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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-21

Amir Khusarau was born at-
a- Patli
b- Patiala
c- Patiali
d- Patti
Answer- c- Patiali

Iqta system was abolished by which ruler-
a- Babur
b- Muhammad bin Tughlaq
c- Alauddin Khilji
d- Sikandar Lodi
Answer- a- Babur

Which ruler was described as "Akbar of Sultanate" by Elliot-
a- Balban
b- Firoz Tughlaq
c- Alauddin Khilji
d- Iltutmish
Answer- b- Firoz Tughlaq

The first real king of Sultanate was-
a- Alauddin Khilji
b- Firoz Tughlaq
c- Iltutmish
d- Balban
Answer- c- Iltutmish

The battle of Tarain was fought between-
a- Muhammad Gori, Prithviraj Chauhan
b- Muhammad Gori, Rana Pratap
c- Alauddin Khilji, Prithviraj Chauhan
d- Alauddin Khilji, Rana Pratap
Answer- a- Muhammad Gori, Prithviraj Chauhan

The Iqta System was introduced by-
a- Babur
b- Muhammad Gori
c- Iltutmish
d- Qutubuddin Aibak
Answer- c- Iltutmish

Rationing System was introduced in India by -
a- Firoz Tughlaq
b- Alauddin khilji
c- Mohammad bin Tughlaq
d- Akbar
Answer- b- Alauddin Khilji

Who was the last ruler of Tughlaq dynasty-
a- Nasarat Shah
b- Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
c- Muhammad bin Tughlaq
d- Mahmud Shah Tughlaq
Answer- d- Mahmud Shah Tughlaq

The rulers of Vijayanagar promoted which language-
a- Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit
b- Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit
c- Telugu, Urdu, Sanskrit
d- None
Answer- a- Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit

The famous Gol Gumbaj of Bijapur was built by-
a- Ismail Adil Shah
b- Muhammd Adil Shah
c- Yusuf Adil Shah
d- Mahmud Gawan
Answer- b- Muhammd Adil Shah

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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-21


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