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The Men On The Moon

The Men On The Moon

                                                     The human exploration of the moon lasted just over three years and involved a total of six missions. In each, a pair of US astronauts went down to the surface in a Lunar Excursion Module while a third object in a Command Service Module. The missions provided scientists with huge amout of information about the moon. The Apollo 17 duo spent the longest on the moon. They remind on the surface for 75 hours, part of that time in a lunar roving vehicle.
                                                     Twelve men landed on moon between 1969 and 1972, spanding almost 80 hours on its surface. They explored 90km of it on foot or by "moon-buggy", collected rocks, set up experiments, and played golf before returning to Earth.
                                                      In July 1969, American astronaut Neil Armstrong was at the centre of one of the most important events in human history. He was the first person to walk on the moon and became instantly famous . He spent 2 hrs 35 mins on its surface.

        Apollo 11  : (July 21, 1969)

                                 Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin ( walked on moon)   
                                 Mike Collins ( command module pilot)
                                 2 hrs 32 mins ( Total EVA)

       Apollo 12 :  (November 19–20, 1969)

                                  Pete Conrad, Alan Bean ( walked on moon) 
                                  Dick Gordon ( command module pilot)
                                  7 hours, 50 minutes ( Total EVA)

      Apollo 14  : (February 5–6, 1971)

                                  Alan Shephard, Edgar Mitchell  ( walked on moon)  
                                  Stu Roosa ( command module pilot)
                                   9 hours, 25 minutes ( Total EVA)

      Apollo 15 :  (July 31 – August 2, 1971)

                                     David Scott, Jim Irwin ( walked on moon)
                                     Al Worden ( command module pilot)
                                     18 hours, 30 minutes ( Total EVA)

     Apollo 16  :  (April 21–23, 1972)

                                     John Young, Charles M. Duke Jr (walked on moon)
                                     Ken Mattingly ( command module pilot)
                                     20 hours, 14 minutes ( Total EVA)

    Apollo 17  :  (December 11–14, 1972)

                                    Eugene A. Cernan, Harrison "Jack" Schmitt (walked on moon)
                                    Ron Evans  ( command module pilot)
                                    22 hours, 04 minutes  ( Total EVA)

* Apollo 13, 11-17 April, was aborted and return to Earth after an oxygen tank exploded

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The Men On The Moon


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