of this series are wide range of available gauge sizes (4~12 needles) , cylinder bed (420mm in circumference), elastic guide roller and Kansai Special's unique rear puller mechanism.
These features make this series popular for attaching preclosed elastic.

Kansai Special's unique UTC (automatic thread cutter) increases productivity by trimming thread accurately and leaving less thread, which curtail production cost.

Attaching elastic and line tape to sweat pants, pajamas, trunks and similar garments. 

Advancement of Flat lock Machine:

 High Speed Stretch Sewing Machine
We are a leading company to supply a well designed and well developed High Speed Stretch Sewing Machine made with fine grade raw materials on the basis of industrial parameters.  Highly useful for kit items and garment seaming, this machine has flat lock machine has been connected with oil recycle system to avoid any leakage of the oil.       


Development Of The Feed Of The Arm Machine: (SX-6 T803PD-Feed Of The Arm M/C)
SX series is a 3 needle feed off the arm, double chain stitch machine with upper puller.Major features of this series are upper puller and differential feed mechanism. These features feed the fabric uniformly so that the machine can inseam jeans even at the cross seam sections.Puckering is no longer your concern.

Applications: lap seaming or side seaming on heavy weight fabrics such as jeans and work pants.

Features Of Some Special Types Of Sewing Machine:

Various special types of sewing machine are available in market.They are used for various purposes related to sewing.Some those are described below:

Smocking Machine: Smocking is an embroidery technique with its first recorded use as a type of hand stitching used for the purpose of producing elasticity and stretch within garments before elastic was created. This technique is also implemented to control the fullness of a piece of fabric.

Smocking is used when fashioning garments, as well as when making curtains, upholstery pieces, and clothing for dolls, among other things.
(KS-1312PS) These Sewing Machines have special type of make comprised of 12 needles flat-bed chain stitch PMD Machine. These products have intense efficiency that has maximum resistance towards mechanical deflection.

Quilting Machine:
The SINGER CONFIDENCE QUILTER sewing machine is the perfect machine for new and skilled quilters alike. With many advanced features including the DROP & SEW bobbin system,

programmable needle up/down, drop feed for free motion sewing, twin needle sewing capability, extension table and push-button stitch selection, sewing and quilting are enjoyable and relaxing. 98 stitch patterns, adjustable stitch length and width and standard accessories, including popular quilting presser feet allows for ultimate creativity.

Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Button Holer: HE-800B

•    Less sewing troubles with the newly designed hook
•    Beautiful sewing finishes even fine patterns
•    High energy saving by direct drive system
•    Easy and operator-intuitive operation panel
•    Comfortable sewing with less noise

Characteristics of This Machine:
I.    Lockstitch
II.    Button Holing
III.    Thread Trimmer
IV.    Direct Drive

Typical Application: Jacket, Shirt, Blouse etc.

Blind Stitch Sewing Machine:
A blind stitch in sewing is a method of joining two pieces of fabric so that the stitch thread is invisible, or nearly invisible.There are several techniques for creating a blind stitch by hand sewing. A common technique used to create a hem, or "blind hem", hides the stitches on both sides of the garment.

Blind Stitch Machine:
A sewing machine can also create a blind hem. In this case, a specialty presser foot is needed. A zigzag stitch technique may be used with a sewing machine to create a blind stitch.

Picoting Machine: This machine is suitable for decorative stitches on ladies dresses,shirts,handicraft,necktie,tablecloth etc.Applied with timing belt mechanism,providing smooth & noseless stitching even in high speed running.        

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Garments Sewing Machines | Overview of Garments Sewing Machines | Recenet Development of Sewing Machine


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